1 cup spelt flour
½ cup water
¼ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda

Mix all together until a firm dough is formed, roll out and top with desired toppings, then bake in oven on 180 degrees for 20 mins 👍👍👍

"Ma'am, let me insert the cheese code"

Buckle the HECK down, because my time in Tescos is one hell of an experience. I’m one of those people who stand by the little cheap 10p bags in the self-service aisle and have the fancy little headset and coat. I was never told of the horrors with the CHEESE BARCODE NOT SCANNING.

When this happened, I think it was my first three months working there, so I barely had any of the ‘non-scanning’ items memorized. I had not been prepared for THE CHEESE NOT SCANNING. I also remember the incident of the day so well. The lunch break I spent asking all the cashiers, “what’s the cheese code??”

Imagine it, 8AM. The schools haven’t started, so all kids are getting stuff for their lunch. Kitkats, cola, the odd cake for the odd birthday, socks.. But three kids in the space of half an hour were getting cheese. Not grated cheese in a bag and some bread, no. A block of cheese. The cheese in the broken cooler that we had to move twenty minutes earlier, so the bottom of it (where the barcode was), had been soaked, and stuck together slightly. So, I was very unaware of this. Why would I ever care about the cheese that never sells until 10AM? It had to be dry by then. Anyways, this kid comes in, cheese in hand, tomato in the other. The poor boy was probably cooking in school. Scans his tomatoes easily. Tries to scan the cheese. Cheese doesn’t scan. Alright yeah, whoops, scan it proper kid. Tries to scan the cheese again. Cheese doesn’t scan. And again. And again. I eventually see the kid looking at me with hope, so I go in and enter the cheese code from the bottom of the pack. I give the kid his cheese, and he’s on his way. No more than five minutes later, the odd Harry comes up with a pizza base and cheese, not to mention squeezy tomato. He scans his base and squeezy tomato easily, but not the cheese, oh no. That doesn’t scan. I just think they got one of the few ones we moved last, so they were messed about a bit. I enter the kids code, he’s on his way. Same with the other kid that came in. I just thought it was unlucky.

But no, Lord behold, the ‘let me speak to the manager cut’ woman comes in with a BASKET. Love, why must you do this. It’s 10AM, just order online. I had already entered 10 cheese codes that day, and I’m thinking maybe the cheese has to refrost or whatever; I don’t work in stocking. So, I put myself on standby for this woman, watch her scan the little milk cartons (semi-skimmed, good choice) and the rest of her good eating looking basket. Then the cheese comes up. Oh god. I walk over to her, say the cheese won’t scan for the others, so it’s easier for me to put in the code. But no, no, she can make it scan. “My boy works in retail you see, one of those fancy shops in the big places? Yeah, those. Real good, told me how to scan.” OK love, whatever you say. I go back to my corner and mess around with the bags. Two minutes later, the lady still can’t get her cheese to scan. I go back over to help, but no, no. She has this. I tactically retreat to my bag corner. Another two minutes, and I put away the 'something in the bagging area’ thing for her. I watch her good, healthy veg as she goes to get two different blocks of cheese. She comes back. Her cheese is not scanning, so I offer yet again to code her cheese.

“Ma'am, let me put in the code. It’ll count as being scanned then.” No. She will not yield to my cheese scanning. I ask her once more. She will regret not accepting my offer. I tell her OK, I retreat to my corner. I begin talking to the cashier. His name was Matt, got sacked for being a twit of a driver. Nice guy, bought me stickers once. No more than five minutes later, the woman’s red light on the scanner goes off. She had tried to enter the cheese code and failed. She had entered the tomato code. Feel my wrath, Helen. I go over, and I enter the cheese code. I am free from her, she has left. But, she had brought MORE cheese buyers. Five more people fell to my idiotic cheese entering, I did not know the cheese code. I entered what I had. My lunchbreak had finally come up, and the first thing I said when leaving was good luck to the security man. If an item doesn’t scan, it’s usually taken out and people claim that “It’s free.”

The cheese saga ends here, but to this day, I continue to watch people fail at scanning the legendary cheese. I am the cheese slayer, I get people their dairy goodness. I do not like any of it, but I enjoy watching kids do my job for me.

I am the Tesco cheese slayer. I know non of the cheese codes, but I will slay them anyways.

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agelast- your choice! (if you could tag me that would be nice thanks -w-)

Agelast - A person who never laughs.
Summary: Patton is a mess, but at least it means he can hear his sweetheart’s gorgeous laughter. Logicality

Patton had never seen Logan smile, let alone laugh. Sure, he’d smirked before, smug from getting something right, or his lips curled at the very corners, but he had never truly smiled. Nor had he ever laughed. Even when they started dating (which, admittedly, was only last week) Logan still hadn’t smiled. Not properly

Until now.

It was a bright, sweet sound, and Morality found himself falling in love once more with his sweetheart. Low and warm, something about it made Patton’s heart flutter in his chest. He didn’t even mind that it was mostly himself that Logan was laughing at. Instead he moved away from the pizza base he had been preparing, and, still absolutely covered in flour, hugged the logical trait.

“How dare you.” Logan pretty much whined when Patton pulled away, but the pretty pout on his lips didn’t seem to last long as he took in Morality’s appearance. “My goodness, how did you even manage to get youself so covered in flour?”

“I was cooking for you. Homemade pizza.” Patton explained, and the answering smile he got made him absolutely melt inside. He was surprised by the sweet, if slightly awkward kiss to his lips, but happily returned the action.

Logan made a point to speak when they finally broke away. “Thank you, Patton.” He sounded breathless, but there was a warmth to his words that Morality could feel.

“For you? Anything.”

Just This Once


  • Hi~ Can I request prompt 20 the sleepover one with Monsta X’s Minhyuk? If you guys are dating? Thanks :D
  • Can you do 4 and 20 with bts’ min yoongi or with Monsta X’s Minhyuk ? I love the new promptlist! And I love your blog !!! XOXO

4) “Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?”

20) Sleepover with your bias (platonic or romantic)

Member: Monsta X Minhyuk x Y/N x (ft. Kihyun)

Type: Fluff

You cast your eyes along every facet of your living room, chewing nervously on your lip. Everything had a place and needed to be perfect, especially on a night like tonight. The pizza was ordered and the cookies were in the oven. Netflix was queued up on the television and you had an impressive array of blankets tossed onto the couch. 

It was your first sleepover. 

Well…the first one to matter. 

Growing up, you always considered yourself the sleepover connoisseur. Your mom always provided the best snacks, let you stay up past bedtime, and normally turned a blind eye to any “slumbering” that may or may not have occurred in the night. 

But this was nothing like that. 

This would be your first sleepover with Lee MInhyuk. The Lee Minhyuk you had been pining over for the better part of your young adult years. The Lee Minhyuk who had completely won over your heart and confessed to you a few short months ago. 

The Lee Minhyuk who had gone from casual friend, to romantic interest, to full fledged boyfriend. 

You took a deep breath and nodded as you heard a light knock on the door. You had no idea what Minhyuk had in mind when he had mentioned the idea of a sleepover, but your mind immediately skipped to juvenile thoughts, filled with cotton candy and ghost stories. You knew, at his core, MInhyuk was a man. You were unsure if his expectations would be different than yours. 

That was…until you opened your apartment door. 

You smiled to yourself as you looked the innocent young man over. He was already wearing pajamas, bright blue ones with navy stripes. On his feet, he wore slippers, which appeared to be covered in Hamtaro characters. His hair was already disheveled, but in a beautifully easy way. He kept a backpack tight on his shoulder with a pillow tucked under his arm. 

You looked past his smiling face for a moment, surprised to see Kihyun looming behind him. 

“Ah, Kihyunnie?” you hummed, tilting you head. Kihyun rolled his eyes as he reached around Minhyuk and shoved a plastic bag toward you. 

“Don’t give him sugar past ten, it’ll give him nightmares. Make sure he takes the medicine in that bag, there’s instructions on the sticky note. He’s starting to catch a cold. Also, don’t let him pretend he likes scary movies to impress you because he doesn’t and they’ll also give him nightmares.” 

“Uh…thanks?” you whispered, looking to Minhyuk who still hand’t broken his smile. 

“What do you say?” Kihyun growled. 

“Thank you for having me over,” Minhyuk nodded, his expression as pure as the sun. 

“I’ll be here to pick him up tomorrow morning at ten,” Kihyun grumbled. He turned on his heel and sauntered down the hall. 

“So, did he take it upon himself to-” you began. Minhyuk immediately began to chuckle as he shuffled into your apartment. 

“Of course he took it upon himself,” he smiled. “And I’m not catching a cold.”

“You aren’t getting out of taking your medicine Hyukkie, no matter how bad it tastes,” you cooed, setting the bag Kihyun had given you on the counter. 

“Oh, come on! If you don’t tell him, he won’t know any better!” MInhyuk whined, plopping on the couch. 

“You guys have a showcase coming up, and a world tour! You can’t have a cold,” you argued. 

“Yeah well, you’re face is cute!” MInhyuk spat, crossing his arms. 

“I…I’m sorry,” you stuttered, tilting your head. “…You said that as if it was an insult? But I don’t think…or was that part of your argument? I’m so confused.”

“Do you need me to order the pizza?” he asked, changing the subject. 

“Ordered,” you nodded. “Just come her and take your cough syr-”

“What smells so good?” he asked, interrupting you as he sprang from the couch. Leaning against the counter, he bit his lip as he watched you move back and forth, interest deep within his eyes. 

“Cookies, are you supposed to take two mil-” you hummed, taking out his medication and bringing it up to be eye level. 

A loud knock hit against your door, signaling the pizza MInhyuk had been asking about had arrived. 

“I’ll get it!” he cooed happily, retreating from the counter and toward the front door. 

“Minhyuk,” you groaned, putting his medicine on the counter. You sighed, giving up the battle for a moment. It would probably be better if he had some food in his stomach before taking it anyhow. 

By the time you reached the door, MInhyuk had already intercepted the pizza delivery man and was making his way back to the kitchen. 

“What kind did you get?” he asked, shuffling into the kitchen and setting it down. “Oh! And breadsticks! Y/N, I’ve been trying to diet before tour.”

“For what reason?” you gasped. “Fans will love you whether you diet or not.”

“Well, I know that,” he argued. “It’s a personal choice…so I can eat everything in the US and not feel guilty about it…

…and before you ask, I mean everything when I say everything. If my eyes make contact on food, it’s going into my mouth.”

“Consider this a preemptive effort for your America trip then,” you chuckled, sliding open the pizza box. MInhyuk’s eyes immediately grew twice in size as he gazed upon the cheese pizza before him. You had ordered from his favorite place and you knew he could identify it by sight. 

“Y/N…” he gasped, his eyes tracing every inch. 

“Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?” you grumbled, grabbing your pizza cutter. 

Minhyuk looked up, only to look back down again with furrowed brows. 

“We only just started our relationship Y/N. I’ve been committed to pizza for a very long time. You have to build up to looks like this,” he chirped, taking a bite out of the slice he had selected. 

After pouting for a few minutes and having Minhyuk perform some pizza-based aegyo that was pretty impressive, you had both finished eating and settled onto the couch. You shook your shoulders, shimmying into the cushions behind you and took a deep breath in, appreciating the fresh baked cookie smell now wafting through your apartment. 

“When can we eat the cookies?” MInhyuk whispered, plopping alongside you. He closed his eyes as he snuggled into the couch as well. 

“As soon as they’re cool,” you hummed. “Or in your case, as soon as you take your medicine.”

“You said I didn’t have to,” he muttered, not even bothering to open his eyes. 

“No, you said you didn’t have to,” you chuckled, shooting him a weary side eye. You titled your head to let it hit his shoulder and sighed. Other than a few hugs and some quickly exchanged kisses, you had never been able to bask in MInhyuk like you were doing now. He smelled like morning dew, like the fresh water of the world waking up and drip dropping gently around you. As you took another deep breath in, you identified another hint of something…closer to clean laundry? Still warm and freshly starched. His scent was relaxing…and it reminded you of home, even though you were already there. 

“Are you sure I still have to?” MInhyuk’s voice rasped, only a few centimeters away from your ear. “Wouldn’t you rather get comfy?”

He slipped his arm around you and pulled you close into his chest. He kissed your temple and immediately smiled as he leaned back again. 

“Are you…trying to seduce me…to get out of taking your cold medicine?” you whispered, enjoying the comfort of his touch. 

“…Is it working?” he giggled. 

“Do you think it’s working?” you grinned sleepily. 

“Well, I think anything can work if you try hard enough,” he said quietly nuzzling into your hair. 

You closed your eyes, tired from the day, but more so at peace with the situation you were in. You settled into MInhyuk’s body and breathed easily. 

“Okay…maybe we can tell Kihyun you took it…but just this once.”

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Vena Amoris

They promised no presents; they knew they didn’t need cheap chocolates, cliché hearts or red roses that would die in a day to know that they loved each other. But still, Stiles tried to surprise Derek for Valentine’s Day and it worked, up until it didn’t. But none of that matters to Derek.

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Derek pulled the Camaro into the lot, gliding into his usual space and parking the car. He shut off the engine and looked out the front window, down the hood of his car at the huddled figure shuddering in cold night air. His brow furrowed with confusion and worry as he stepped out of the car and called to the boy, “Stiles?”

His face was buried in his hands and his shoulders were trembling with quiet sobs.

Derek stepped over to his side and knelt down before him.

“Stiles, what’s wrong?” Derek asked, his voice quiet and comforting but full of fear.

“I’m sorry,” Stiles babbled, sniffing back his tears.

“Stiles, look at me,” Derek encouraged softly. He slid a finger beneath Stiles’ chin and gently tilted the boy’s face to meet his gaze. “What’s wrong?”

Stiles wiped away his tears and bit his quivering lip.

“Are you hurt?” Derek asked, slightly panicked.

Stiles shook his head. He drew in a deep breath and explained, “I tried to cook dinner so we could have a romantic night once you came home from work, but I turned my back for three seconds and the dog ate it all.”

Derek sighed and whispered, “Oh, babe, it’s okay.”

“No,” Stiles objected weakly. “I really wanted to do something special for you, but I couldn’t. I can’t do anything right.”

“That’s not true,” Derek argued. He reached forward and carefully took Stiles’ hand in his hand. He ran his fingers across the ridges of the boy’s knuckles before pressing a tender kiss to Stiles’ ring finger.

There was a reason behind his specificity. Before medical science discovered how the circulatory system worked, people believed that there was a vein that ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart known as the vena amoris, Latin for ‘the vein of love’. It was a little piece of trivia that amused Stiles and led to a tender gesture that always made Stiles smile. And when all else failed, it was a sign of dedication, the faintest trace of a kiss that lingered on his skin like a ring.

It was a sweet gesture that was uniquely theirs.

Stiles smiled weakly and muttered, “I really wanted to surprise you.”

“Well sitting on the pavement and crying is one way to surprise me,” Derek pointed out.

Stiles chuckled slightly. “I wanted today to be special.”

“It is,” Derek assured him. “Every day with you is special. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean I love you any more today or any less any other day. Chocolates, hearts and red roses don’t change how I feel about you.”

Stiles smiled, bowing his head slightly as he hid his blush.

“So, how about we go upstairs and cook dinner together?” Derek offered.

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Home made pizza!! There’s an idea for you ladies if you don’t know what to cook for dinner this week! Just grab a pita bread wrap from the shops. Mix together tomato paste, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and use it as your pizza base. Add your toppings and place in the oven for a few minutes! Winning!
photo credit - vanelja

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Healthy as fuck pizza.
Whole grain base topped with homemade sauce, spinach saluted in garlic & nutmeg, olives, red & yellow peppers, red onion and nutritional yeast. Made two others for the fam with vegan cheese, meatless chicken and chilli.
Dough recipe,
2 cups wholegrain bread flour
1 ½ cups warm water
1 tsp sugar
1 packet fast acting yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp olive oil
Mix yeast, water and sug and let hang out till it’s all bubbly n stuff
Chuck olive oil and salt in + a spoon of flour and give a mix
Keep adding flour ‘till you have a dough that’s a little wetter that you would like to touch
Flour a counter and slap the dough on it
Greece up you hands like a prized pig and need for about 10 mins.
Pop in oiled bowl and let it do its thing for 2 hours.
Divide it up ( should make 2-3)
Roll up into balls
Give it another 45 mins sit down.
Roll out then stretch with your knuckles and put on a tray.
Add your toppings
Cook at 220 for about 12-16 mins

1 can tomato
Tomato pure
Sweetener of choice
Cook then stuck a hand blender in it and go to town. Boop done.

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HEY can you post like how you bake pizzas or what sorta recipes you googled bcos im interested in what youre doing plus im an idiot when it comes to anything involving the kitchen

HEY yeah i can! its been a while since i baked a pizza but this is the very easy recipe that you can adjust and change:

1. acquire your pizza base. you can do this from scratch but i prefer to buy premade because its easier. 

2. remember to preheat your oven. you don’t want cold-in-the-middle-pizza. make sure it has been preheated for about 10 minutes minimum. (also, remember to use a baking sheet on your baking tray and flour it!)

3. stretch out your pizza base! you can make it a standard circle or even a rectangle, its up to you. don’t be afraid to shape it to your baking tray. rectangle pizza is just as delicious as circular. 

4. apply your sauce to the base! can be anything, tomato sauce, tomato puree, bbq sauce. depending if you like a lot or a little, make an even layer on the base.

5. get your cheese & toppings! you can either put the toppings on first and the cheese, or the cheese first then the toppings. both work and its down to personal taste. this is the best place to experiment; try different cheeses and toppings and combinations. multiple cheeses can be delicious, and contrasting flavours (spicy and sweet) on the toppings can be nice too! spread all this out evenly. 

6. if you want to add seasoning go ahead! im a filthy brit who doesn’t season his food (but i swear i’ll learn how one day) but be better than me. season that pizza.

7. pop it in the oven! (on your baking tray!) i cook my pizzas on gas mark 6 (200c/400f) for 15 minutes. keep checking, as the thinner the pizza, the quicker it cooks. once it is crisp and golden its all done.

8. serve! let it cool after you take it out (cutting immediately can cause the cheese and the toppings to drag everywhere) and then serve after a few minutes. 

here are some more resources on making pizza!

basic pizza making: 1, 2, 3

making your own pizza base: 1, 2, 3,

hope i helped!! i am in no way a perfect cook so if ive made any errors please do let me know!!

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Hi I don't know how to lose weight. I've tried for years. Any tips for beginners that is easy and sustainable??

  • Eat a whole food, plant based diet.
  • Eat a balanced diet of carbs, fats, and proteins. Don’t restrict any particular macronutrient (particularly carbs!), but find a way of eating that makes you feel your best.
  • Learn to LISTEN to your body - learn when it is hungry, when it is full, when it needs water, when it needs rest.
  • DON’T EVER DIET!!! Fat diets and calorie restrictive diets DO NOT WORK. You may lose weight initially, but you will always regain it when you go back to eating a normal amount.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Switch your focus from weight loss to health. You will make better food choices, better exercise choices.
  • Think of health and weight loss in the long-term, and not short-term.
  • Treat your body with love and respect. You will not lose weight by hating yourself or your body, or by punishing yourself. 
  • Make yourself a rough meal plan - write a list of all your favourite meals, with options for each meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks). Adjust your favourite meals to make them a bit healthier if they’re not very healthy (e.g. if you love pizza, make your own at home using a homemade pizza base or pitta wrap, and top with lots of veggies and a little vegan cheese). Keep yourself interested in food and eating healthily by trying new recipes and switching your diet up daily.
  • Keep a food diary - I don’t recommend counting calories, but writing down everything you eat can make you aware of any unhealthy patterns or habits you might have. e.g. if you skip breakfast most days and then find you’re bingeing at night, it’s easy to see once you’ve written it down! Or if you often find yourself mindlessly snacking when bored, that’s another habit you can work on. 

I hope this helps a bit! 

Today on the menu… 😏 #glutenfree #vegan PIZZA 💥
Topped with sweet potato, spinach, olives, capsicum, tomato, kale, onion and avocado.
All for me… So so gewd🍕
Pizza base recipe under MY RECIPES TAB

Instagram: @annietarasova

Pizza - Drabble

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A/N: Based on a list of random sentences. If you want to be tagged, tell me and I will arrenge it!


“I’m hungry.” You gripped Bucky’s arm tighter between your hands and turned to look at him with your best puppy eyes. “Make me food?”

“I can cook Pizza Rolls and Cup O’ Noodles and that’s about it,” he offered.

“That’s so sad.”

“Okay, so… Pizza?”


Bucky stretched out to reach his cellular that rested on the coffee table in front of you. “You know, doll, maybe ‘pizza’ will be our ‘always’.”

You sighed and plopped face down on the couch, so your voice came out muffled, “Why did I ever lent you this book?”

His bad flirting didn’t stop a smile from spreading across your face as you heard him laugh. Marvel