Asheville 2.0 FTW

After returning from my overnight vacation to ride the Great Smoky Mtn Railroad, my fellow resident friends seemed quite taken with the idea of going to Asheville. We reserved a cabin about a half a mile away from the BnB I stayed at a few weeks ago and rented it the 7 of us. When we made it up on Friday after work, we were so impressed with our digs: two floors with private bedrooms for everyone (except Cara) and a beautiful full kitchen with a gas stove. 

Steven and Emma brought cheese and crackers and beer and we crowded around the table for some Catch Phrase before crashing for the night.

Saturday being our real only full day in Asheville, we did it up right by sleeping in and not putting on real clothes until almost lunchtime. It was fun to just lounge around the cabin and make a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and cinnamon muffins. We finally got our act together around noon and began our brewery self-tour starting with Wicked Weed.

I was able to get everyone to wear a Santa hat for the three seconds it took to snap this gem:

In our travels, we also visited the Funkatorium and Hi-Wire, after which point the conversation turned to deep topics like the finer points of chicken nugs and the distinction from chicken fingers (fangers). I was also teased mercilessly for how I pronounce the word ketchup, which apparently doesn’t actually sound like “Catch up.” I also came within a hair’s breadth of going home with a tiny chocolate colored kitten with green eyes named Theo at the strong peer pressure of my cohort. Not sure how I got out of that one. They almost had me when they said they had never seen one that color before. How can I reject the rare chocolate kitten?

At some point we gathered ourselves back up and made it safely back to the cabin for a rowdy game of beer pong and spoons. Then of course we got starving at midnight and had to order pizza delivery. We weren’t even sure what was coming after the order was all said and done.

On Sunday after check out we parted ways and I spent the day just with Jonathan strolling around downtown. The sun was out, the air was cool and there was no more chocolate kitten to distract us from all the fun little shops in downtown. And the actual chocolate. We had liquid truffles from French Broad three days in a row, let me tell you!

We even got to watch the glassmakers create an entire set of whiskey glasses.

I’m going to be honest here on the internet. It has been a melancholy week. I keep reflecting on the changes my life has undergone in the last 6 months and how the important events and traditions from before are no longer a part of my life. I’m about to have Firsts here, instead of 6ths in Arizona. I feel so fortunate to have this new life and these new people to have wonderful Firsts with, even though part of me is still mourning what I left behind. 

This was the First Road Trip.