had the absolute privilege of commissioning my dear pal penni ( @pizzakladd ) this past month;; i asked for elle and astranova!! 🤖💖👽 this was such an enjoyable experience and id recommend it to everyone (currently, their commissions are closed but i believe they hav plans to reopen them in the fall?? august, maybe??) 

also click this for full size its soooo detailed

Disabled Women Artist Feature #5: Pernilla

Pernilla can be contacted through email at and found on tumblr @pizzakladd !

We asked Pernilla to describe themselves and their work, and Pernilla said…

I’ve always been drawing to push away loneliness and cope with feelings. that’s usual. I think a lot of artists will tell you that. it brings me joy, even when I’m not neccesarily sad, and I can’t imagine living without drawing.
That said I’ve never seen myself as someone who’s good at drawing. But why underplay something that’s so important to me? It’s rough being modest in a scene that demands you are not.
I’ve always been doubtful towards male artists because of that I think. Ever since I was 10 and started looking at artists online. They get to be ambitous and appriciated without feeling guilty. I don’t.
But I’ll never stop drawing. 

When asked for what they would tell other disabled women artists, Pernilla said…

I love embracing the imperfections in my art. I’m many times tired and shaky and if I dont focus my lines gets shaky as well, and I’ve grown to appriciate that.
Shaky lines give my art life in a way that neat lines cannot. Your creative process and achivements doesn’t have to look similare to others to be good.
I would also like to remind every fellow artist to take it easy. Exectutive dysfunction + similare roadblocks can be assholes and it can really stress you out when you’re not able to draw constantly like every other successful artist seems to be able to do. It’s okay. Keep fighting to get that routine going. Keep fighting to finish your projects. But don’t crush yourself in the process.

They concluded…

“Thank you so very much to Teal Sheep Creators for featuring me and so many other lovely artists who fight!”

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