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1. What’s your favourite band?
2. What was your first gig?
3. Favourite pizza topping?
4. Name a band you haven’t seen but really want to.
5. Favourite live band?
6. Put your music player on shuffle and name the first 5 songs.
7. What do you hate about your town?
8. What is your opinion on Sheep/posers?
9. Neck deep or The Story So Far?
10. If you had a band, what would you name it?
11. How do you tell a girl you want to kiss her?
12. How many times a week do you feel navy blue?
13. Do your parents understand you?
14. How many band shirts do you own?
15. Chuck Taylors or Vans?
16. Ever experienced a time you met a band? What happened?
17. How many picks/drumsticks have you caught?
18. Throw down or punk jumps?
19. How many gigs have you been to?
20. Knuckle Puck tho?

Made a little questionnaire game thing.
Get on it homies ✌

Anchor (Jake x MC)

Summary: Jake knows he is in love with her. But he also knows nothing will ever come out of it, that nothing should ever come out of it. He can never give her the future she deserves, and so he fights the present, even though it kills him inside, even though it hurts like hell.

Author’s note: This was inspired by the song I’ve been listening to on loop the past two days - Novo Amor’s “Anchor”. It’s one of the most moving, heartbreaking songs I’ve ever listened to. This song makes me want to knock back a couple of beers the way Jake probably would. (Rating: T, mild language)

ANCHOR (Jake x MC)

The most painful part about all this is not that it won’t last forever, but that this is all we’ll ever be.

In limbo in La Huerta, we know we’re stuck in a time capsule, stuck in an endless summer. Nothing about any of this is real. Nothing at all.

This is why even if my heart skips at the sight of you, even if I come running when you call my name, even if you are the best part of the dawn and my last thoughts before drifting off, I stop myself. Nothing will ever come of this.

I can’t say it doesn’t hurt. Because by god it fucking hurts. I store up on images of you — laughing with the group, jumping into the waves, glowing in the morning sun. I find myself imprinting on you. Everything you do, I memorize. Everything you are, I crave. Whatever you need me to be, I want to be.

Except I won’t. No matter how much I want to be that man for you, I can’t.  

You’ll have more of a future than I ever will, than I can ever give you. I will never steal that from you.

Let me make it clear. I’m in love with you. I’ve fallen for you. HARD. You consume my thoughts day and night. You consume me. My chest hurts from my heart beating so fast at the thought of you, the sight of you, and most painfully, the fantasy of you. We’ve been on a thousand dates in my mind. I’ve taken you to the movies. To pizza. A tour of the city. A walk in the woods. I’ve taken you back to Shreveport. I’ve proposed to you at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve made love to you countless times. I’ve gotten lost in your mouth, your scent, your touch — all in my mind, all in my mind.

I see the quarterback flirt with you, and your eyes sparkle at the attention. A searing pain goes through me. Jealousy is what it is. But I have no right to meddle. You’ll have more of a future with Captain America than you can ever have with me. He’ll give you what you need, my love. He’ll build you a home with his own hands, give you sons and daughters, a steady future till you’re old and grey. You will have someone to grow old with.

Will I fight for you? I want to. I want to fight for you so much tears are in my eyes. I want to call you mine so much it eats me up everyday. And you wonder why I go solo  — hunting alone, hanging out at the hammock alone, jet skiing off into the ocean by myself. I can’t take seeing you and knowing that I can’t give you the today and the future that you deserve.

I want you to be mine. Mine. Mine. MINE. But I ache because I can never be yours.

So is this all we’ll ever be? A pilot and a student, toasting beers by the bonfire, trading glances when the other is not looking? My heart fucking aching when Sean places his hand on your arm, and you not resisting? My fists clenching when you give me a questioning look, confused by my unsaid intentions and Sean’s clear, honest ones? Me yelling into the night sky, with all of you thinking I’m just fucking mad at the island, when the truth is I’m fucking mad at the stirrings deep within me?

I want to love you. Heck, I fucking love you. But you can never know.

This is what I want to tell you: Anchor up to me, love. Anchor up to me, my love.

La Huerta. In limbo. An endless summer.

The most painful part about all this is not that it won’t last forever, but that this is all we’ll ever be.      


Our first pizza tour was 9 years ago today! That first picture up top was taken on April 27, 2008 at Patsy’s Pizzeria on 1st Ave and 118th Street in East Harlem. The photo below was taken within the next few weeks on another tour. Totally crazy that it has been 9 years already. Big thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, especially the 50k people who have attended tours. WOW! This is a huuuuge honor. Thanks for letting us eat pizza with you!

Josh Dun request

you’re a make up artist on set and Josh always flirts with you and Jenna and Tyler tease him about it but he still admits his feelings for you

yes (I hope you like it)

*Gif isn’t mine*

Concentrated you order your make up brushes by colour and size before you start to clean your beauty blenders. Silently humming to the music playing in the background, you turn around and meet brown eyes.
,,Oh, hey Josh.“ You smile nervously.
,,Hey Y/N, do you have time right now? Or should I come back later?” He stands in the doorframe and you put your beauty blenders back down.
,,No I’m free, what’s the matter?“ You put your chair back and make a gesture with your hand for Josh to sit down.
,,I was just wondering if you could do the blurry face make up this time? I know I’m always doing it myself but I saw the make up you put on Ty yesterday and it was awesome!” He looks up to you and you blush, nervously grabbing on the edge of the table.
,,Are you sure? That’s your thing.“ You work for Josh and Tyler for a while now, and being on tour with them as a make up artist is more than you could ever dreamed of. When you started putting make up on others in the first place, you never expected to get that kind of opportunity. Touring with the boys was more than fun, especially with Josh, which you like a lot.
,,Trust me Y/N, I couldn’t think of anyone doing it better than you.” Josh winks and you let out a small giggle.
The yellow haired boy turned his attention to your make up stuff and looks threw your eye shadows.
You position yourself next to him and watch him pick a colour. He chooses a dark red, very similar to his usually eyeshadow.
,,You know, having me doing your blurry face make up really brights up my day.“ You chuckle jokingly and Josh hands you the primer.
,,It’s nothing special.” He shrugs his shoulders and you shake your head.
,,It is, thousands of girls would kill me to get this opportunity.To me it’s sort of a highlight.“ You bite your lip and try to control your shaky hands before grabbing a brush and poking it in the eyeshadow.
,,If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.” Josh says back and you shoot him a confused look.
,,Is that some cheesy pick up line you have from the internet?“ You try not to giggle too much and Josh lifts his right eyebrow.
,,Did it work?” He wiggles with both of his eyebrows and you just shake your head before applying some eyeshadow right under his eyes.
,,Not sure yet.“ You give him a playful look and he closes his eyes so you can finish his make up.
,,Oh look at my lovebirds!” Suddenly Tyler walks in and you choke on your own spit by his words.
,,What?“ You mumble blushing but Josh already got up from his seat.
,,Oh shut up.” He rolls his eyes and leans himself against a wall.
,,I guess we have to finish this another time, since Tyler won’t stop talking.“ He makes eye contact and you nod.
,,Sure, I’ll see you around.” You smile and overplay your disappointment that Josh is leaving already.
,,Hasta la Vista baby. It is Spanish ,and means ‘see you later.“
,,Oh my god Josh you didn’t tried to flirt with Y/N, your pick up line is disgusting.” Tyler squeezes his eyes shut and you give Josh a slight grin.
,,Do you want to join us for dinner later? Jenna, Tyler and I wanted to make some pizza in the tour bus. We can third-wheel together if you want.“ The drummer waits for your response and you chew on your lip.
,,Of course.” Your smile turns even bigger and Josh lets out a shaky breath.
,,All right, see you than.“ He waves at you before walking out the door, leaving you breathless. This boy definitely stole your heart.

You spend the time you have left by finishing cleaning your working place and applying some make up on yourself. The boys are on sound check and you have some time left till dinner.

*Josh P.O.V *

,,You really like her, don’t you?“ Tyler turns his head to the side so he could look at me while we were walking to sound check.
,,yeah I do.” A smile appears on my face as I think of Y/N and Tyler hits my arm.
,,Damn boy, she really got into your head. I can tell by your cheesy pick up lines.“ He laughs and I ignore him, so he will stop joking about me.
,,I mean, hasta la vista? That means ‘see you later’ in Spanish? How low is that?” Tyler shakes his head and I sigh.
,,You know I suck at flirting.“ Is all I say.
,,You really do.”
,,He really does what?“ Suddenly Jenna appears from the corner and walks towards us. After kissing Tyler and holding his hand he shrugs his shoulders.
,,We just talked about Josh’s horrible moves. He tries to flirt with Y/N.” Tyler wiggles his eyebrows and I lift my hands in defence.
,,Hey! She laughs about it, so it can’t be that bad. I make her smile.“
Jenna gives me a strange look before biting her lip.
,,What did you say to her?” She plays with the fabric of Tyler’s shirt and I chew on the inner side of my cheek, trying not to blush.
,,Just some pick up lines, not much.“
,,Not much? Dude you’re always flirting with her. I swear if you don’t do a move towards her anytime soon, I’ll have to kick you out of the band.” Tyler jokes and I groan annoyed.
,,I need time okay? And could we please stop talking about it? You two are annoying.“ I role my eyes and walk faster when Jenna starts to let out small giggles.
,,Look at our big boy, he’s grumpy now. Poor josh, should I call Y/N so you can try another pick up line on her?” She laughs and Tyler joins.
,,You know what? I’m going to tell her how I feel right after dinner so you two can stop making fun of me.“ I say slightly pissed.
,,Finally!” Tyler throws his hands in the air while looking up and Jenna gently taps my shoulder.
,,Go and get her.“ She cheers.
,,Oh shut up you two.” Is all I respond.
After finishing sound check and doing a great show, we go back backstage and I take my shirt of, just wanting to shower when Y/N walks in.
,,Oh my god sorry.“ She turns around and hides her face behind her hands.
,,I didn’t mean to walk in on you half naked.” She lets out a nervous laugh while I chuckle.
,,It’s fine, you can turn around if you want.“ I grab a towel and throw it casually on my shoulders, noticing Y/N stare.
,,Like what you see?” I jokingly say and she blushes.
,,I uh, better keep going. See ya.“ She smiles awkwardly before walking away and I smile to myself, knowing she liked what she saw.

* Your P.O.V*

You still feel the heat in your cheeks and sigh, You definitely have a huge crush on josh and seeing him shirtless doesn’t make it any better. Sure you’ve seen him performing shirtless on stage before, but never this close.
,,Hey you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost.” Jenna joins your side and You rub your sweaty palms against your shirt.
,,Yeah, I’m just nervous.“ You give her a small smile and she lays an arm around your shoulder.
,,Why’s that?” She looks you straight in the eyes and you bite your lip, Jenna is a good friend of yours, you can tell her.
,,I have a huge crush on Josh and don’t know how to act around him.“ You let out a frustrated sigh and Jenna squeezes your hand.
,,Just be you, believe me thinks will work out.” She winks at you and leaves your side, leaving you confused.
You decide to change your clothes and go to the tour bus. You’re rather too early than too late.
After you put on some jeans and a comfortable but not to baggy sweater you make your way to the bus and knock on the door.
Tyler lets you in and embraces you with a tight hug.
,,Good to you see you.“ He gives you a kind smile and you nod.
,,Yeah.” You smile and he guides you to the cooking area where Josh and Jenna were already sitting on a table.
,,Hey Y/N!“ As soon as Josh sees you he gets up from his seat and hugs you. His hug is warm and tight and makes you feel safe while you hug him a bit longer than necessary.
After you greeted Jenna Tyler takes the seat next to her and you sit down next to josh. You feel your hips and legs touching and try not to blush. You’ve never been this close to Josh, and your heart beats like ten times faster than usual.
Jenna and Tyler are arguing about what topic to put on the pizza while Josh and you are looking at each other, exchanging small smiles here and there.
Suddenly he leans down to you and stops right above your ear.
,,Wanna go somewhere else? I think this might take a while.“ He points to Jenna and Tyler and You nod, a small wave of happiness washing over your body.
He gets up and helps you to get out of the small bench with gently grabbing your hand and pulling you up. Instead of letting go of your hand, he slightly blushes and guides you outside the Venue to a silent place. It was a beautiful place, no cars or other traffic around. Just trees and some rocks to sit on.
Josh lets go of your hand and takes a seat on a big rock. He faces the trees and sighs.
,,Sometimes, when I feel like everything gets too much I go up here and relax a bit. Even Tyler doesn’t know that I’m here.” He smiles and you bite on your lip, wanting nothing more but finally kiss Josh. He’s just perfect to you, and that he shows you his secret place makes your heart flutter even more.
,,Why are you showing it to me than?“ You ask a bit shy, not wanting to ruin the moment.
,,I don’t know, it just feels right.” He smiles up to you since you haven’t taken a seat and plays with his hands.
,,Everything feels right with you.“ He adds fast.
,,What?” Your eyes grow wide, not sure if you heard right.
,,I said that everything feels right with you. I hate that we see each other not so often, cause I like you. A lot.“ He gets up and walks towards you, your faces only inches apart.
,,Actually I like you more than a lot, I like you like, I don’t know. Like is not much enough. I love you Y/N. And it’s okay if you don’t feel the same, but I had to get this off my chest.” He doesn’t meet your eyes and you lower your gaze too. Without realising what you’re doing you grab his hands and intertwine your fingers with each other.
,,I love you too.“ You carefully pull him down to you and press your lips against his, both of you melting by each other’s touch. You have waited for this so long, and his lips just match yours perfectly. He pulls you even closer and lays a hand on your back while his other hand lays on your jaw, thumb slowly stroking your skin.
After a while you pull away, gasping for air.
,,Wow.” You stutter breathless more to yourself than to Josh.
,,Yeah, wow. I wanted to do this for so long.“ His lips forming into a big grin and you let out a laugh.
,,Me too.” You look at your intertwined hands and smile to yourself, this man was all yours now.
,,I guess I have to thank Tyler and Jenna later, without them making fun of me I think I’d never made a move.“ He lets out a chuckle and you play with the fabric of his shirt.
,,Well i think i have to thank them too.” You whisper smiling before leaning in for another kiss.

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