80′s hoo (and pjo)

i was thinking about it a while ago and hoo could totally happen in the 80′s! the only thing that would mess it up is that people didn’t had technology etc but demigods can’t use it anyways - cause it attracks monsters - so yeah! so there you go, one of the coolest ideas i’ve ever had - and i would gladly die for 80′s jasiper ok

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  Heeey I´m back~ With…Photos…? Who do you think made this joke? ewe 

The characters do not belong to me, just the drawing~

Reaper belong to @renrink / Lust Belong to @nsfwshamecave Cross Belong to @jakei95 Dream belong to @jokublog / PaperJam belong to @7goodangel / Palette belong to @angexci / Goth Belong to @nekophy /Error Belong to @loverofpiggies 

Percy leaving his hair afro-long because he’s lazy about going to the barber and mama Sally like all good latina mamas not liking it (also annabeth likes it cmon) also i’m sure percy plays online with piper, frank, leo and jason like a normal happy teenager cause he deserves it.