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How to Make a Scorpio Love You: A Guide

Disclaimer: This might not work for all Scorpios.

So, you’ve attracted the interest of a Scorpio! You should be flattered; this doesn’t happen unless you’re attractive. It helps if you’re a musician, too. It’s a weakness of ours. In fact, Scorpios love people with showy skills of any kind; we find talent sexy. Sex and sensuality is important to a Scorpio, so practice your bedroom eyes. Some signs like you to play it cool and take things slow- this definitely isn’t for us. Scorpios love flattery and attention, and we won’t mind it if you come on strong. Scorpios tend to be powerful people who dominate every room they’re in, so it’s new and interesting to feel dominated ourselves. We have to know that you can keep up with us before we get involved. We like to break rules and aren’t afraid of playing dirty, so keep that in mind. Once you’ve got us, don’t forget to keep courting us. Scorpios get bored with people easily. However, we also get deeply jealous, and we don’t usually like to share. There are exceptions to that, of course! So if you’ve got a guitar and you’re up for a challenge, find yourself a Scorpio with a mysterious smile and try to find out what’s behind it.

Pearl shattered PD and Rose took the blame? Nah.

See, there’s a big problem with the theory that Pearl was the one behind Pink Diamond being shattered. It’s not that the idea isn’t plausible- it is. But that’s not the point.

The whole buildup to this discovery, and the arc hinted at to follow, revolves around Steven’s discovery that his mom WASN’T PERFECT. She wasn’t this incredible sparkly goddess that reached down and saved the Crystal Gems from the tyranny of homeworld. She was a real, living Gem, who made mistakes, made bad decisions, and yes, did terrible things.

Steven’s been living in her shadow in a BIG way his whole life, and the shock of this revelation is the first step to stepping away and becoming his own person with his own legacy. It’s like Bismuth said: he can be better than her.

But what if she didn’t do it? What if she was, in fact, nobly protecting Pearl? Well, let me tell you: that would ruin three- count ‘em- THREE great character arcs.

First: the growth and maturing of Steven by realizing that he can do better than Rose by not repeating her mistakes. That’ll never happen if she didn’t make any mistakes. Bismuth was just the first stage of this, and it’s clear that the writers want Steven to get the opportunity.

Second: the “humanization” of Rose. This is so important, because from day one, the entire show has had a dynamic, all-important character motivating everyone’s actions: Rose. Her journey from alien soldier to self-sacrificing mother didn’t just happen, and she needs a catalyst and flaws just as much as any other character.

Third: Speaking of flaws, here we have Pearl. She’s been the main focus pretty recently, and has been fleshed out with so many flaws and quirks that she has learned to turn into strengths. Her journey of self-realization is already on its way. She’s BEEN broken down, she’s already been seen at her lowest, most vulnerable point. If the secret of Pink Diamond revolves around her, we’ll be right back where we started with Pearl. She doesn’t need another flaw, another redemption arc.

But Rose does.

people think it’s weird that a bunch of teens and grown-ass adults are so into squiddles but they don’t understand all the deeper themes and hidden meanings in the show! like plum throat’s inner struggle and search for his true self. i think that’s something everyone can relate to, young and old. it’s not just for kids, people. squiddles is for life.