Fuck Off Wit Yo Bad Self
  • Fuck Off Wit Yo Bad Self
  • Pizza Hi-Five
  • Powercup / Pizza Hi-Five

Pizza Hi-Five - Fuck Off Wit Yo Bad Self

I’m seriously in love with this 10"

Spin it almost daily

Relentless grind that is fast and hilarious!

Can’t wait to see them at two piece fest

FFO: Dahmer, Six Brew Bantha, Agoraphobic Nosebleed


Pizza Hi Five - “Niteskool Kicked Dan Ryckman Out Of Archagathus”


Played a crazy fun and crazy crazy show in Binghamton tonight. Water Torture and Pizza Hi Five were on the bill too, and it was pure insanity. PHF were crushing, and full blown amazing. So glad I was finally able to see them after all these years. Water Torture are still the heaviest band. UGH so good!
Got the new WT shirt, a PHF shit, the “Mustache Mincers” 10" comp, and a ton of new WT releases.  


Pizza Hi Five- Killed By Work


Pizza Hi Five - “Split With Powercup” Full Side



Pizza Hi Five // Rolled to Perfection // Pizza Hi Five/ Hooker Spit Windex


Pizza Hi Five split w/Powercup