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Rainstorm to lace

Rainstorm: listening to classical music will have me sleeping instantly.
Bones: strength: I know how to hide my true feelings very well. weakness: I don’t show my true feelings that often.
Teacups: strawberry lemonade and water!
Sealing wax: yes! I’ve gotten several letters and have written a few, but that was back in middle school.
Dragons: when I walk into a place, stunting with my heels looking fly. That’s when I feel powerful.
Soup: pizza or chips
Moon: go for late night drives around the city.
Klosh: Romantic era in Europe, 60’s era in the United States, and the Renaissance
Lace: shirt dresses!

18 Days: Dig Deep and Find Your Serenity Face

There are 18 days until Election Day and I am not sure if I will cross that line without exploding in a fit of rage and despair. The only reason there is doubt is because I was, thankfully, able to recalibrate my senses by spending 10 days out of the country and the toxic saturation of this election cycle heavily imbibing on cheap wine, pizza and the awesome power of  the hamster running a Fiat Punto at 130 km/hr. Had I been here I would have checked myself in to a mountain hut rental with a box of kittens, two adorable little boys, a case of prosecco and 54 pairs of flannel pajamas to ride things out. Fortunately I spent my vacation in a country that managed to make Silvio Berlusconi Prime Minister on multiple occasions, and thus folks were a little slower to request citizen explanations of what surely looks to Europe like some sort of midlife electoral crisis. If you tell an Italian “Trump is just trying to out-Berlusconi Berlusconi” you will get the strangest look of knowing laughter, fear and guilt. I highly recommend trying it out in the next 2.5 weeks. Europe of course has had its own electoral crises and the more I learned about Mussolini, the more I felt the dark truth that he was the more apt comparison. Populism can lead to some extremely frightening places very quickly. I long for the days when it is incomprehensible how leaders like Hitler or Mussolini could ever be elected in “modern” societies. Unfortunately now I see exactly how it happens: fear. I don’t think of America and think of fear, or darkness or terrible things, I think of optimism and energy and, dare I say it, hope. I frankly resent being drug into the darkness of this being a terrible place after doing a rather thorough personal research of countries and coming to the conclusion, we are actually quite good in relative terms. Not perfect, but probably the best or close anyway. 

If I try to take something positive out of this election cycle it will be 1) to hit pause every time I feel fear and think long and hard about how that poisons judgement and 2) a mental image of Hillary Rodham Clinton on the debate stage holding her shit together while being assailed with word salad, physical intimidation and the knowledge that absolutely nothing it out of bounds for a person you are engaged in mouth to mouth combat with in front of the entire world. I have never been a lover of Hillary Clinton (mostly because I really detest political nepotism and general perceptions of “slipperiness”) but I am turning into one. The next time I get aggressively catcalled by street guys in hot pursuit of me dragging 50 pounds of samples to a meeting (which happens with unbelievable frequency, thank you Portland, Seattle and SF) or my children end up snotting/puking/pooping/peeing/crying/food smearing on my work dress while I’m trying to rush out the door (also occurring with alarming frequency), instead of invoking a mantra of “serenity now”, I will invoke the slightly smiling and very presidential looking sight of HRC in snappy white pantsuit, letting tremendous big league spittle scented of hair oil and taco salad just roll off her like water off a duck. 30 years of prep turning yourself into a political robot can’t prepare you for that, the woman has mad skillz. Can I move to replace the phrase “resting bitch face” with “unassailable intelligent lady” face, or maybe “you can’t crack me MOFO” face? I am also going to do a little HRC shoulder shimmer any time I score a point against someone acting like a complete asshole in a professional setting.

In politics, as in life, I would call myself determinedly independent. Over the past 8-10 years I have progressively come to wear liberalism very openly. Every election cycle is rough because that puts me at odds with my husband, my family and the bulk of people I know from my upbringing that I look back on with a mix of rosy nostalgia and confusion on how my values ended up at such a different place. 20 years of trying to be informed by the blessing of seeing 60 countries and crossing paths tens of thousands of people of other upbringings would be my answer. 4 or 8 years ago, or say maybe last week,  I would get worked up and verbally rant about “f-ing Republicans” for any number of reasons. I regret it. That kind of talk is how we end up where we are now, where reasonable people cannot even have a discussion because they somehow feel compelled to defend the indefensible acts of the “party” and assault the existence of people who threaten the “party” line. I will however say quite loudly, Fuck Donald Trump. He has on my personal count ruined one of my household member’s perception of America’s people, strained many relationships I hold dear, shattered my own faith in what I thought of this country and its people and lowered a bar of basic political and social discourse so low that I wonder how I will ever be able to explain what it means to be respectful, a leader and free thinking and speaking to my children.  He has also hurt many people I love in a very personal way by bringing to their eyes the hatred, judgement and anger of so many. I don’t know a way back from that and I am really wrestling with it every day. Bravo has not yet been able to pull me out of this tailspin by proving I was naïve to ever have faith in humanity in the first place.

I’ll share one final thought. Other than the extreme composure of HRC, I took one other primary thing away from Wednesday’s debate. It was about Donald Trump repeating the words “tearing limb from limb” about late term abortions over and over. I saw flashes of my kids when they were born and myself pregnant. All I could think about is what kind of terrible situation would lead a mom who had carried a child for months to that place. My heart truly hurts for anyone there, I mean that in the true physical and literal way, not in the pandering politician way of saying “hearts and minds” and other drivel. Thanks to the modern miracle of facebook discovered I read two stories through friends feeds of women in such a terrible predicament, both devout Mormons (reminding me I owe Mitt Romney and the collective Mormon faith a few apologies as well), who shared such an experience. One was a well reported story of a  womean pregnant with twins, one who died in utero, and was slowly slipping into sepsis that would kill her and the other unborn child. She, with the support of her Bishop, had the procedure because she had 6 other kids who needed her and death of her and the other twin was an apparent certainty. The other was a friend of friend that had a severely ill fetus and also the blessing of her Bishop to have a late term abortion. She did not have the procedure but delivered the child and watched in agony as her baby suffered in pain for a week before dying, wondering if she had made the right decision. Even if a woman made such a choice simply as a matter of choice, she clearly spent many months in uncertain torment and has to wrestle with her own decisions after.  I am seriously crying thinking of that detestable human being spewing about babies’ limbs for his own personal gain to people with such unimaginable experiences of pain. For me, those two women are the capstone of all the insults against Hispanics, LGBTs, women, African Americans, Muslims, immigrants and Hillary as a human being. Other than being generally offensive to the human race and the idea of what it means to be American, the Donald hasn’t gone after me personally, but I have such a hard time not taking personal offense and feeling viscerally all of this God-awful talk. I don’t know how to look people in the eye that try to defend that, so if you know me please don’t. Vote for him, fine, but please don’t defend that kind of barbarism and I promise you, I won’t try to defend so much as using the bathroom at Goldman Sachs or Yahoo levels of email mismanagement. Wearing my passions on the page makes me feel better, that is this post’s only purpose. Do any friends know where I can get a box of Grey Persian kittens for the weekend?




Let’s keep this ball rolling - AMRAP of 300. Ended up with 5 clean reps! Thanks pizza! @rshady__ (at Peak Power Sport Development)

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10.13.16 | Back to Square One |

I’ve been really into fitness for the past 3 years, but for the past year or so I haven’t been truly serious about it. I’ll go to the gym and then immediately eat away all of my calories at fast food restaurants anywhere between 2-5 times a week. So now I’ve decided to start journaling my workouts and progress. I’m turning 21 soon and heading to Disney World in about 4 months to run my second half marathon and I want to be in the best shape that I can be for that.

My only class today got let out early, so as soon as I got home from school I grabbed my gym bag and left for the gym immediately. I have a midterm tomorrow that I wanted to study for before work, so I decided to do some review while I was on the elliptical for an hour. I burned about 512 calories. I’m not sure what I weighed this morning as I’m trying to cut back on weighing myself, but MFP said that I’d weigh 156.8 in 5 weeks if every day were like today which is exciting! My birthday is in 40 days from today so I’d like to be in the 150s by then, so I’ve got some work to do.


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Free My Mind, alone we dwell…✍🏿

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shrek, th guy in ur icon, bill cipher, powerful yoshi, pizza steve, and pearl

oholy shit

  • give a CapriSun and lay down for a nap: Pearl (she needs it)
  • enlist to help build a pillow fort: The guy in my icon
  • slingshot into the deep recesses of space: Powerful Yoshi (he’ll…survive…right)
  • sing bad karaoke and play DDR at 3am with: SHREK
  • smack with a rolled up newspaper: Bill Cipher
  • let borrow the aux chord on a road trip: Pizza Steve

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You're the trope where you're carrying bags to your car and you trip and the cute girl comes up and helps you pick your stuff up, which includes ingredients to make pizza. When she asks, you tell her you were making pizza with your friends that night and she mentions she's amazing at that so you invite her over and it's true love ok

I would absolutely do this. <3 I make a bomb ass mediterranean pizza. I also love that all my future relationships are probably going to revolve around pizza as a result of the powerful impact pizza girl has had on my life. Which is accurate because pizza is very important to me. <3 ILY MEDHA

tell me what romance trope i am! plz and ty.