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Pizza Time


Koriand'r had insisted on treating Jason to pizza, more than happy to spend her savings on her friend. A superhero salary was non existant, unless you counted the numerous thanks from the public. Unfortuantely, thanks didn’t always pay the bills. But regardless, she loved treating her friends.

Arriving at the pizza diner and taking a seat at one of the small booths, against the windows, she took the seat across from him. Leaning back, she let out a small sigh. The seats were comfy, and the music nice if not a bit loud. Reaching across the table she took Jason’s hand in hers and squeezed. Despite the different views of fond expression on here and Tamaran, it didn’t stop the alien princess from being affectionate- sometimes overly so. Kori smiled softly and picked up the menu with her free hand, emerald glancing over the options. From olives to sardines, there were so many options to choose from. It was a little overwhelming.

“I am unsure of what flavor of the pizza to order… I wonder if they could do a mustard sauce base? I think that would be most lovely. What will you be having, Jason?” She asked him after a moment of chewing on the inside of her cheek. Her smile is bright when she raises her eyes to look at him. Even in just a casual setting, she’s studying him. Not because she doesn’t trust him, she trusts him with her life, but because she wants him to be comfortable. As his friend, she took it upon herself to ensure such luxury when she could afford to.

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