Pre-Kerberos! Matt HC

[Pre-Kerberos! Matt]

★ Matt is the whitest of the whites, he eats one hot chip and it’s game over.

★ He’s allergic to pickles

★ He got Katie into aliens and cryptids

  • He doesn’t regret it                                                                             

★ Him and Shiro were friends, even before the Garrison.

★ He’s a little shit, the Garrison teachers expected him to be the perfect student since he was Sam and Colleen’s son.

  • They were wrong, he started a black market and wasn’t found out until it was too late. He made more than $500 bucks cash.

★ Whenever he was called into the office to talk about his future he just answered with “Kick ass, go to space, represent the human race.”

The cost of losing a bet with him was high

  • Once a kid had to go up to Iverson and ask if he was a furry and if his boyfriend was bigfoot.
  • They were required to help Iverson for the rest of the year during their free hour.

★ Anytime anyone asked if him and Shiro were dating, he did finger guns and awkwardly backed away.

★ Has been the cause of the science lab blowing up at least 5 times.

  • Shiro was apart of three of them.

★ Puns were his shit no one could escape

  • Shiro does this make us…..Kerbros?”
  • “If it weren’t for the laws of this land, I would’ve slaughtered you, Matt.”

★ Would fight you if you said Pluto wasn’t a planet

★ Is the most oblivious of people, two kids had a crush on him at the same time and he never noticed

  • But he can somehow notice when people have crushes on each other??

★ He met Neil Degrasse Tyson once and cried

★ Katie and him show their love by roasting each other on the daily

★ “I know you love those peas, Dad.” was only the tip of the Yikesburg™ .

★ He dyed Shiro’s hair once

  • It went as well as expected
  • It was neon blue

★ He smuggled Pidge into the Garrison once with the help of Shiro

  • Keith found them dragging her through the window
  • He just stared silently and walked away

★ He can do a perfect Yoda impression

  • Katie sadly found out when she on the verge of sleep at 3am

★ Subs always liked him for some reason, no one really knew how or why though.

★ He could name all 206 bones in the human body, and he taught Keith how to break every one of them

★ Katie popped out the lens in his back-up prescription glasses

  • He cried

★ He can quote back to the future word for word

★ “What are you gonna do punch me???”

  • The kid decked him
  • He broke their leg

★ He threatened to sell Katie to the Garrison for a pizza

  • A guy’s gotta do what they gotta do to get some decent food

★ “How’d you do in your flight test, Matt?” “Oh, I nearly killed Shiro. it’s chill though.”

★ He cries whenever he sees dogs since the Garrison is in the middle of nowhere

  • He once cried for more dog deaths in three school days than his entire life

★ “Hey Matt, high-five the stars for me okay?” “Of course, Katie.”

  • She hasn’t found out if he did or not.

★ It was his idea to name their dog Gunther

  • “What the fuck, Matt” “It haS CHARACTER KATIE”

★ Him and his mom are kickass together.

  • Everyone is low-key terrified of them

★ He crashed his bike into a tree once

  • “Lol you guys will never guess what happened”
  • “What”
  • “My bone is no longer in my leg”

★ “Do you think Iverson and—” “I’m gonna stop you right there.”

★ He hacked the speakers in the Garrison to play Bill Nye the Science Guy when someone said he wasn’t a real scientist

★ Believes in the multiverse theory and soulmates

  • Maybe in some other universe him and Shiro are happy

★ He’s pan and poly, fight me   

  • Katie got him a shirt that read “Pans for Bigfoot”    
  • He wore it everywhere

★ He finished the office in a week and stares at a security camera whenever something stupid happens

★ Someone confessed to him once and he panicked and said “Thank you”

★ Matt is actually a super good crossdresser???

  • Shiro and Keith are surprised???
  • Katie had to get it from somewhere y’all

★ Lowkey likes to make fun of Keith for being Texan

  • “Y’all’d’ve done good if y’all had listened to me.”
  •  “I hate living because of you, Matt.”

★ Bill Nye the Science Guy is his dad and you can’t tell him otherwise.

  • He’ll fight you if you say he isn’t a real Scientist


★ Him and Katie learned Latin for kicks

★ Speaks fluent meme

★ **Drops one piece of candy on his room floor** “,,,,,,,,” **Kneels down to look for it**

★ 10/10 doesn’t know how to handle any crushes he has

  • He realized he had a crush on Shiro with the “help” of Katie and Keith
  • He tried to eat an entire jar of pickles afterwards

★ “Matt, you have a crush on my brother, admit it” “New glasses, who dis?”

★ “Shiro, when I was your age,,,,,,” “One day, you’re just not going to wake up.”

★ He somehow convinced Shiro to dress up as Watson while he was Sherlock

★ Hamilton’s number 1 fan

★ He spits out facts at random

  • “Y’know Alexander Hamilton spelt Philadelphia wrong in our Constitution?” 
  • Katie, who has been running on 3 hours of sleep: please shut tf up

★ “You’re a little shit Matt” “Atleast I don’t quote Fairy Tail any chance i get”

★ Katie, grabbing his backpack full of assignments from the Garrison: Y E E T

★ He hates coffee but will drink 5 cans of soda in an hour


  • Sam Holt voice: Please,,,,just go to sleep”

★ He’s a Gryffindor

★ Someone bet him that he couldn’t eat 2 of the new Grand Macs

  • He ate 4, Katie ate 5
  • Everyone was impressed and low-key terrified

★ Shiro: bro take off your glasses
★ Matt: bro everything’s a blur
★ Shiro: that’s my life without you
 Matt, tearfully: Bro… 

Iverson: any questions?
Matt: Yeah, first of all, how dare you?

★ “Would you slap Katie for $2,000?” “I’d break both of Katie’s arms and my own leg for a small fry from McDonald's”

★ Shiro gave him one of his sweaters when it was cold out once

  • Shiro hasn’t seen it since

★ He had an emo phase that lasted 2 months before he got tired of the eyeliner

  • Katie likes to bring it up at the worst times

He’s covered in bandaids 90% of the time

  • Most times it’s because he and Katie were fucking around while building smth

★ “The amount of uses for a dead horse is infinite” “Matt, honestly, just go to church”

★ His mind is just a constant loop of that scene in VeggieTales where the realized they didn’t have hands and just sadly looked at each other


★ Mashed potatoes can and should fuck him up

★ Learned to play the kazoo for meme opportunity

★ Once burnt off one of his eyebrows from boiling water

★ Him and Katie do the handshake thing from Zack and Cody

★ Whenever someone asks to see a picture of Katie, he just pulls out a picture of Pidgey from Pokémon

  • Matt: Isn’t she pretty?

★ He beat every island in poptropica

★ He can make really nice flower crowns nobody has questioned it

★ He talks with his hands a lot

  • He’s hit Keith in the face more than once because of it

★ You know when it snowed in Egypt for the first time in years and that guy had that giant ass snowball and was gonna fucking dunk it on his friend?

  • That’s Matt

★ He can dance?? Where did he learn it? Nobody knows

★ “Keith I came as soon as i heard! I can’t believe it I knew you two were close”
★“Wtf are you talking about?”
★“Punk is dead, Keith”

★ When the rumour that MCR was coming back you bet your ass Matt was ready to blast every song whenever he saw Keith

★ “I’m Matt, the radar technician”

★ He recreated BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and cried

★ “Bitch, I am a gift of God, square up”

  • Get it? Because Matthew means gift of God??

★ He can solve a rubix cube behind his back in under 35 seconds

★ If he laughs hard enough he’ll start snorting

  • 50% of the time he won’t notice because he’s too busy laughing
  • The other 50% he’ll stop and frown in disgust at his own snort

★ He found out Shiro poured his milk in before the cereal and kicked him out their dorm

Matt: Hey, Shiro, want to stay for dinner?
Colleen: Do you want to stay forever?

★ Iverson lowkey reminds him of Snape, so by default he just doesn’t like him

★ “Work, work!” “Matthew!”
    “Work, work!” “Katherine!”
    “,,,,,and Keith”
    “The conspiracy theorists!”

★ Unlike his sister, he likes to garden and starts one in their backyard with their mom

★ Matt would totally force Shiro to cosplay Team Rocket for Halloween with Pidge being Meowth and Keith being an edgier version of Ash Ketchum

  • Shiro as Jessie and Matt as James of course

★ He owns every pokemon game in existence

  • Pokemon Snap was his shit when he was like 7
  • He 360 noscoped the Pokemon with apples

★ Has read all of the Harry Potter books three times

★ He tried to teach Shiro how to dance

  • They never finished though because neither of them could take the sexual tension

★ He was more into the galaxies and multiple universes part of space, while Katie was excited for the tech advances 

  • They were both 100% ready for aliens though

★ Shiro told him he couldn’t create the Marauders Map, so he did out of spite

★ Talked in nothing but Shakespeare for a day to piss off Katie

★ He loved ducktales

  • Too bad he can’t see the reboot

★ Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses was his shit

★ When Katie was born, he brought a potato with him when he went to the hospital to compare the two

★ He always wore sweaters that didn’t quite fit him, so he could have Sweater Paws

★ There was a supposed ‘haunted’ house on his street, so him Katie and the Broganes all snuck out to investigate

  • A window broke while they were in there
  • Keith shapeshifted into Sonic and bolted, Katie started hysterically crying and laughing at the same time as she ran, and Matt jumped into Shiro’s arm and Shiro fuckin’ booked it
  • They all agreed not to talk about it

★ Once in gym, a ball was about to hit someone in the face but instead of yelling “duck!” he yelled “dICK”

  • To this day no one has let him live it down

★ Uses an absurd amount of emoticons when texting

★ 10/10 would meme again

★ Used the word “Yo” too many times to count

★ Tried to bury Katie underneath a bunch of snow when she was 10

★ He can’t swim

★ He’s cried during nearly every Disney and Pixar movie

[Read Part Two// Post-Kerberos! Matt HC here!]

anonymous asked:

HIHIHIHI I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THE NEIGHBOR!WONHO AU can u plsplspls write one for changkyun when u have some free time?? i love you thank you!! 💝💝💝

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), kihyun (here) & shownu (here)

  • has,,,,,,,,,,a lot of weird stuff in his apartment
  • like there isn’t a coherent thing going on,,,,,,movie posters,,,,,anime posters,,,,,,random photos of him and his friends,,,,,a dart board???? a do-it-yourself science kit??? random candles everywhere???,,,,,,are those his headphones,,,,,,ontop of a teddy bear,,,,,ontop of the tv,,,,,,, that’s not on a stand but balancing on a pile of old phonebooks,,,,,what
  • but like???? aside from the fact that his place looks like the inside of a thrift shop it’s not like ???? weird it fits changkyun’s personality 
  • he always has cool stories behind everything he owns and he’s like “oh yeah i got that stuffed bunny foot from my dad when he was abroad in-” 
  • he’s a very,,,,interesting person
  • plays music and dances with his whole body to it and the neighbors can see through the window and they’re just like,,,,,that one is so full of energy,,,,,,
  • probably hangs upside down off his couch when playing games and eating chips which never ends up good,,,,,,,shownu has told him three hundred times eating upside down is : a bad idea
  • owns a neon orange track suit he wears at home, slides on his floors in his socks, barely cooks his ramen through who knows how he’s lived this long
  • and you know changkyun because,,,,,,you’re both part of a weekly board game club that meets at his place
  • you guys started off playing monoply but it changes every week ,,,,, and it’s not even like a club you’re all just neighbors who like playing games so why not
  • and by you all,,,,it’s you, changkyun, minhyuk, and kihyun
  • and you meet on thursday nights and as you’re waiting with changkyun for the other two changkyun gets a text about minhyuk needing to take kihyun to the ER because of a nose bleed
  • and ur like holy hell??? should we go with him????
  • and changkyun is about to ask when minhyuk sends a texts that’s like “kihyun said don’t come because he’s embarrassed”
  • and you and changkyun are like that’s a bit Dramatic but ok and you’re like “well we can’t play operation with just two people that’d be boring” and changkyun is like true,,,,,,,,,,but i even ordered pizza already ,,,,
  • and you’re like “alright let’s pick something else,,, something for two people,,,,?” and changkyun’s like what about would you rather and you’re like deal 
  • and it’s the usual you know,,,,would you rather eat disgusting thing a or disgusting thing b,,,,,,,would you rather tell kihyun he can’t sing or minhyuk he can’t dance,,,,,,,,,,would you rather get to see ur favorite idol and spend the whole day with them but then never see them again or never get to be alone with your idol but still get to see them
  • you know,,,,,the basics of stuff like that
  • and when the pizza comes you go to open the door but you’re like right changkyun !!!!! do you have the money????
  • and you’re like “one sec!!” and the delivery guy is like “your boyfriend’s paying for tonights pizza date i see?” and you’re like doing a double take because woah what
  • and changkyun comes over, in his freaking neon orange tracksuit, and is like “here you go!” and the delivery guy is like “you two make a cute couple”
  • and you look up at changkyun who looks down at you
  • and the dude hands back your change is like “have a good date!”
  • and is off and you’re standing there about to drop this damn pizza box
  • and changkyun is like uh,,,,,oh,,,,,,i,,,,,,,uh,,,,,,
  • and you guys ends up sitting on his living room, the box separating you two 
  • and it’s just,,,,,,,,,,,Quiet,,,,,,,
  • but in your head it’s 4435234 thoughts racing because ok what do you like changkyun? he’s cool and funny? you both joke around with each other and are sarcastic? he looks pretty freaking adorable even in crazy, bright orange 
  • and changkyun’s thinking the same thing like does he like you? you’re so cute when you laugh? did he just notice that or has he been thinking that for a long time?
  • and finally you swallow and you’re like “changkyun,,,,,would you rather-”
  • and he looks up and you’re like putting a hand on the pizza box and you’re like “would you rather eat this pizza and i get out of here before this gets awkward or ,,,,,,,,,,,, would you rather,,,,,,,,,kiss me?”
  • and he’s like wide eyes, open mouth staring at you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just pick one alreaDY
  • and he moves the box out of the way, and literally takes you up on the latter with a kiss that seems way  W AAAAA Y overdue
  • and it’s,,,,,somehow,,,,,,,,,,,right like it should be odd, but it’s not,,,,,
  • and you’re kissing him back and it’s,,,nice you  know
  • until he pulls back and is like “this is great, but the pizza is going to get cold-”
  • and you’re like hitting his arm like WOW i love your priorities,,,but also he’s right let’s eat the pizza
  • a couple of days later, as you and changkyun get settled into well,,,,,dating
  • you see a photo minhyuk posted on thursday night on insta and???? he’s not at the ER what the hell???? him and kihyun went to the pc bang???????????
  • minhyuk: yeah, we thought leaving you and changkyun alone would do good. and it did. high five me kihyun
15 Days of Writing (New and different AUs)
  1. A is a cam-performer and B stumbles upon their show and is dumbstuck
  2. A has a mobile pet salon and B found a filthy stray in need of a bath ASAP
  3. A recently moved in downstairs and B is a very loud upstairs neighbor and steals WiFi
  4. A is a cop and B is a sexworker who A is in denial about loving even as they let B off with warnings all the time
  5. A is a pet walker and B is a recovering pet thief who doesn’t know if it’s the pets or pet walker they’re after now
  6. A found a wounded rare bird and B is the park ranger who responds to their call for help
  7. A works at a childrens hospital and B is a single parent who’s kid is having major surgery 
  8. A’s shoe laces got caught in the escalator and B is the technician who’s trying to fix the situation
  9. A is a pizza delivery driver and B jumps into their car to try stealing the pizza
  10. A is a former drug dealer and B is a recovering addict and they both try to keep the other from knowing about their pasts
  11. A works at a photo scene in the mall and goes in costume into the 24 hour store B works at
  12. A’s been arrested and is waiting handcuffed to a bench in the police station, B is there to deliver donuts and can’t help giving A one
  13. A is an activist for animal rights and B works at an aquarium that rehabilitates marine life to free into the wild but A didn’t get the memo
  14. A is a yard duty for a preschool and B is a new substitute teacher who got turned around in the halls 
  15. A’s pet recently died and B owns a headstone shop and thinks the grave marker is for a person not a pet

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Basically, stuff is going to start happening on this tumblr and I hope you guys all enjoy it. Again, thank you guys heaps! And feel free to say hi or ask any questions.

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Skype-keskustelut #194
  • Kaveri 1: Yhden iPhone X hinnalla saisi noin 23 Nokia 3310 puhelinta.
  • Kaveri 2: Mitä?
  • Minä: Miksi sinä tuollaisia lasket?
  • Kaveri 1: Yritän vaan laskea mitä iPhone X hinnalla saa. Näyttää niiden typeryyttä jotka sen ostaa upouutena.
  • Minä: Jos joku haluaa tuhlata rahojaan siihen, menköön vaan!
  • Kaveri 2: Monta pizzaa sillä hinnalla saa?
  • Kaveri 1: Laskin sen jo. Noin 78. Ja Hesen kerrosaterioita saa noin 150.
  • Minä: Hyvä jumala.
Strike out the movies you've seen (99 total)

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Apocalypse Now
Back to the Future
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
The Breakfast Club
Brokeback Mountain
Bringing Up Baby
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 
Casino Royale
Chariots of Fire
Coal Miner’s Daughter
The Color Purple
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Dirty Harry
Driving Miss Daisy
East of Eden
Edward Scissorhands
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
The Exorcist
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
A Few Good Men
Forest Gump
Fried Green Tomatoes
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
The Godfather
Gone With the Wind
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 
Gosford Park 
Groundhog Day 
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 
The Help
Inglourious Basterds
The Insider
It’s a Wonderful Life 
Johnny English
The King and I 
Kramer vs. Kramer

Léon: The Professional

Mary Poppins 
Mildred Pierce
Miracle on 34th Street 
Moulin Rouge 
Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Mystic Pizza
A Night to Remember 
No Country for Old Men
Ocean’s Eleven
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 
The Pianist 
Pretty in Pink
Pretty Woman
Pride and Prejudice 
The Princess Bride
Pulp Fiction 
Quantum of Solace
Raiders of the Lost Ark 
Rain Man 
Rebel Without a Cause 
Reservoir Dogs 
Rosemary’s Baby 
The Sasquatch Gang
Saturday Night Fever 
Saving Private Ryan 
Schindler’s List 
Shakespeare in Love 
The Shawshank Redemption
The Shining 
The Silence of the Lambs 
Singin’ in the Rain 
Sophie’s Choice
The Sound of Music 
Star Wars 
Steel Magnolias
A Streetcar Named Desire 
To Kill a Mockingbird 
The Tourist
Total Recall 
The Usual Suspects 
The Village
Walk the Line
The Wizard of Oz 
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

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My favourite scene in the whole game 

GOT7 reaction to you sexting them but then finding you lazing about

chocolate-fortune-cookie said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Reaction of the boys to their girl sexting them only to when they get home really excited, she’s just eating pizza on the couch xD

Ahahah anise twist to the request ^_^
i hope you like it :)
Can anyone spot something special in a gif…
~ahgase Omma


Receiving the text
Smug little…. he’s all hyped up to get home

Getting home
The world biggest sigh, he instantly starts to plan revenge.


Receiving the text
All smiles! he can help it.

Getting home
Sulking, he doesn’t make eye contact, he’s not quite mad, but need a little quite time


Receiving the text
Over energised by the text, he screams the place down

Getting home
‘ok fine be like that…’ he starts a game of ‘who can last the longest’ 


Receiving the text
Actor Park mode on, he tries not to give too much away. but he still can’t fight that smile

Getting home
Disappointed in himself for expecting too much,


Receiving the text
out of his mind happy, but tries to pull it off as general hyperness

Getting home
‘…. i guess ill just join you on the couch… can i have a slice of pizzaa’


Receiving the text
We all know that sexualised smug bambam

Getting home
Slightly peeved, how could you take away his happiness 


Receiving the text
Literally running back home

Getting home
Comes in screaming and then tries to quickly justify why without making it seem likes he’s horny. “i didnt rush just for that, i swear!!!”

Gifs are not my own