Fools - Fluff Au

 We ran to our hotel room, me tripping up over my dress and PJ snorting as i struggled to keep it above my ankles so i could walk. “shut up you daft prick” I slurred, giggling . PJ swiped the key card three times; he kept laughing as he put his hand forward meaning he missed. I made to go into the room but he had other ideas. Quick as a flash he whisked me off my feet, my dress pushing up so my face was hidden in a mass of silk and lace. “Darling I think your drowning,” he mumbled. I felt his hand crawl up my leg, across the bare skin of my thigh and- his face burst through the layers of silk, a smirk on his face. “found you” he murmured before planting a sweet kiss on my lips.

PJ had always been a romantic. Even before we’d dated, he’d run me baths, make me warm tea and sing me to sleep. So now as we sat in just our underwear, our favourite game, gloom, between us on the sheets, i couldn’t help but stare at him. We weren’t always intimate in THAT way, we were quite comfortable playing games; even on our wedding night. “I think i’m going to win you know,” i said. He glanced up and grimaced playfully. “Sweetie, you are a fool, a warm hearted, hazel eyed fool,”.

We played until our eyes were drooping. My lips jutted out in a pout when PJ put his hand over mine, as i clung to the deck of cards. He leaned forward, kissing me softly at the base of my throat and pushed me back onto the mattress. He continued to kiss me down my neck, across my chest and up to my jawline. Across my cheek and finally kissing me on my lips, letting his linger. "I love you,” he whispered. “And I love you,” i replied, running my hands through his curls. “When you said I do earlier today, you know what i thought?” he whispered softly. I didn’t reply, so he pecked my lips before continuing. “I thought, how is this gorgeous women so stupid, to take me, a lanky prick who, quite frankly needs a haircut, to be her lawfully wedded husband,”. To that i laughed properly, my shoulders shaking. I looked up into his green eyes and i sighed. “I took you to be my lawfully wedded husband because i love you with all my heart. I mean don’t get me wrong, you’re a lanky prick…” He tutted at me. i giggled, pulling his head down so his parted lips met mine.

dt: @holydamnwinchester

Will Solace Headcanons

mostly because i love my sun

  • Will has most of his freckles on his back and shoulders
  • His favorite album is Vessel from twenty one pilots (big ukulele sucker)
  • He only wears flip flops or hightops there is no in between
  • Refuses to believe he is sick
  • Will *with a fever, runny nose, and about thirty seconds away from throwing up*: What are you talking about, I am the healthiest person at this camp, I can work today just let me vomit in the trash can really quick
  • Also refuses to believe that he is injured
  • for example one time he got this really bad gash on his stomach during a battle and he worked so hard trying to heal other people he didn’t think about healing himself
  • People noticed he was hurt when he started to bleed though his shirt and his hastily applied bandages
  • It took three Ares kids to hold him down and two other Apollo kids to stitch him back up because he kept struggling because people still needed to be healed and ‘I AM THE EPITOME OF GOOD HEALTH GUYS JUST LET ME GO!!!’
  • His lips get really chapped very easily and it doesn’t help that he’s constantly licking them and biting off the skin as he works
  • Sneezes when he lies
  • The first real time Nico caught his eye was during the Battle of Manhattan. When Will was trying to help someone that was injured get to safety, and he ended up tripping and a monster stood over him ready to kill Will but all of the sudden a skeleton warrior kills the monster. Out of the corner of his eye he sees this scrawny kid, that radiated power, and despite the fighting, he didn’t look a bit afraid as he ordered the skeletons around, if anything he looked proud about what he had done. Will owed his life to Nico, and was smitten ever since.
  • Only starts dating Nico awhile after his dad turns into a teenager (Apollo ships it more than anyone, has written 15 haikus about their first date plus three different songs)
  • Doesn’t believe is lost causes
  • he will try to save someone even if they are long gone, because if they do die he wants them to die knowing that he never gave up on them
  • My personal favorite is;
  • Will was always self conscious about how he couldn’t fight as well as his siblings and was only good at healing so Apollo blessed him and gave him the power to absorb peoples pain, and fill them with good memories and hope
  • It works for physical and emotional pain
  • the problem is that Will has to absorb the pain that he takes so he will constantly feel waves of heartbreak and hopelessness, He will feel stab wounds that aren’t there for hours, he goes to bed with his bones on fire, and feels like his blood is boiling due to poison that isn’t running through his blood
  • He hasn’t told anyone about this blessing, not even to his siblings or to Nico
  • He can also absorb anger, because all anger comes from some sort of pain
  • But he takes peoples pain with a smile, because as long as he is doing something to help he will do anything, no matter how much it may hurt