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Rare NYC Pizza Bus Trip to STATEN ISLAND

We start every Sunday NYC Pizza Bus tour at Lombardi’s in Soho. It’s a perfect launching point for about a million reasons, but it does hamper our ability to visit faraway lands. But there are some magical days in which New York’s epic traffic lets up just enough to make such fantastic jaunts possible. Labor Day weekend is one of those magical times in which this city empties and Big Yellow School Buses are free to cruise as they wish. We use this opportunity to venture to the often forgotten borough of Staten Island, a borough that I strongly feel has some of the best pizzeria in all of NYC.

Here we have Bus Driver Patrick showing that he’s not at all worried about our first dramatic encounter: an accident on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. No problem, we made our way as planned and hit Staten Island Stop #1 - Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria. This place opened in 1960 and their pizza is iconic. It’s the perfect slice. Thin and crispy with the perfect cheese-to-sauce ratio (CSR). 

Joe and Pat’s is such a great spot, Staten Island pizza obsessive Mikey Rodriguez decided to meet us there just before heading to his shift making pizza at Two Boots on Avenue A. Mikey’s sporting his Slice Out Hunger shirt, representing our annual $1 slice fundraiser for New Yorkers who have trouble affording food. 

Next up was Nunzio’s on Hylan Blvd. This place originally opened in 1942, when it was located in South Beach. It was relocated in 1960 and enjoyed its new digs until Hurricane Sandy came in and destroyed most of the dining room and pizzeria equipment. Even without a dime from Uncle Sam, Nunzio’s managed to open just over a month after the storm. 

A victorious spirit envelops the tour crew as the first beautiful pizza arrives. Another pie that isn’t smattered with cheese! Just enough to make its presence known, but not enough to obscure the deliciously herbaceous sauce. 

Our final stop before heading back to Manhattan was International Pizza Challenge champion Goodfella’s Pizza. This place consistently wins pizza competitions – and I know first hand because I’m usually judging them! The place has a unique oven that rotates so the pizza maker doesn’t have to do it himself. These guys actually install the ovens in other pizzerias through their own oven company

Goodfella’s has the unique distinction of being the pizzeria that hosted the controversial “Forkgate” incident. Mayor Bill Deblasio. Just to refresh your memory, newly minted NYC mayor Bill Deblasio used a fork to eat a slice of pizza and everybody freaked out. Who cares? Bored journalists care. I guess there’s just not that much to cover these days, right??? Anyway, they auctioned off the fork for charity but the winner gave it right back. The good folks at Goodfella’s framed it, police evidence bag and all!

Here’s pizza tour guest / pizza tour guide Cedric Sparkman posing with the infamous fork. What an end to an amazing pizza journey! We had so much fun, we decided to take a ridiculous selfie with the help of my new Selfie On A Stick!

Our Sunday bus tours begin and end in Soho with four pizzeria stops in Manhattan and at least one outer borough. Stops and boroughs change weekly, so get on the mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on where we’re heading next. You can find tickets and info at

Vegan Pizza Tour - Saturday, December 10

That’s right kiddies, I’m doing another vegan pizza tour on December 10 starting at 11:45am on the Bowery in NYC. We’ll be hitting three pizzerias around the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village, each of which features a different animal-free pizza style. We’ll make our way to each stop on foot and everybody gets a slice per stop PLUS a sweet vegan-friendly goody bag, all included with your $35 ticket.

Tickets must be purchased in advance through our online ticketing agent, so please sign up if you’d like to join us. I’m keeping the group pretty small, so grab your ticket fast!

Fast Details:
Saturday, December 10
11:45am - approximately 2:30pm
$35 ticket fee (includes pizza and Pizza Tour Survival Kit)

NYC Vegan Pizza Tour - Buy Your Ticket Here


I convinced Allison to bring a pizza from Imo’s in St Louis, MO to yesterday’s tour! She followed my very specific instructions:

1. Order pizza (uncut for better transportation)
2. Let cool
3. Wrap in plastic and then foil
4. Freeze
5. Box
6. Get through airport security
7. Arrive at pizza tour

Success! Allison got an SPT t-shirt for her troubles. Contact me before you take a tour for your chance to win goodies by bringing me pizza from another city and/or amazing pizza boxes!

We had the boys at Prince St Pizza reheat the pizza. Watching them cut it into squares was amazing. It was as if the pizza wheel wouldn’t work that way, but we had to stick to Imo’s tradition.

NYC Vegan Pizza Tour June 2

Calling all vegans, vegetarians and food explorers:

I’ll be hosting a very special pizza tour on Saturday, June 2 that will visit four pizzerias in Manhattan and Brooklyn for slices of 100% animal-free pizza. Our stops include Neapolitan, Roman and New York style pizzerias. We’ll talk all about pizza history (including how some of the earliest pizzas were actually vegan) as we cruise around in the Big Yellow Pizza Bus. It is going to be insane!!!


WHEN: Saturday, June 2
WHERE: Starts and ends in Greenwich Village
HOW: $60 tickets available online through Zerve or by phone at 800-979-3370
WHAT: All pizza and animal-free goody bags are included; 4 pizzeria stops by bus
WHY: Because everybody deserves good pizza


This vegan pizza tour isn’t just about finding places that offer cheese alternatives, it’s about well-made dough topped with deliciousness that doesn’t need cheese to have a good time. I am not personally vegan, so I’m going to take you out for pizza that tastes great without compromising. Some of these pizzas aren’t overtly vegan, they just happen to not have cheese, meat, honey, eggs, etc on the ingredient list. The idea of the tour is for both vegans and non-vegans to share the same pizza because it’s the ultimate communal food!

I started doing it for my vegan brother when he would come for a visit and we found a solid lineup of pizzerias that both of us loved! I run this tour just about every six months, so join us for a special afternoon packed with animal-free flavor.

October Specialty Pizza Safaris

In honor of National Pizza Month, I’ll be running some totally insanely amazing specialty bus tours on three Saturdays. Unlike our standard tours, these will concentrate on specific themes within the vast pizza landscape of New York City. All tours will be approximately 4.5 hours long so we can visit 4 different pizzerias via big yellow school bus. Everyone gets a slice at each stop and a Pizza Tour Survival Kit. Tours start and end in Greenwich Village. You can purchase tickets directly through the Scott’s Pizza Tours Internet Ticketing HQ.

Gluten free and vegan pizza from some of our stops.

Here’s the schedule:

October 1 - Learning to Love Your Vegan
This tour will visit four pizzerias that feature vegan options. Every slice has been selected to appeal to both vegans and omnivores alike, so don’t be afraid to bring your non-vegan buddy. Buy Tickets

October 15 - Gluten Free NYC
Anyone with a wheat issue knows that good gluten free pizza is hard to find. This tour will visit four pizzerias with dedicated GF facilities. Buy Tickets
October 29 - Meat Lovers’ Guide to NYC Pizza
Visit four incredible pizzerias that feature unique meat toppings. We’ll try some reliable standards as well as some delicious surprises. Buy Tickets

**In honor of both National Pizza Month and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, $1 will be donated to the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation for every person who takes a pizza tour during the month of October.  


61. VIDEO. Gymnasts around the world are gearing up for the Olympics. Show a gymnast in action on a balance beam, vault, floor exercises, etc. proudly wearing their “pizzatard" (unitard made from pizza). If that sounds too challenging, you have the option of putting them in a fishtard, a fruittard or a friestard. Any of these options garner the same point value.