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N-nut!” <:U


Tfw sensei wants be hot but also weird first thing in the morning..

Saitama © ONE  & Yusuke Murata 

Art © Anjelzjelly129

  • annoying
  • so annoying you wonder how you even manage to date him sometimes
  • you introduce him to people as your “significant annoyance”
  • boy does he test your patience
  • and boy does he do it often
  • teases you constantly about your height
  • puts things on high shelves so you can’t reach
  • watches you suffer
  • calls you short while you attempt to get it
  • “shut up johnny I am average height !!!”
  • “since when is average height 3’5” dwarf”
  • “I will end your life tree man !!”
  • calls you 19287298 different pet names
  • mostly loser, gremlin, drawf, smol, hobbit
  • doesn’t really use normal pet names but sometimes he whips out a synonyms of one
  • like infant woman instead of baby girl or glucose instead of sugar
  • but really he’s a sweetheart
  • like when you first start dating he’s kinda ???? he doesn’t really know how to read your moods and like when to stop and you guys used to have a lot of fights bc of it
  • but he would always do something really cute to make it up to you
  • like after your first fight he didn’t know what to do and you were ignoring his calls
  • so he text you to open your door after like 3 hours and you ignored it because you didn’t want to see him
  • but when you eventually did he wasn’t there
  • tho there was a bouquet of flowers, your favourite takeout and a lil card
  • and he was just saying how much he loves you and he’s sorry and how he knows when you’re sad you don’t eat
  • so he got you the takeout because he knows you’d never waste it
  • and you were crying because you love him so much and that was so sweet and u called him and made him come over and eat with you
  • so good at cheering you up???
  • you come home and you’re tired and sad
  • and there he is
  • in a blanket fort
  • nd youre like ???? because why is he in a blanket fort ??
  • you’re like three steps in the door and he’s yelling at you to get in your pjs
  • when you come back in your pjs he’s got hot chocolate and your fav movie on
  • and you’re like ?? how did he know??
  • nd he’s like we can talk about it after the movie
  • nd he sits and he strokes your hair while you tell him what happened
  • no matter how terrible he will cheer you right up
  • like you don’t know how he does it but he can always make you smile
  • fun fun fun fun fun
  • F UN !!!!!!!
  • is always taking you on adventures even if you’re just at home in the living room its an adventure
  • time goes so fast with him like you guys never feel like you have enough time together
  • time also goes back because he makes you feel like a kid again
  • always wants to help
  • like you’re baking cookies and hes like “what we doing let me help pls”
  • and you’re like johnny no
  • because last he helped the cookies were burned along with three of his fingers
  • so he’s only allowed to hand you things and watch
  • always brings ten on dates
  • sometimes you feel like you’re the third wheel not ten
  • sometimes johnny forgets he’s meant to be on a date with you and not ten tbh
  • he brought him on your first few dates because he was nervous and sort of awkward and kept looking at him for help
  • you sort of felt like you were dating ten
  • after you guys had been dating for a year he got you a promise ring
  • nd he wanted to make it really romantic(and cheesy lets be real)
  • so he put it in your cake
  • well more like he thought he put it in your cake
  • really he put it in ten’s
  • ten wouldn’t give it back and when he finally did you wouldn’t take it because you thought it was too funny and johnny was so flustered
  • so ten kept it and wears it
  • and brings it up whenever possible
  • johnny loves to hug you
  • hugs all the time
  • will smother you without even realising
  • he just loves having his arms around you
  • always has them around you or near you or on you
  • just likes knowing you are near and an arms distance away
  • he also loves to kiss your forehead
  • and your lips
  • thinks its funny to watch u lean on your tip toes to reach him and kiss his forehead
  • but you can never reach so you just kiss his nose
  • which he thinks is the cutest thing ever
  • always picks you up and you’re never having it
  • like johnny pls stop let me down
  • and he always says something lame like “but this is the only way to carry a princess”
  • every day is johnnys fashion evaluation
  • you’re in the shower and he walks in and he’s like “joHNNY’S FASHION EVALUATION 2/10 COULD USE MORE CLOTHES”
  • but usually he uses it as an excuse to compliment you
  • dates are always fun and spontaneous
  • probably like late night walks and street food usually and some shopping see along the way
  • and he always gets so excited over things and you have to calm him down
  • but he’s like no NO LOOK AT THAT DOG
  • and you’re like johnny please that’s the seventh dog today
  • but it’s too late he’s crossed the street to pet it
  • he’s really pure
  • like you’re on a  date at the beach and he comes running up to you and you’re like johnny ???????
  • and he just holds a rock up next to your face??
  • nd you’re like ….listen boy what is this
  • nd he’s !! so !! excited !! because it’s the same colour as your eyes
  • so you have a tradition of finding things that match each others eye colour when you go out
  • and you have a box of things johnny has given you because theyre the colour of your eyes
  • he’s just such a sweetheart
  • and so cute and soft
  • love him !!!!!

I’m sure you guys all know, I’m super lazy. I love sleep, and I LOVE pyjamas! X3
They’re… Comfy and easy to wear! I had to draw my inkling in my favourite to wear! 💙

Concuss and In Love

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight injury (mild concussion), Language (I dropped the f-bomb a few times, sorry I swear like a sailor), So fluffy it will rot your teeth out

Word count: 2088

A/N: So, this was written spur of the moment today. No outline, no plan, I just picked up my phone in the car and started typing. This was written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing or as most of you know her by Kari’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 7. The prompt was “Stop filming me, moron!”. I added a word to it to make it flow in the story hope that’s ok. I am not a nurse or doctor, but I did do research on concussions and at home treatments so if any of this is wrong I apologize. Sorry if this is complete shit like I said it was written in like a few hours. No beta so all mistakes are mine. And I always forget to add this but none of the GIF’s or pics are mine except for the text and social media posts and supply basket edit. Those were created by me. 

Summary: You are enjoying a nice relaxing morning in your home, when your husband Jensen comes home early scaring the crap out of you. This fright, however, may have been a little more dangerous than Jensen thought.

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The Signs as Things You Need to Treat Yourself
  • Aries: Hot Cocoa, Peppermint, and chocolates with oversized sweaters.
  • Cancer: A new book, maybe a mani pedi. New sheets and a reliable set of slippers.
  • Taurus: a sweet smelling lotion or body butter. Cleansing facial mask. Bubble tea.
  • Gemini: A soft wool blanket. Sweats. Flowers from the farmer's market.
  • Leo: Chapsticks, new shoes and a good series found on Netflix. A leather bound journal.
  • Virgo: Putting on an oversized sweater or sweatshirt. Lighting candles and reading a book.
  • Libra: Taking risqué pictures for body positivity. Buying little pastries. Meeting a friend for lunch.
  • Scorpio: Buying patterned paper for projects. Having get-togethers with friends. Finding a neat magazine.
  • Sagittarius: Getting new pencils for sketching. Maybe even a new art pad. Making your favorite meal/food.
  • Capricorn: Going to a small cafe. Meeting an old friend. Buying a new perfume or scent.
  • Aquarius: A backpack or bag. New lingerie sets. Lacey clothing. Going to an old library.
  • Pisces: Cozy pj's and a hot soup. A new coffee mug or going out to a coffee shop. Pampering yourself with a bath bomb and a soft bath.
Cuddling with Jaehyun
  • sup faaaam
  • i’m so happy this was requested bc lately i’m so soft for jaehyun????
  • like he used to be one of the lasts members in my bias list and now he’s the 6th like a king
  • let’s start right away, shall we????!
  • so~~~
  • first thing first, he wouldn’t be a clingy boyfriend at all tbh
  • i mean, he probably really enjoys skinship with you and loves giving hugs and kisses and reciving them too
  • but he wouldn’t feel like he has to be over you 24/7 to make you know that he loves you
  • of course he would have his days when he feel really needy and is constantly giving you kisses everywhere
  • but still, not even in those days he would be clingy
  • and he would like to keep the skinship simple and privated
  • of course he would hold your hand in public and maybe kiss your forehead or cheeks but only when it’s the both of you
  • if the other members are around he would be so shy aw <3
  • so, when it comes to cuddles he has to be a 100% sure that is only both of you
  • you know how the members said that every two weeks they have deep convos whit each other were they take their time to talk with each other to get closer?
  • this cuddle sessions would be similar to that for him
  • he would want to talk with you about your relationship, y’alls future together and idk maybe just to change opinions in different subjets
  • but let’s go to the story now
  • so, both of you were in your house that day
  • you had to pick up jae from his practice and both of you decided at last moment that he would stay in your house that night
  • like, it was already dinner time anyways so why not am i right
  • so while he was taking a shower you called to the pizza delivery and prepared everything for both of you
  • and y’all ate while watching something in netflix
  • probably cartoons, lol
  • but the cuddling didn’t happen until after y’all washed up and you changed into ur pjs
  • btw, he was also in his pjs and he looked hOt aF
  • can y’all imagine jaehyun in grey sweats and a white t-shirt??
  • the thing is that when you went to the living room again it was like if the whole ambient changed
  • the tv was off and instead you could listen some music that was being played from his phone
  • is really important for him to make the ambient relaxing and calm so both of you can talk with each other comfortably or nap together if y’all feel like to
  • and he would be so distracted making everything “perfect” that he wouldn’t notice that you came back until you backhug him sweetly
  • “looks like someone wants some cuddles, isn’t it?”
  • “..maybe”
  • and he would turn around and hug you properly, still with that angelic smile of his in his stupid face<3
  • he would hold you even closer to his body before grabbing your hand and silently inviting you to lie in the couch w him
  • talking about the cuddles positions, is the sweetheart’s cradle for sure
  • as i said before, he wants to talk with you and listen to you and have a proper conversation with you and he can’t do that without facing you
  • so that position is more than perfect for both of you
  • + it gives both of you easy access to give kisses and caresses to each other
  • so it’s a 10/10
  • and if y’all are in the mood for napping instead, he would definitely be the big spoon
  • you tried to be the small spoon once but it was terrible, lol
  • since he’s so tall and warm and he has this cute habit of always hugging you really tightly while he’s sleeping it’s perfect
  • + he probably smells good and his hugs are really comforting :’)
  • talking about the cuddles again, it would be basically both of you talking for one or two hours about things that had y’all feeling worried or excited lately
  • and if there isn’t anything to talk about, both of you would start mumbling the lyrics of the songs that y’all are listening to in the background
  • and maybe even doing cute duets <3
  • but most of the time is just you asking him to sing for you because his voice is so soft and sweet and perfect
  • but, tbh, he gets really shy and flustered when you ask him to sing
  • especially if you start to compliment his skills because he’s rlly modest
  • “jaehyun, you’re literally the most talented person i’ve ever meet”
  • “that’s not true..”
  • “your voice is the best in nct, we already talked about this”
  • “no, taeil’s voice is b-”
  • “just sing a little for me”
  • eventually he would do and would bless you one more time with his vocals
  • and probably that’s how y’all end up sleeping
  • like, the ambient is so comfortable and warm and his voice is so calm that both of you would get really sleepy in no time
  • “what about sleeping in the couch tonight, y/n?”
  • “we’re going to regret it tomorrow but yeah, sure”
  • lol
  • okay, and the end!!!
  • this wasn’t too fluffy i know but i see jae like a really deep person and i feel like having moment like this w his s/o or closest friends would be really important for him