By night, they play gigs. By day, they sample ramen in cities across America.

They’re the three women of Shonen Knife, a legendary rock band from Japan. For over 35 years, the band has been serving up infectious punk songs with a delicious twist: Many of them are about food. Think song titles like “Wasabi,” “Hot Chocolate” and “Sushi Bar.” But don’t dismiss them as bubblegum pop: Over the years, some of their biggest fans have included giants of alt-rock music.

This spring, Shonen Knife embarked on its latest adventure – a ramen rock tour of the U.S.

Why ramen? Well, ramen is really like Japanese soul food, says Daisuke Utagawa, a ramen restaurateur in Washington, D.C., and unofficial ambassador of Japanese food culture. “It’s probably as important as your pizza here.”

Ramen Rock: These Japanese Punk Legends Sing About Food

Photos: Ariel Zambelich/NPR

My school has gained a bit of infamy in the teen productions at the local theater, because we’re bored teenagers hanging out backstage and have nothing better to do than compare the high schools we go to. Some notable things that have happened include:
-That one study hall supervisor who was fired and arrested after sleeping with a student, then made his sentence worse by contacting her after his trial or something like that
-The honors biology teacher who has, among other things:
  -Made us dissect squids without gloves
  -Wouldn’t stop lecturing about the symbolism in some staircase in Gattaca, because it looked like a double helix. My class was spared from this lecture because someone almost passed out in the hallway from dehydration
  -Once started class with “so I got stung by like 40 bees over the weekend” and then proceeded to tell in extreme detail the story of how he got stung by “like 40 bees.” The next day he brought a bee in a jar to class to show everyone the kind he was stung by
  -Lectured about how tough he was as an 8 year old because he got stung by a man o’ war jellyfish
  -Lectured about that time he “ran Costa Rica for 10 weeks”
  -Lectured about that time he did a presentation on snakes to a Korean cult
  -Basically he gets himself off topic really easily and I know how to kill a sea urchin because of him, but I can’t name all the differences between plant and animal cells
-There’s the Jesus Fountain, which is the best water fountain
-Someone’s senior project was to paint a rock
-The Pizza Incident, in which aforementioned bio teacher got pissed at a student for ordering a pizza to the school, so they ordered him one the next day 
-The ridiculous amount of pencils stuck into the ceiling
-The ceiling tiles that bulge out, leak, and collapse during the winter
-Drive Your Tractor To School Day (to clarify, I go to a public high school in north east Ohio)
-The ridiculous amount of bomb threats at the Middle School last year, which happened so often that they stopped evacuating the school to look for evidence of bombs
-The carbon monoxide leak earlier in the year that lead to “happy gas leak day”
-Our slightly ridiculous mascot, some German guy with a giant moustache standing on a mountain, holding a pick-axe, wearing short shorts
-The fire extinguisher incident, where one kid set off a fire extinguisher in the band hallway. He later on taped a picture of a fire extinguisher in the front of one of the bio books in honors bio room
-There were rumors that said kid also somehow climbed onto the school roof during homecoming, but nothing was confirmed. Knowing him though, I’d believe it. He climbed the goal post during band camp. 

My brother went to the same school and graduated way back. In his days the gym ceiling looked like someone had fixed it with paper and duct tape, a girl passed out in gym class after smuggling alcohol in her water bottle, and there was a bathroom that was closed every year after the first quarter because people kept smoking in it  

Dating Pre-Death Kyle Would Include...

request: could you do a dating pre-death Kyle would include?


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  • always being tackled in bear hugs
  • him randomly yelling “this is my girlfriend folks!” to which your face turns bright red
  • mario kart wars
  • food fights
  • taking walks around the city and trying every pizza place to find the “ULTIMATE PIZZA”
  • rocking out all the time
  • being best friends with all his frat bros
  • none of them EVER hitting on you
  • cuddles, cuddLES, CUDDLES
  • watching a lot of movies, especially disney since you discovered he had a sweet spot for them
  • him just walking into your dorm and at this point your roommate just groans and say “hey kyle”
  • tons of nose kisses
  • always holding hands or with his hands around your waist, just always touching
  • he’s a perfect gentleman, always holds doors and helps you get your coat on and pulls out chairs

(in conclusion i need a kyle, you need a kyle, we all need a kyle)

Pop punk problem #49

Getting into bands is like Alice following the rabbit into the hole and falling into a whole new universe. You’re in way over your head.

  • Adult Steven: I wanted to tell you one story, uh, this is the story of the best meal I’ve ever had in my life, ok? It happened when I was 14 years old in Beach City where I grew up. I went to a place called Fish Stew Pizza with my gay rock mom Pearl. We walk in to the diner one day and they had a jukebox there, ok? And the jukebox was three plays for a dollar. So we put in seven dollars and selected twenty one plays of 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)'. And then we ordered and waited. Here’s the thing about when 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)' plays over and over and over and over and over again; the second time it plays, your immediate thought is not “Hey someone’s playing 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)' again.” It’s “Hey, 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)' is a lot longer than I first thought.” The third time it plays you’re thinking “Maybe someone’s playing 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)' again.” The fourth time it plays, you’re either thinking “Whoa, someone just played 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)' four times.” Or at least “Someone played it twice and it’s a really long song.” So the fifth time is the kicker, alright? Now Pearl and I, we’re watching the entire diner at this point alright? Most people have gotten wind as to what’s going on and we’re staring at this one guy and he’s sitting in a booth with is stupid kids jumping around and he’s like, staring at his coffee cup like this *stares intensely and his hand starts shaking* - and he’s been onto us since the beginning - and he’s sitting there, and his hand is shaking and he had this look on his face like, oh like he had just gotten his thirty day chip from anger management and he’s staring like this *resumes intense staring* and the fourth song fades out, it’s dead quiet, then - I don’t know if you know this but the song begins very quietly; *singing* “I CAN'T HELP IT IF I MAKE A SCENE” And he goes “GODDAMMIT!!” and he pounds on the table, silverware flies everywhere, and it was fantastic. But a word about my gay rock mom Pearl and what a genius she is, because when we first walked into the diner, ok? And we first got there, and I’m punching in the 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)'s alright? I’d punched in like, seven at this point and Pearl says to me “Hey hey hey, before you punch in another 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)' let’s drop in one 'Everything Stays'” Oh yes, that is when the afternoon went from good to great. After seven 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)'s in a ro- it played seven times. Suddenly; *singing* “Lets go to the ga-” and the sigh of relief swept through the diner. People were so happy. It was like the liberation of The Crystal Gems. Y’know for years, scientists have wondered; can you make grown men and women weep tears of joy by playing 'Everything Stays'? and the answer is: Yes. You can. Provided that it is preceded by seven 'Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)'s. It’s true. And on the other hand, when we went back, holy shit. ‘Everything Stays’ fades out, it’s dead quiet… *singing* “I CAN'T HELP IT IF I MAKE A SCENE?” It went insane, people went outta their minds, no-one could handle it, no-one could handle it. And they were surrounded by this seemingly indifferent staff that was just like *starts sweeping* “Yep, same crap as always.” They unplugged the jukebox after eleven plays and that was the best meal I’ve ever had.
Celebrity Crush -- A Chris Evans Fanfic

Chapter One - Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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When Friday finally rolls around, you wake up with a smile on your face.

Tonight is your date with Chris.

You still can’t believe you’d managed to get this far, but you were determined to have a good time and try to make a real connection with him.

Sitting up in bed, you reach over to your nightstand to grab your cell phone. The screen lights up with various notifications, some texts, and one missed call. You swipe through all the new content before you land on a text from your publicist, which contains nothing but a link. You click it, raising your eyebrows in surprise when you see where it leads.

The headline is simple, “WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY?” but the photos just beneath it are of you and Chris, which makes your stomach knot up. You scroll down the page to the article.

Unless you live under a rock, you must be familiar with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a late-night staple among many people in the US. If you were watching last week, you might’ve caught an appearance by actress (Your Name) (Your Last Name) in which she admitted to having a crush on superhero actor and all-around dreamboat Chris Evans. Not only that, but Fallon then surprised (Your Last Name) by bringing Evans out from backstage, where he then proceeded to ask (Your Last Name) on a date. So, our question now is: will they or won’t they? Was it all for show? Will there actually be a date this Friday night? We don’t know the answers, but here’s one thing that’s a given: they’d make an awfully cute couple.

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Krispy Pizza - Hudson Street in Jersey City, NJ

I haven’t been to Jersey City in forever (mostly cuz it’s never been a very nice place) until last month when I went to see Elvis Depressedly in the fairly new, gentrified downtown area. I had enough time between bands to check out one pizzeria, and Krispy Pizza was one of the closest that was still open. For some reason, everything in Jersey City closes between 8 and 10 (on a Friday even!) so there weren’t many places to choose from.

I’m glad Krispy was one of the places still open though, because they had some coooooool looking slices, such as the vodka margherita I got. The crust was thin and crispy and the cheese and vodka sauce blended perfect both flavor and texture-wise. It was a little pricey considering the relatively normal size of the slice ($3.74) but I wasn’t really surprised because of how “modern” and “chic” the area is. Anyway I can’t say whether or not it’s the best in town since it’s the only place I’ve been, but I can say it’s a solid pizzeria to check out if you’re in town.

Five nights at Freddys:

Yes its a cool and creepy game (jump scares yuck)

Yes its inspired by Chucke cheese and Rock-afire explosion

No the robots at Chucke arnt going to get you (the Rock-afires are only own by people who bought the old robots long ago so they are rarely seen)

Please respect the Chucke and Rock-afire explosion cast theyre actually a really cool show with a lot of interesting history once you get over the “omg sing robots” fear.

This has been a message from a Chucke cheese worker.