I basically wanted to jump his bones throughout this movie, especially during this scene.

This has been an Ethan Embry appreciation post.

My lesbian ass: thinks about kissing girls, eating pizza together watching horror movies, being close to a girl and holding her hand. Just being a lesbian and in love with girls
Tumblr staff, kicking down my door: THATS 🚫NOT🚫 SAFE🚫 FOR🏢 WORK🏢 HOO BOY NOT👏 SAFE👏 FOR👏 WORK 👏 GET👣 OUTTA👣 HERE 


About to watch this movie. It looks amazing. I’ll tell you guys how it turns out :] 


Spider-Man + Dating

Prompt: Headcanon(s) for what it’s like to date Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man.

  • he’s a total dork and you love it
    • if you’re having trouble with homework, he’s eager to help you out
    • you met when he offered to tutor you in math
      • he tells really bad jokes, but you laugh anyway
    • he trusts you a lot, so when he told you that he was spider-man, he wasn’t worried at all about what you’d think about it
  • one perk about dating peter is that aunt may makes the best food and you always leave their house stuffed
    • peter is really protective of you, but he knows to give you space when it comes to certain things
      • if you’re walking home from school or work he’ll sometimes follow you to make sure you’re okay until you get home
    • you two don’t often go out because you prefer to be holed up in peter’s room with some pizza and a good movie
      • if you’re having a bad day, peter will lay in bed with you and cuddle with you
    • if you’re sick, he’ll take care of you, even if he ends up getting sick, too
      • photography is still one of his favorite hobbies, so he takes a lot of pictures of you, especially when you’re not looking (even though you hate it when he does that)
        • pictures of you and him are pinned up all over his bedroom walls

Steven Universe episode 1: A child with no combat experience and no control over his supernatural powers is forced into battle with an acid-spewing monster

Steven Universe episode 100: Steven makes pizza and watches movies with a new friend

Monsta x: movie night

Anon asked: can I have a monsta x and having a pizza and movie night with them:)? Thx

Here you go honey! Sorry there is no gifs :(

SHOWNU: when you and shownu were watching the movie he was hesitant to put his arm around you. He would stutter every time he asked you for something. Once you two started to cuddle you felt his arms shaking because he was nervous and he didn’t want to mess anything up.

“Uh are y-y- you hungry right now or do you w-w-want something to drink :)”

WONHO: as soon as the movie started wonho slowly moved closer to you. When you said that you were cold he would bring you a small blanket and ask if you could share some of it. Eventually you two started to cuddle and ended up falling asleep before the movie ended.

“Oh the blanket is too small, let me warm you with my body heat, come here babe”

KIHYUN: he would be romantic and flirty. When Kihyun thought it was too dark he brought out candles. He fed you pizza and made sure you were comfortable. He leaned his head against you shoulder half way through the movie as he held your hand and kept kissing you on the cheek to distract you from the movie.

“Babe!!! Look at me and notice me! Your so focused on that actor! I love you:) ”

HYUNGWON: hyungwon would get jealous when you would not stop talking about the actor. He would wrap you in layers of blankets so he know for sure that you were warm. He fed you pizza and asked if you wanted more because he wanted to make sure that you were well fed. During the whole movie he watched you instead of the movie and he constantly kissed you on the forehead as you played your head on his shoulder.

“Are you sure you don’t want another slice, you need to be well fed babe stop worrying about your weight”

MINHYUK: Minhyuk insisted that you two watch a horror movie so you can hold on to him. When it was 8 min in the movie minhyuk picked you up and ran out of the room carrying you because he was scared he had to turn around though to get the pizza.

“Ahhhhh!! Come on babe we need to go to our room, where we are safe. If we watch the movie we will get cursed! Uh oh I forgot the pizza!”

JOOHEON: while you two watched a horror movie he waited for you to grab on to his arm but you weren’t even scared. He was surprised that you were more interested than scared. He eventually broke and screamed really loud because there was a jump scare. He pulled you close as he held the pizza box tight. He covered your face with the pizza box and told you not to look because it was too scary.

(In his head) ‘how is she not scared’ “Ahhhhh babe don’t look the killer is uhhh…ewww…why is he it off!!”

CHANGKYUN: when changkyun started the movie he held you tight because it was a scary movie. On changkyuns way back from getting the pizza he started to put them on the coffee table put a jump scare came up and he got scared and threw pizza all over you two as he flung himself back he landed right on you. You two layed there in shock for a while but eventually busted out laughing.

“Yeah hahaha we got the pizzAAAAAAAHHHHH……*long pause*…UH sorry babe there was a jump scare and…”

Sorry there are no gifs I hope you still enjoyed it😊

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Do u ever think about Roadhog blowing raspberries on Junkrat's tummy? Junkrat's squealing and squirming and he laughs until he can't breathe (hog has no mercy for cuties). They have breakfast and there's enough to eat; they go to the park and jr chases seagulls while hog reads nearby. The cops don't bother them. They pick up a pizza and have movie night and paint their nails in the apartment they share. They're not on the run anymore, they have a home together, life is good, nothing hurts.

jesus christ this is so cute I’m screaming

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you wanna know something spooky? once my aunt was at a pizza place and there was this couple there, sitting next to each other in a booth, and they were super pale with dark eyes and a little creepy and bc my cousin was really into twilight at the time my aunt snuck a picture to send to her, bc they kind of looked like vampires, and when she looked at the picture, the guy was looking right at the camera, and girl wasnt in the picture