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Sometimes, you eat healthy and workout. Sometimes you need pizza, beer and movie night. And thats ok. You need balance, but stay focused on your goals. Dont let your old habits ruin your future.
I Shouldn’t Have Said Anything

Request:  Hi! I’m relatively new to your blog, and I love what you write. so I would like to request a fic. Can you do a really fluffy Castiel fix where he first tells reader he loves them? Pleeeeeease?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: fluff of course.

Word Count: 851

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Great, you thought. You had just gotten back to the bunker with beer and pizza, and you noticed that while you were gone, the impala was no longer in the garage. You rolled your eyes, why did Sam and Dean insist on you going out for food whenever they were just going to be gone when you got back?

With your arms full, you made your way into the bunker, setting everything down in the kitchen.

“Hello?!” You yelled. You shrugged when no one answered. You grabbed a beer and made your way to the library. At least you would have some alone time for once. You liked to sit in the library when the bunker was empty. You sat your feet up on the table and had a book in your hands when you heard a flutter of wings behind you.

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I need more headcanons about the fahc ryan and meg being bffs thing! please!

You want more? I’ll give you more!

Meg starts to hang around the penthouse after the guys meet her.

She shows up at the weirdest times looking peculiar. Sometimes she’ll buzz the intercom at 3am, dressed as a videogame character and saying she brought food for everybody. Sometimes she shows up at 2pm, dressed in all black, only to pass out on their sofa for 5 hours.

One night Geoff comes back from dinner to find Meg sleeping face down on the sofa again, so he wakes her up and tells her to use one of the guest rooms. She kinda sticks to the place after that. Someone (Geoff heavily suspects Ryan) gives her the keycode so she can let herself in, and sooner rather than later she has her own section of the fridge and somehow the best bathroom is now known as “Meg’s bathroom”. Geoff is angry at himself for picking up another stray.

The more she hangs out at the penthouse, the more the others see Ryan change. At first he’s quiet and reserved, but slowly, oh so slowly, he starts to come out of his shell.

It starts with him not wearing the mask all the time, because Meg keeps taking it off because “Ryan stop being ridiculous.”. Then Meg drags him from his room on pizza, beer, and Netflix night. He doesn’t speak a lot, but he does eat a lot of pizza and a he laughs the loudest at the terrible movie.

The small everyday things change the most. Geoff walks in to the kitchen to find Meg and Ryan cooking them dinner one evening, and Ryan smiles when he greets them. Michael watches as Meg very patiently teaches Ryan how to use the Xbox in the living room to watch YouTube. Gavin is half horrified half amused to find Meg painting Ryan’s nails because she needs to see all the shades on a nail to find the right one. Jeremy feels warm fuzzy feelings when he runs into Ryan at the door at 2am, the other on his way out to buy Meg Tylenol because she can’t sleep due to a headache. Jack wanders around the shops for 3 hours with him trying to find a good birthday gift for her.

On Meg’s birthday, after the presents have been opened and the rest of the crew is mingling with Meg’s other friends, Geoff can’t help himself and reads the card attached to the silver necklace Ryan gave Meg.

“Thank you for showing me that people can be kind.”

If Geoff tears up it’s definitely just the booze. 

“I can’t believe you didn’t even have a funeral for me.”

“Not this again, Erwin…it’s been a whole fucking year.”

This is what really happened. They faked Erwin’s death because he was getting too old for this shit. Levi and Erwin live in a nice quiet and secluded cottage and have beer and pizza nights, during which Erwin gets a bit tipsy and starts to complain.

I can only see this as a logical explanation for the chapter 90. Also, when I see people upset, sad or angry, I try to cheer them up by making shit jokes. I am Chandler. If this makes one person smile though, my work here is done.

Excuse the horrific effort or rather lack of. And if you’re hurting, I send virtual hugs.

Just a Friend pt 1

louve-noir: Hi! First of all….I LOVE sites like yours. We as black women are underrepresented in fanfiction. May I have a Steve x reader? I would like the reader to work at the Avengers tower with Tony. She and Steve are really good friends and she tries to help him with Sharon but really she likes him. Can Bucky realize she likes Steve & tries to help the reader tell me.

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“Buck, this for sure shouldn’t rust. Sorry that dumbass over there decided to make your arm out of iron.” I say glaring at Tony who was busying himself by improving one of his suits.

“Well he shouldn’t of killed my parents huh?” Tony says, not even looking away from his work.

There was silence as Bucky’s face hardened and I didn’t know how to respond.

Instead I tapped him on the knee, “You’re all good Buck. I’ll see you later for beers with the guys at 8.”

He silently nodded, giving me a small smile before leaving the lab.

“Tony I’m done with the modifications for Peter’s suit. So I’m gonna go ahead and head out. Don’t forget to sleep at least five hours and to eat dinner.” I tell him, packing up my things.

“Alright, mom.” He says sarcastically with a salut and I nod with a smile.

I then make my way home quickly in order to freshen up before meeting Sam, Bucky and Steve for our weekly beer and pizza night at our favorite pub.

Once home, I take a quick shower and try to do something with my type 4c hair before giving up and letting it do what it wants.

“What to wear? What to wear?” I say to my cat, Dima.

Dima just looks up at me with his jade green eyes while I continue to look through my drawers for something to wear.

“Well I don’t want to wear something too casual since I’m already thought of as one of the guys. But I don’t want to look like I’m putting in too much of an effort. Even though I do want to impress Steve.” I say to the black cat that continues to look at me bored.

In the end, I decide to wear a black body con dress with a red flannel tied around my waist and my adidas superstars. Then I finish the look with some mascara and red lipstick that matched my flannel. This wasn’t that dressed up…at least it wasn’t for me.

Seeing that it was already 7:50, I go ahead and call an uber.


Once I arrive to the pub, I see the three men sitting at a table in the corner. It was pretty hard not to miss the two super soldiers and the almost equally muscular Sam. A seat beside Steve was conveniently left empty for me.

“There she is!” Sam says, getting up to give me a side hug.

“Hey! What’s up?” I hug him back, before hugging Bucky and Steve and taking a seat.

God Steve smelled incredible as always. Honestly I was surprised that I was into Steve. He was different from what I usually went for—the bad boy type like Bucky, or the fashionable and street kind. But it didn’t really matter because it was obvious that he was way too into Sharon to notice me and besides, I’m not one to chase. Not to mention, he only thought of me as one of his good friends.

“You look great, what’s the occasion?” Bucky asks with a knowing smirk.

He was able to catch onto my crush on Steve although his best friend couldn’t.

“Boy, what you mean? I always look good.” I say flipping my hair for extra effect while Steve and Sam laugh.

Steve then pushes me a glass of dark liquid.

“Whiskey and Coke?” I ask excitedly.

“Of course, doll. And with an extra shot of whiskey. You’re the only girl I know that can handle this much whiskey.” He looks over at me with his piercing blue eyes.

“Well it comes with being a southern girl.” I say, emphasizing my south southern accent.

Sam then coughs, breaking Steve and I from our conversation.

“So you never finished telling us about your awkward encounter with Sharon.” Sam says with a slight laugh.

My face falls ever so slightly, but it isn’t missed by Bucky.

“It wasn’t awkward. I just don’t know what to say after we—“ Steve trails off.

“Kissed?” Sam finishes, not noticing that I didn’t really want to hear this conversation.

“I mean what do you say or do after that? Buck, surely you know.” Steve looks over at Bucky who was quietly listening and observing me.

“Steve, you know I don’t know today’s dames.” He shrugs and his eyes dart to me quickly.

Steve suspiciously looks from Bucky to me before deciding to brush it off.

“What do you think, Y/n?” He asks as I take a sip of my drink.

I’m gonna need a couple if this turns into another, help me with Sharon night.

“I don’t know. Just be normal and maybe ask her about the kiss casually? Don’t want to embarrass yourself if it meant more to you than her.” I say before I can stop myself and immediately feel like slapping myself in the back of the head for being stupid and giving him advice to get the girl I don’t want him with.

I can tell that Bucky feels the same as he looks at me with a deadpanned expression.

“Yeah, you’re right! I’m glad to have such a good friend like you, doll.” He says, side hugging me and I smile a smile that doesn’t quite reach my eyes.

The night continues on with laughter, fake smiles (on my part), and funny stories from missions and before you know it, it’s about 10:30.

“I guess I better go. Gotta get up bright and early to help Tony tomorrow.” I stand and hug everyone goodbye.

“Hey, let me walk you home.” Bucky says getting up, causing Sam and Steve to look at us curiously.

Bucky and I were somewhat close compared to the rest of the avengers but I was still much closer to Sam and Steve since Bucky was just now opening up and going back to being himself.

“Alright?” I sort of ask as I link arms with Bucky as we walk out of the pub.

Once we’ve exited, Bucky stops us and looks at me.

“What the hell was that, Y/n? You’re obviously into the punk and you give him advice for another girl?” He huffs and runs a hand through his hair.

“Buck, he’s not into me. So why try? I’m not little miss perfect, blonde haired, blue eyed Sharon Carter.” I roll my eyes.

“That’s because he’s too stupid to see the tall, dark eyed, smooth skinned, beauty with cool hair.” Bucky says, building me up as we continue walking to my place and I can’t help but smile wide.

“Why do you want me with him so bad?” I ask, suspiciously.

Everyone liked perfect Sharon. Nat and Wanda invited her in our girls nights (which I stopped attending), Tony liked bantering with her, as did Sam, and Clint liked to spar with her and teach her to shoot arrows. I on the other hand didn’t like to be around to see how perfect she was and be jealous that I wasn’t the same.

“I just feel like you’re a better fit for him. You need someone who’s respectful and kind, and he needs someone more exciting that’ll keep him on his toes. Besides, I just like you more.” He shrugs an arm over my shoulder as we continue walking.

I ponder over what he said as we walk up to my apartment building.

“I get that you want me to be with Steve but I’m no Sharon and I have to deal with that. Thanks for walking me home, Buck.” I hug the super soldier around the neck and he hugs back cautiously, still afraid of hurting me with his arm.

“I don’t know. He looked pretty jealous when I was looking at you and offered to walk you home. But anyway, goodnight doll.” He smiles before turning on his heel and walking towards the tower.

@louve-noir  this is just part one. I’ll have part two out tomorrow probably :)

A Reason To Stay

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 2,246 (before lyrics)
Warnings: AU.  Mentions of blood.  
Challenge:  This was written for @sdavid09’s TaleTeller’s Winter Writing Days Challenge. There were three things I had to work into the story.  The first was that it had to be an AU story. I selected Police Officer AU.  Next, it had to be set in winter.  Lastly, the song I picked was “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga

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IronHawk (Part Eighteen)

The boys blow off some steam, Logan and Tony talk, then Logan and Clint talk and. Tony makes a big decision.

Catch up on Chapters 1-17 HERE

Enjoy :)

“So just tonight?” Clint asked, as he walked with Logan around the Tower grounds. He was happy to give a tour, happy to be spending time with his friend again.

“Yep. I’ve got some stuff to take care of at the school. Didn’t want to ride all weekend. And you know… you did tell me to find you.”

“Hell yeah I did.” Clint agreed.

When the SHIELD transport had touched down all those weeks ago and Hawkeye had caught the news, seen his team struggling to fight those rock things, Clint had tossed Logan his bag and yelled to Coulson that he had to go.

“Wait - where?” Logan asked, not having seen the news yet, and definitely looking forward to a slow night of cigars, beer, and maybe, maybe some more time with Clint.

“The team needs me, Tony needs me, I just– I got to go. Just um… Logan?”
The mutant looked up to where Clint was already several feet off the ground. “This is a shitty way to end things so…Come find me, yeah?”

“You aren’t coming back.” Logan stated with a sinking feeling in his chest, and Clint shook his head.

“Not for a while at least. Come find me, okay? Lets at least share a beer..”

“Count on it Wing boy.”

“I’m glad you’re here.” Clint said with a smile, and a hand to Logan’s shoulder.

“So what? Pizza and beer all night? I got to leave pretty early but I’m down for something fun. Red white and Super said something about you working on training with them like we did.”

“Red white and—” Clint laughed. “I’m stealing that. New nickname for the Captain. And yeah, they’ve been pretty impressed with some of the stuff I’ve showed them.”

“So maybe we should show them how the real soldiers do it.”

“Yeah?” Clint asked, amused. “Want to do some fightin’?”

“Always.” The mutant popped his neck, the adamantium laced joints cracking so loudly that Clint shuddered. “Let’s show the boys in tights how it’s done, huh?”

“You know I’d love to see how you do against Hulk and the Captain. Maybe no claws with Captain, but you can’t really hurt Hulk.”

“Watch me try.” Logan grinned around his cigar.

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Evans and Potter

For as long as James Potter had known Lily Evans he’d only ever really called her by her surname. For as long as Lily Evans had known James Potter she’d only ever really called him by his surname. 

It wasn’t out of disrespect and it certainly wasn’t because they didn’t like each other–in fact they liked each other very much. The half glances in the hallways, the fingers touching as they passed notes in class, the longing stares at quidditch practice…it was so very clear that they wanted to be more than just friends.

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REQ FROM ANON: So I recently watched She’s The Man, cause it is my favorite movie. I was wondering if you can do a prompt based on that storyline but SasuSaku style? :3

I planned on keeping this short, but once again it turned into 3000 words. I love Sakura cross-dressing and I LOVE reverse harem but I don’t think I elaborated as much as I could because of the word limit :(

I hope you like it anyway, anon and others :)

Sakura could officially add “cross-dressing lying bitch” to her bucket list, after successfully managing to sneak her way into Konoha Boys’ Academy as Haruno Sakuma by cutting her long, pink hair off, binding her decently sized breasts, and pretending the tampon stash she had was from that one sorority party she got invited to because she was obviously the ladies’ man.

And the soccer team, Shinobi 7, had sucked it all up. They were originally opposed to someone so feminine (“Pink hair? What straight male has pink hair?”) who could barely keep up with them when running, but they realized that she—he was an asset on the team. He could trick other players like nobody had seen before, do kick-flips thanks to a flexible body that underwent years of gymnastics, and play in such a way that the rival team did not know how to react. He was the most unsuspecting player, and quite possibly the best one on the team.

“You’re not too bad, Haruno,” Sai panted as he jogged up next to her, giving her a slap on the back. She tried not to yelp as his fingers strayed over the bindings, and quickly dodged any more touches from him.

“Yeah, Sakuma, way to go!” Naruto added, bringing the trophy they’d just won, thanks to her last goal at the final countdown. “How come we haven’t recruited you sooner? Surely we’d have seen you play on the field before during competitions.”

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