Are you a kid who is cool??? Do you like Steven Universe??? Are memes your greatest passion?????????

Then do I have a network for you B)

Coolkids Network 

 What’s it all about

We want to gather a fun group of people to basically make a rad tumblr squad and a sweet group chat

What do I gain

  • Followers
  • Friends
  • A cool kik group chat
  • Fun skype calls 
  • People you can gush to about Steven universe 
  • and much much more

Ok ok so how can I join

All entry’s have to be done by August 5th Network will be chosen on August 6th 

we’ll message you if you get in

If this post only gets 30 notes we’ll pretend this never happened

Introducing the Pizza Pals Network!

A network made for those who love pizza and friends. :)

Typical perks:

  • make more mutuals/friends

  • selfie/original post reblogs

  • promos

  • help w/ anything like themes or advice or anything

  • we can have group chats/tinychats/etc

  • a spot in our page


  • if accepted must have link/badge somewhere on your blog

  • be willing to follow people/reblog from the tag

  • track the tag 

  • be active and participate in chats

  • humor blogs are preferred but this is open to all types 

How to apply:

We haven’t decided how many people to add yet but it will be dependent on the amount of people who actually apply. We will be accepting applications until the end of April (or sooner if enough people join pretty early). Good luck guys. :)

We’re doing a tumblr awards! Yay. The number of winners will be decided after the deadline, depending on how many notes this gets.


- mbf me, Savannahand Cathy

- must reblog this post (likes don’t count but you can like this post for reference)

- ends March 24th

- humor blogs have the best chance but we will consider other types of blogs too

- if this doesn’t get enough notes just pretend it never happened 


- best url

- best theme

- best art

- most creative selfies 

- best original posts

- cutest girls

- cutest boys

- best “other” blog (not humor)

- best overall


- a follow from us (if we have not already)

- reblogs on any posts/selfies you want

- our friendship

- a link on our blogs for the rest of the month (and maybe longer if we forget to take it down)

Thank you to Hailey for putting together our banner!

Good luck to everyone!

(VERY sorry about the shitty banner i was in a rush)

so im close to my end of year goal, so may i present to u the pizza n nuggets net!

how to enter:

  • must be following me
  • fill out this survey
  • reblog this post (likes dont count v sorry)
  • must love pizza and chicken nuggets with ur mind body and soul

what happens if ur accepted:

  • i will send u a message asking for ur email to connect u to the network
  • u will get cool mutuals
  • selfie/post reblogs from the previously mentioned mutuals and myself
  • u get friendship
  • U GET PIZZA AND NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

once accepted:

  • track the tag ’pizzaandnugnet
  • follow all the members of the pizza n nugget net!
  • introduce urself in the tag
  • have a jolly good time!


U HAVE UNTIL JUNE 30TH TO ENTER! i will pick the first few blogs at around 40 notes and will be picking about 15-25 blogs in total! thanks for applying!

Say “I Do” To Summer Metallics

Stand Out This Wedding Season

This past Saturday officially kicked off the summer so that means wedding season is in full swing. If you’re like me, a post college 20-something year old, you’re most likely watching literally all your college and high school friends get married while you’re still dating your pizza and Net-Flix account. When it comes time to attending said college/high school friends’ weddings, dressing to impress is a big task. You’ll be reuniting with old friends and of course you want to look your best. This season, stand out in metallics. Start with a classic navy suit and mix in some ~*~shimmer~*~. I’ve rounded up out some of my top metallic picks from Zappos to add some shine to your wedding look. From ties to cufflinks, shoes to shades, there’s a lot of ways to incorporate this trend for wedding season. The couple might be the center of attention but you’ll be the best dressed guest! Get inspired by the list below and shop Zappos to get you ready for this wedding season.

FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAMDisclosure: This post was written as part of my collaboration with Zappos.