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What was your opinion on Pj & Dan and Phil's video?

it was SO FUNNY, they always make Good™ videos together because they have such great chemistry!!

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So here's an idea for a smutty hc fic. From the recent video dnp did with Pj and Sophie, regarding Dan having a secret Wattpad account, Phil secretly finds out that Dan reads and writes his own phan smut and that can turn into Phil reenacting one of the smuts that Dan wrote? Idk it's a thought

((Absolutely loved this idea and wrote it as soon as I received your ask. Thank you for my first hc on this account and I really hope you enjoyed it.))

With Dan and Phil’s relationship, everything was oddly tame. Too vanilla for either of their tastes, yet both were a bit too awkward and anxiety-ridden to bring up the topic of their sex lives, let alone kinks. Now while Phil just let his imagination run wild Dan, on the other hand, had a different way of expressing his kinks without Phil even knowing, or at least he thought… Like most, Dan had a secret Wattpad account. One that let him express whatever he wanted without anyone even knowing it was in fact him. There he wrote and read about what kinky adventures he wanted so desperately for them to have.

Today just happened to be the fateful, yet totally embarrassing, day that Dan happened to leave his phone in the lounge while he edited Gamingmas videos in “his” room. As Dan’s phone screen lit up and vibrated, announcing a notification, Phil leaned forward from his spot where he was lounging around on the couch, glimpsing at the notification from Wattpad, ’@insertnamehere has voted on your story.’ Of course, anyone would have been curious if their lover was writing stories and Phil had to see what Dan had been writing that was getting attention from others. He sat back with the phone in his hands, unlocking it and heading to the app.

“Holy shit,” he mumbled, fanfiction, his boyfriend was writing fanfiction and not just any average fanfiction it was phanfiction, smutty, kinky phanfiction. Phil read over the stories Dan had written before a plan began to form, Phil was going to reenact Dan’s story. The boy saved the story quickly on his own cellphone before quickly putting Dan’s phone down as he heard Dan approaching. There would be no backing down. Phil was going to reenact it tonight.

Phil spent all day memorizing each line of Dan’s story, each little kink the boy had written and what he wanted and once Phil had finally built up his courage (with a little bit of alcohol) he was ready to put his plan in action.

Dan was sitting in the lounge, watching some Yuri On Ice, as usual, when Phil entered moving to sit beside the boy and gripping his thigh. “You’ve been naughty, Daniel.” He purred into the boy’s ear, trying to remember the lines of Dan’s phanfiction. “What on Earth are you talking about, Phil?” Dan asked, utterly confused about what Phil could be talking about. He couldn’t remember anything terrible he’d done but the words were enough to make dan shiver in anticipation.

“You know better, Daniel. Come on now. Over daddy’s lap.” The man smirked and Dan paled. The words were so familiar and it struck him hard once he knew where those words were coming from. “Phil I am so sorry, those weren’t meant for you to see. I’ll take it down.” He said quickly, reaching for his phone. Phil hadn’t even given him a chance, giving the boy a smack on his thigh making Dan let out a gasp and sit back.

“You will do no such thing. Now come on baby boy, over daddy’s lap.” He purred and Dan’s cheeks turned scarlet, hesitantly doing as told, kneeling over Phil’s lap with his ass up making Phil grin. The older man tugged Dan’s pants as well as his boxers down to his knees, exposing the boys pale, milky ass. “Fifteen smacks sounds about right for your punishment.” Phil spoke and Dan softly spoke up. “Ten… I wrote ten.” he corrected, Phil quickly bringing a heavy hand down onto his ass. “Too bad. Now it’s ten.” He replied, voice deep and husky with lust, Dan whimpering, Phil could easily feel the boys cock jerk as he brought his hand down roughly again and again.

“You like this don’t you baby boy?” He asked with a smirk and Dan nodded quickly. “Yes..” he said softly and Phil brought his hand down again for the now tenth time. “No no no Daniel, that’s not what you wrote.” He purred and the boy whined softly, squirming in Phil’s lap. “Yes, daddy.” He replied with a soft moan. Phil continued with the rough smacks to Dan’s once pale ass, watching it turn such a pretty shade of red.

“Such a good boy..” He praised softly, gently rubbing the boy’s sore ass. Dan was whimpering softly underneath him, it hurt in all the good ways and he couldn’t help but gently grinding his leaking cock against the rough material of Phil’s jeans, feeling so close to spilling over the edge. “Keep going baby, you’ve been so good for daddy… You deserve a reward.” He said, straying off script and Dan nodded, continuing to grind against his pant leg as his orgasm quickly built up, cum quickly oozing from Dan’s tip, staining Phil’s jeans creamy white as Dan came with a loud moan of ‘daddy’ on his lips.

Phil let Dan come down from his high, gently pulling him to his chest, Dan cuddling close, worn out from his own orgasm. “Let’s get you to bed baby..” Phil mumbled softly, pressing a kiss to his head as he lifted Dan into his arms and making his way to their room, laying him under the sheets once Phil had dressed him in clean clothes and as soon as Dan’s head hit the pillow he was fast asleep, Phil kissing his head before making his way down the hall to deal with his own not-so-little problem in his jeans.

I really missed Dan, Phil, and PJ doing silly game collabs together, they’re such a wholesome trio to watch and their videos are always so gentle and generally calming despite the fact that they’re overflowing with laughter, weird sentences, inside jokes, and innuendos. I adore their chemistry and frankly, this collab was absolute gold