Little Brainby’s Pizza Babe!

Been meaning to share this with everyone for a WHILE now; very happy to be at this particular moment in time/for the reason I will give in a moment :)

This is the full-color version of a piece my friend (Pizza Brain founder/co-owner) Brian commissioned me to do when Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream first announced to the Philly food blog world that they were going to be sharing a space together up here in Fishtown (the original b & w cut - and accompanying article - found here).

Today, I will be selling an 11x17 print of these 2 pages together, doodling a bit, chatting up whoever wants me to, and helping my pals at Little Baby’s sling some scoops at the second annual Locust Moon Comics Festival in West Philly; come on out and see me/us?

Regardless, hope you’re having a great day and to catch you later; thanks for checking this out!

Next Monday, Wayne Coyne is swinging by to sign copies of his band’s first EP, The Flaming Lips EP (1984)! 

This limited edition 12" colored vinyl is housed in a custom made chocolate skull which also contains a coin that will get you into ANY Flaming Lips headlining show. We’ll have these for sale along with plenty of other records for your listening pleasure.
Also, our friends Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Pizza Brain, and Narragansett Beer will be joining the fun! Buy records, eat pizza and ice cream, drink beer, and hang out with Wayne Coyne while DJ Studentdriver // DJ Librarian // DJ Mary Lattimore spin tunes- Woohoo! Party starts at 5. Freeeeee admission. 27 N. 2nd St

More ‘First 100 Surprise Art Boxes’!

The usual preface:

I work with/for my friends at the wonderful Pizza Brain - pizza culture museum and restaurant - here in Philadelphia (very infrequently, lately, but I still consider myself part of the crew and do art for us…)

Not too long after we opened, I decided to start drawing stuff in the occasional pizza box so that a random customer might receive an extra treat with their pie or slice/s. More friend-ployees eventually joined me - and share images of our contributions on the just-linked-to (and other) social networking site/s - but these posts are a Tumblr catalogue of mine in particular. I planned to post pics of the first 100 boxes I’d done by Pizza Brain’s one-year anniversary - Sept. 7th, 2013 - but only got to the first 25 (I did make all 100, though) by then. I will continue to (semi-frequently) make new boxes and (eventually) share every last one of them, so I hope you’ll keep an eye on this space and do enjoy!

Surprise art boxes 31-34
Nov. 9-11, 2012

The first one here was (perhaps obviously to some) I think influenced by 'Calvin & Hobbes’, a bit (see these if you don’t know what I’m referencing*), and it was another of the very few boxes I did where I sketched it out a bit first instead of just going straight marker-to-cardboard (I think I used a ball-point pen, there, though, so I wasn’t able to actually erase it when I was done). I included a shot of the 'pencils’ 'cause I like 'em and a close-up shot for the same reason…and because most of this batch’s full box pictures are a touch out of focus :/

The last two of this group I also did some pencil work on first, but I’m fairly certain I erased it before releasing them out into the hungry world ;)

I’ve always loved drawing Wolverine, and doing so with him using one of his signature catch phrases (well, just a catch word, I suppose) while skewering a slice - and in his classic brown & yellow (and MUCH preferred by me to his tiger-striped, yellow & blue) uniform - was great :)

Box number 34 was a variation of my 'Peppy’ mascot that I’d toyed with when I originally designed him (with some added faux Latin for fun) and - again - some extra pics for greater detail/clarity (not sure why I couldn’t take a non-blurry photo of each whole piece those days…)

Anyway, thanks for checking out my stuff (heh?), and I hope you have yourself a GREAT day.


(Only 66 more boxes left to reveal! ;)
All other surprise art box posts here.)

Got to indulge in the most INSANE slice I’ve ever eaten in my life today🍕 @mypizzabrain 🍕 … all while watching @reallybjdwyer and @dr_wormhole baby birding the steak, guac, potato, pepper and cheese masterpiece to each other! This place is filled to the brim with awesome pizza and people, Hell yah!!!! #pizzabrain #pizza #burritozah #phillyrocks #fishtown #turnupthegood (at Pizza_Brain)

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