So we will always give you free water. No questions asked. But there a few things about what we can and cannot do for you regarding giving out cups of water (I know, just bear with me). We barista peoples have a beverage routine that we use to make all of our drinks. It’s called the repeatable routine, and it helps us get multiple drinks done fast, and in the order that they were purchased in. When customers come up to the bar area and ask the barista for a cup of water, we aren’t actually supposed to just stop what we are doing and give it to you. The reason is because we would be interrupting making a drink for a customer that stood in line, waited, and paid for in order to get you a cup of water. Water is still a drink, and even though it is free, you should still stand in line to order it. Also, we take inventory by ringing up cups of water, and every cup is about ten cents. Helps us keep track. Don’t be offended though if we cant get you water right away! We will try our best :)
—  pizzabarista, Asking for Cups of Water [X]