This was taken from last weeks CCCX circuit race. I had a long moment when I was by myself for the last three laps of the 2/3 race.
All I thought about was finishing as strong as I could. My head down trying to avoid the head wind. My body telling me it was ok to stop. My mind had my body at gun point saying you won’t and cannot stop.
Pushing and pulling on my pedals I dug as deep as I could! Then dug a little deeper to gather as much strength as I could to make it around the last 180 turn back up the climb to the start/finish to come in for my second 2nd place finish of the day.

I know I say it a lot to friends and acquaintances but I really do enjoy riding and racing my bikes. It’s the challenge of bettering myself. I find that I always have a long way to go. But am excited about the next challenge ahead!


Mount Tamalpias Hill Climb Elite 3s.

This one was just for fun.
I had killed about three pitchers of beer with a friend the night before but woke up feeling alright!
Frankie Valli & the Four seasons “Beggin” was in my mind all morning! That beat, lyrics had just got me goin!
The start was a 3.5 mile flat ride(i attacked twice in two Dolce Vita dudes that kept going up to the front of our 10 racer field) towards a immediate right turn to start the climb in Bofax road. Which was a long winding I think three-five mile climb.
Maybe a mile before the top of the climb a junior and Leopard/soporo rider slowly creeped up to the front of the pack and I heard the junior say. “You and me let’s go” I jumped up to the Leopard dudes wheel.

I need to sidetrack the race for a second and say there was a
Berkeley Bikes rider in the field and he smelled horrible. He was at the front or maybe third wheel for the first quarter of the climb and every time someone got behind them and hit his draft. Me included got off his wheel. The dude smelled like he hasn’t washed his kit the whole season. If not his whole racing career!
So just please wash your kits regularly it’s just proper form. ANYWAYS back to the action. So I jumped on the leopards dudes wheel and we slowly inched away from the field. We picked the pace up for sure! And it really worked for us!
Every turn on the climb I looked back and the chase got further and further away. We had reached the top of Bofax and Seven sisters was next. Seven kickers (fast hills). The first six were tough but I was holding just enough energy for the last sister and make my move. But I guess I was in a bad gear but I dropped my chain right before the climb. The other two took off and I jumped off my bike threw the chain back on looking back to make sure the field wasn’t going to catch me.
The still weren’t anywhere to be seen but still the feeling that at any second my podium spot coulda been taken away from me. So I sprinted up the last sister through the tree covered section just before the finish then a quick descent to the parking lot ended my race. A little upset but more excited that I suffered so hard up Bofax! Haha man what a day!

Thanks again for all the support