explanation of jonghyun’s “never. the. less” tattoo: [a quick note that this is something that he said in the past, re: the saying, not something that he’s said since he got the tattoo.]

jonghyun: “nevertheless” - this is something that i say in real life, you know? it’s a saying my friend group, including myself, uses a lot. it shows you’re acknowledging that the situation isn’t good. i think i say: “nevertheless, i have to do [x]” in order to turn it into a positive situation. (source: sullaem)

Red Spider Nebula
“This warm planetary nebula harbors one of the hottest stars known and its powerful stellar winds generate waves 100 billion kilometers (62.4 billion miles) high. The waves are caused by supersonic shocks, formed when the local gas is compressed and heated in front of the rapidly expanding lobes. The atoms caught in the shock emit the spectacular radiation seen in this image.”