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hey 💖 i wondering if i could request a headcannon about how the hamilsquad would react to Rosie experiencing her period for the first time and going through all the stuff (eating a lot, mood swings etc.). If you're not comfortable with that, it's fineeee. Love you and your works 💖💕

okay i wrote these, thought i posted them, but i didn’t so when i refreshed the page i lost everything :(

take two!


  • when rosie first tells him, he freezes
    • rosie: “…papi? did you hear me?” 
    • alex: “did it…uh, um…i can -” 
    • it’ll take him a minute to get moving
  • he has to ask the others or you for help
    • “(y/n) uses motrin when she’s not feeling well, right?” 
    • “um,, are the pads down here?” 
  • once he gets the hang of it though, he’s not as nervous!
    • alex: “i’m sorry, kiddo. i got ibuprofen and your heating pad here for you, okay?” 
  • his biggest thing is that he doesn’t want rosie to feel embarrassed about her period
    • it’s just something that happens to her each month and it’s okay!
    • if she bleeds through her sheets, he’ll clean it up 
    • rosie’s super embarrassed but he insists that it’s okay
    • rosie: “i’ll clean it up, papi. i-i’m sorry” 
    • alex: “no, no no. i got it, sweetheart. don’t worry.” 
  • he’ll buy tampons/pads if rosie needs some
    • he’s not ashamed at all
    • the stares don’t bother him


  • he’s a little nervous
    • not because he’s disgusted 
    • it’s just that he’s not entirely sure what to do,,
    • he’s always expected rosie to go to you for help so he’s taken aback
  • he calls you to make sure he’s doing everything right
    • if you’re at home, you help rosie and laf
    • you: “i always keep my pads here and i keep my heating pads here…laf, are you listening?” 
    • laf, probably: *nodding, taking notes*
    • if you’re at work though, you just talk him through it over the phone
  • the hardest part for him is seeing rosie in pain
    • laf: “rosie, mon fleur, are you okay?” 
    • rosie, sniffling: “n-no, everything hurts”
    • laf: “i know…it will be over soon?” 
    • rosie: “not soon enough”
  • he tries to make sure she’s as comfortable as possible
  • makes her tea for her cramps
    • rosie appreciates it. 
    • chamomile tea is her favorite since it helps the most


  • he’s got sisters so he understands
    • rosie: “um, papi? i think i started my period…” 
    • john: “oh, okay. well, do you have pads? i know you might feel sick but have you eaten anything today?”
  • he’ll take rosie out of school if she’s not feeling that good
    • rosie: “do you think mom will be mad? i’m not missing anything…”
    • john: “i’ll talk to mama. you just take it easy, okay?” 
  • he tries to get rosie to nap/relax
    • she tends to still try to do everything even when she’s not feeling good
    • john will pop in a movie and sit with her if she doesn’t want to sleep
  • he read somewhere that baths help with cramps so he buys rosie lots of bath bombs
    • the more colorful they are, the better
    • she really likes them
    • usually, she feels better after her bath and feels sleepy enough to nap


  • he’s not as nervous as laf and alex, but he’s not as prepared as john
    • but he recovers pretty quick
  • he’s noticed what you do while you’re on your period so he tries to do the same for rosie
    • herc: “your mom usually takes two of these. here’s some water, love” 
    • he remembers how you huff and grumble when you head the the cupboards or the bathroom so that’s how he knows where you keep most of your things
    • if he can’t find it, he calls you or just buys some more for rosie
  • he totally indulges when it comes to rosie’s cravings
    • herc: “i usually get your mom whatever she wants. are you craving anything? do you want anything?”
    • rosie: “a-anything?”
    • rosie’s so excited
    • herc is too–they both love to eat but this is like an excuse to eat more than usual
    • chinese? okay. pizza? sure! chinese and pizza? why not.
  • it makes rosie feel a little better


mood swings

  • rosie’s all over the place so you never know which rosie you’re going to get
    • your advice: “just do whatever she says. if you’re not sure what to do, just ask.”
  • she cries a lot on the first day–it’s the hardest day for her
    • alex and laf freak out (”but…you were fine a minute ago??”) but john and herc are just trying to figure out what’s wrong (”did i do something wrong? do you need me?”)
    • sometimes she cries because of the pain, but the boys have found her crying over dogs at least once
  • she’s grumpy
    • you/your husbands: “hey, rosie. you feeling okay?”
    • rosie, sarcastically as she glares at you: “just dandy.” 
    • you/your husbands: “…okay, well, do you need anything?”
    • rosie, sighing dramatically: “no...can you just go now?”
  • she rants a ton too
    • rosie: “like he just breathes and i’m like oh my gosh can you shut up”
    • alex likes this rosie the most
  • she can be really self critical
    • “i’m breaking out oh my gosh i’m so ugly” 
    • “i feel so bloated i’m not going out today”
    • the boys are supportive (”no, honey, you’re beautiful/lovely”) but rosie responds sarcastically (”I don’t have time for these lies”)
    • which leaves them confused
    • your husbands: “but…i complimented her?”
    • you, shrugging: “only so much you can do”
  • they’ve learned to be patient with her
  • rosie apologizes for whatever she’s said during her period
    • it’s a small price to pay. 
    • they love her + just want to make sure she’s okay.
Prompt 7 - Touch

Something that the lovely @somethins-gotta-give and I came up with last night!

Prompt Request - When soulmates touch they can see each other’s past. Like maybe he finds her and refuses to touch her cause he doesn’t wanna scare her or doesn’t think he deserves her. 


The first thing that you notice about Jason Todd is that he is always wearing gloves. Whether they are thick motorcycle gloves or thin flesh colored ones, he always has something covering his hands. Most people never cover their hands. Most of the time people go out of their way to touch hands with everyone that they meet because the only way to find our soulmate is to touch their hands. So when you shook Jason’s hand and you felt the glove you were taken aback.

“Hello, I’m Y/N” you hold your hand out to shake, and when you make contact the only thing you can think to say is, “You’re wearing gloves”

Jason chuckled “Very observant of you. I’m Jason”

“Do you ever take your gloves off?”

“Only when I shower, sweetheart” he winked and pulled his hand away, “It was really nice to meet you but I have to go”

You jutted your bottom lip out in a pout, “Do you really? Or are you just uncomfortable with my questions?”

“I really do have to go, I have to talk to Bruce before he goes out to lunch, but here …” Jason quickly scribbles down his number and hands it to you, “Give me a call sometime, you seem like a really interesting person”

You smile and nod, quickly buzzing Mr. Wayne so he knows that Jason is on his way and not to leave yet. When you get off the phone you look down at the number Jason had given you. You felt strangely drawn to a man who was practically a stranger, one who wouldn’t let anyone touch his hands. You decided right then that it would become your mission to touch Jason’s hand. You had a slight feeling that if you did you would find out that he was your soulmate. You smile and begin figuring out a plan of action. Operation Touch was ready to commence.


It had taken several months of friendship for you to even get an invitation to hang out at Jason’s apartment. In that time you had limited any form of contact with him to a minimum, and whenever you did touch him it would be on his hand.

“Y/N do you want pizza of Chinese?”

“Pizza” you yell back. Hopefully he will take off his gloves to eat the pizza, giving you an opportunity to touch one of his hands.

Jason walked back into the room, “Alright, it should be here in about 30 minutes”

“Will you ever let me touch your hand?” you ask

“No” that one word was sharp, it brokered no argument, but of course you didn’t listen.

“Why not?” you demanded. You stood up, standing toe to toe with Jason, refusing to back down.

“No one deserves to live through my past” His answer was vague, and unsatisfying.

“How do you know? How do you know that my past isn’t worse than yours?!”

Jason’s laugh was loud and mocking, “What did daddy hit you? Did you not have very many friends in middle school? Did someone mess up your Starbucks order?” he sneered

You jolted backwards in shock, his words like a slap to the face. “You don’t know anything about my past!” you screech. “If that’s how you feel then I should just leave!”

You storm out of his apartment and trudge home in the rain. Jason doesn’t know anything about your past, he thinks is life was the worst thing ever, he thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t. You fling open your closet and grab the box from the bottom. You didn’t think that you would ever put the suit on again, but you needed to hurt someone, you needed to be who you were trained to be.


Once all of your gear was on you look in the full length mirror. Y/N was completely gone and in her place was The Shadow. That was what the League of Assassins called you. You were never seen, you were never heard, and your targets would never even know you were there. You had been Talia’s right hand, you had helped train Damian when he was younger. You had talked to the child many times since you were banished from the League and he knew not to reveal your identity.

“He thinks dying was bad” You chuckle, “He has no idea”

You glanced over at the cloths that you wear when you are the adorable secretary for Mr. Wayne, someone had once referred to you as a ‘cute little kitten’. Those cloths were so much different than the all black you were wearing now, a scarf covering your entire face, the only thing that was visible was your eyes. You were quick to exit through your window and leap from rooftop to rooftop heading towards Crime Alley.

“Fucking vigilantes, popping up left and right!”

Jason. You hadn’t really expected to run into him tonight, you had actually gone out to get away from any thoughts about the Red Hood. You turn around and face him, “I don’t want any trouble, I just need to let off some steam”

“See the problem with that is that you could get hurt, and if I let a civilian get hurt the Bat will be on my ass.”

You sigh, “Just leave me alone Hood, I am in no mood for your nonsense”

Jason opened his mouth to retort, but suddenly a scream echoed up from the alley. You wave and flip backwards off the side of the building, catching the fire escape ladder and using it to slide down. In the alley are four muggers and a young girl backed into a corner.

“Boys, I suggest you leave now while your balls are still attached to your body.”

The four men snarled and turned on you. You jerk your head slightly, telling the girl without words to run. Then the first man lunged. The fight was short and sweet, painful for the muggers but not one of them managed to even land a blow on you.

“I suppose you aren’t an amateur” Jason admitted, landing on the ground beside you

“What tipped you off? The fact that I am wearing League cloths or that none of them touched me?” You put your hands on your hips and gave Jason an incredulous look.

Suddenly you hear a crackle in your ears, “Shadow, nice to see you out on the street again”

You grin, “Hello, Robin, Batman”

“Wait you two know her …”

“Of course I know her, Todd” Damian snapped

“No names in the field, Robin” Batman reprimanded

“I already know who everyone is … Mr. Wayne”

Bruce sighed, and Jason looked at you with wide eyes.

“Take off the scarf” he demanded.

You only raised one eyebrow at him, “Take off your gloves”

His eyes widened, “Y/N? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

You quietly unwind the scarf an let it hang around your neck, “Surprise. I told you that you weren’t the only ones with secrets Jay, but you didn’t even want to try. Am I that repulsive where you weren’t willing to risk the chance of me being your soulmate?”

Jason’s shoulders slumped and he pulled off his helmet, “Its not that, not that at all! I was scared” he admitted, “I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to accept me! I mean I’m the fucking Red Hood! I have dies and come back! I have had the Pit Madness! Why would I ever want someone to see that!!” Jason was shouting by the end of his rant.

You sigh quietly, “I was raised by the League, I had to murder my mother and father just to keep my little sister alive, I have been beaten, stabbed, shot, and almost killed. You think you are the only one who was brought back by the Pit? I was too, several times. I have killed hundreds, possibly a thousand people on Talia’s orders. I have done countless horrible things, but I was willing to risk everything for you!”

You quickly wrap your face back up in your mask and turn to leave, right as you get to the mouth of the alley you turn back, looking Jason right in the eye, “Who do you think took care of you before Talia put you in the pit, when you were nothing but a shell! I was the one who brought Damian to you when you couldn’t even say your own name, Jason! I loved you when were a husk, and when you were whole again I realized that I had the chance to fall in love with you again”

Jason looks taken aback, “Why didn’t you touch me then!?!” he shouted

“It was against Talia’s orders then, by the time I was banished you had already left and started wearing the gloves”

You stormed away, deciding that you would rather go home than stay out patrolling the city. But by the time you get home you already know that someone else is in your apartment. You unsheathe your knife and get ready for an attack. The light flicks on after a second and Jason is revealed standing in the middle of the room.

“Give me another chance” he demands, slipping off his gloves and reaching for your hand. When he comes in contact with it he looks surprised to find that you are now the one who has gloves on, blocking any contact.

“Why should I Jason? If you hadn’t found out the things I told you tonight, would you let me touch you? Would you accept me as your soulmate if I was just the cute little secretary who worked for Bruce?”

“Of course I wouldn’t! I would never have hurt you like that! If you were normal my memories would have scared you for life! But you aren’t normal! You understand my life, you understand my memories, what I have been through because you have been through that too!”

Hesitantly you bring your hands together and start to pull off the gloves, “You really want to see if we are soulmates? What if we aren’t?”

“If we aren’t then we remain friends, we continue as we were”

You nod quietly and reach out a tentative hand toward Jason. Your fingers make contact and it feels like everything is imploding. Both of your knees buckling but your hands remain clasped. Memories poured into you, Jason’s mind giving you everything, and yours doing the same. You feel his anger, his betrayal, and eventually the forgiveness of his family. You see yourself through his eyes, and he sees himself through yours. By the time everything has faded into the background and you are once again in your own mind you understand how everything that Jason went through would have probably hurt a normal person.

“Are you alright?” he whispered

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine”

Suddenly you are yanked forward and your lips crashed into Jason’s. His hands running over your neck, desperate to get in contact with more skin. You pull away and both of you change, him into pajama pants and you into nothing but one of his t-shirts. Jason can’t keep his hands off of you. It isn’t sexual, not yet, just the need to feel someone else, to feel their skin under yours. You understood his need, you could see from his memories that he had rarely been touched since his death.

“You know something?” you whisper

“What, sweetheart?”

“You looked really hot in those short pants”

Jason groaned and covered his face with his hands. “I knew I didn’t want you to see my memories for a reason”

You laugh when he pulls you up onto his chest, so you are pressed together from head to foot. Jason was touch-starved, and you were fully prepared to give him all of the touch that he needed, not that he had allowed you in.


Rhianna is getting a lot of Internet attention again and this time it is because of her dress for the met galla! People are going crazy making memes of her Chinese couture dress by Guo Pei and comparing it to the likes of scrambled eggs, pizza, and even a hot pocket! The train was so long and heavy she couldn’t even move without assistance. Rhianna said it was totally worth it! Well, we agree Rhianna. The memes are hilarious. Thanks.