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Hello Bendis. I love you Work and want to ask, what happened with the Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker) after Earth-1610 was destroyed?

He has a pizza place in north Miami called Edge of Pizzaverse

Introducing our new Virtual Pizzality Goggles! The future is here. Using cutting edge state of the art technology, our new VP Goggles can simulate the real life feeling, sight, sound and smell of actual pizza. You are totally immersed in a world of 100% pizza. You are pizza, man. Plug in and be whisked away into a technological fantasy world of sauce, dough and cheese. Meet others that have traveled to the Pizzaverse. You’ll never want to leave.

Dating With Friends

Dating With Friends

“You’re doing what?”

Steve’s voice cracked slightly as he spoke and he gazed down at her in utter bewilderment.

“Alright, Cap,” Darcy huffed, indignant in her response. “There’s no need to be quite so amazed. It’s actually a pretty normal activity, one even I’ve engaged in once or twice before over the years.” She pushed at his chest impatiently to move him out of the way and get past, and, mind churning painfully over her previous declaration, he shuffled back obediently at her touch without really thinking.

“But- but-“ He stammered after her retreating back, and just about had the wherewithal to grasp at her elbow before she disappeared completely. Drawing her back to him gently, her confused blue eyes met his own. He exhaled heavily before being able to speak again.

“But what, Steve?” Darcy gazed up at him, uncomprehendingly. “It’s a date. A blind date. People date, you know. It’s a whole thing. There’s websites. Phone apps. TV shows, even.” She listed them off on her fingers whilst her words spilled out, her speech picking up speed and he could tell that she wasn’t really on-board with what she was saying.

“But what about Bucky?”

Pizzaverse Headcannons #2

Astrid would be the worst bartender ever. She’d get everyone’s drinks completely wrong and refuse to give refunds. Then if anyone dared to complain she’d tell them, “Don’t you dare complain about the drinks I served you. You’ll finish this drink and you’ll like it.” Then she’d glare at the person until they finished their drink. Everyone is too scared of her to complain to her manager.