Temporary tattoos are now available in my store

Choose from 4 sets - Traditional, Aliens, Zines and Self Care

These tattoos are not like the ones back in the day which would slowly disintegrate and rub off in lots of tiny bits, they are one solid piece and will peel off in one go. They are almost like having a very sticky piece of cling film stuck to you! But the best thing is - once you have finished wearing it, it will stick onto nearly any hard surface so you can keep them forever!

Traditional - Rose, 2 x Swallows, Anchor, Dagger, & Flowers
Aliens - 2 x UFOs, Abduction Scene, Weed Leaf, Planet, Smiley Face, Alien Head, & Pizza Slice
Self Care - Dear Diary, 2 x Gems, Cupcake, Pizza Slice, Teapot & Cup, I Love Me & Venus Symbol
Zines - Typewriter, Stapler, Pencil, ‘Zines’ Dagger & Rose, I Love Zines, & Read More Zines

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