Pizzaverse Headcannons #2

Astrid would be the worst bartender ever. She’d get everyone’s drinks completely wrong and refuse to give refunds. Then if anyone dared to complain she’d tell them, “Don’t you dare complain about the drinks I served you. You’ll finish this drink and you’ll like it.” Then she’d glare at the person until they finished their drink. Everyone is too scared of her to complain to her manager.

Some introduction..

Hello there!

So this blog will be about the Pizza-verse.

Just in case you don’t already know, Pizza is a name used for the Western Animation fandom. We decided to call it Pizza, very much thanks to a very random message I have received.

Also, if you’re wondering why we don’t just call it western animation, it is because Pizza is an easier and more “casual” term. We got the idea of naming the western animation universe something else because we thought Japanese animation have a name, so can we. :)