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Anarchie’s Mega Goth Post #1

I only have, like, 5 fucking ass fucking McFucking fucka-fuckbutt-dickfuck fuckfuck fucktures of Muriel and Malfiore, so I don’t know how on Earth I’m getting away with calling this a “mega post”, but I guess you can consider this the first of many. 
Currently, there’s more to come. Not immediately, but soon.
If you two(edit: back down to one) freaks who follow me recall, I credit @pan-pizza with the concept behind these two. Anarchie was always going to get a goth girl or two just by the nature of the story, but I baptized these two with Pan’s Unholy Liquid. 

Drawn by @alouissever

Drawn/animated by @spookyfishcakes

Drawn by @nicolas-px-art

Drawn by @alouissever

Muriel Morash and Marie “Malfiore” Evans. Undoubtedly going to be part of more stories than just Anarchy in Prague. Like, zero more. Because I’ve only just completed the first draft of Anarchie.

Fun facts!

  • Muriel was born in Dublin, Ireland. Marie was born in Birmingham, England.
  • As with many other things in Anarchy in Prague, their names are references to ‘90s media. Muriel Morash stems from Muriel Bagge (elderly woman character from Courage the Cowardly Dog) and Rodney Morash (protagonist of GTA: London 1969). Malfiore has two references to Ed Edd n Eddy— her name “Marie” being the name of a character in the show, and her clothing being very literally a gothic version of Ed’s.
  • Malfiore lives in a sewer palace as an homage to Cube, a character from the Jet Set Radio series
  • Muriel’s design comes as a cross between two characters— Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, and Sebastian Niccals, father of Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz fame.
  • Malfiore casually uses nadsat, the fictional slang of the violent youths in Anthony Burgess’s 1963 novella, A Clockwork Orange.
  • Though they are part of separate musical groups, they both form a two-goth dark cabaret group. It doesn’t have a name and they’ve never recorded a song or advertised themselves; if you want to hear them, you have to seek them out.
  • Muriel, when she’s not gothing around, works as a librarian and erotic writer. No one knows how Malfiore makes a living, however.
  • Though they are allegedly lesbians, they may also be bisexual. They have a massive fetish for nerdy Latinos.
  • Only Muriel describes herself as a goth girl. Malfiore describes herself as a “doom girl”. 
  • Muriel’s theme song is Joy Division’s “Dead Souls
  • Malfiore’s theme song is (unsurprisingly) Electric Wizard’s “Malfiore (aka Flower of Evil)”. This is where she got her name.
  • <p> <b></b> [The gang playing spin the bottle Truth or Dare version]<p/><b>Kim:</b> *spins bottle* *lands on Trini*<p/><b>Kim:</b> Truth or dare?<p/><b>Kim:</b> **wiggling eyebrows*<p/><b>Trini:</b> *gay panicking* DARE!!?!<p/><b>Kim:</b> I dare you to *gets closer* order us a pizza<p/><b>Trini:</b> *dies*<p/></p>
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Old dude on the tv: People value wifi more then clean underwear!!! Can you believe these millenials!?!

I have so many different responses to that:

  • Me, a depressed millenial who only gets out of bed and accomplishes anything because of my computer: Yep.
  • Those darn millenials and their online classes. How dare they try to get an education while being disabled and/or holding down a job?!
  • This coming from the generation that thinks people aren’t entitled to clean clothes.
  • Wifi is more than just fun, it’s information and information is knowledge and knowledge is power and power is pizza but Baby Boomers probably don’t want us to be informed or have power. 
  • Also who cares even if they were putting fun over hygene? Conformity is bull, happiness is important.
  • Also wifi is pretty much a necessity at this point, especially if you’re in school.