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That Would Be Great

Summary:  What do you think, Jack? Should we play wingmen tonight? Get Bitty here at least some digits?” Shitty asked. Jack just wanted to hang out with his best friend and secret boyfriend. What was going on? A little one-shot featuring a meddlesome Shitty, an insecure Jack, and Bitty just wants pizza, y'all.  Also on AO3

“Well, when was the last time you saw him?” Bitty asked.

“Two weeks ago, and he said, ‘That’s too long, brah! Too long!’” Jack replied doing his best Shitty impersonation.

Jack and Bitty sat at the pizza place down the street from Jack’s apartment and waited for Shitty to arrive. When Shitty got wind that Bitty was staying at Jack’s before the start of the semester (for what he thought was a few days), he invited himself for a sleepover.

“Just like the old haus days, right?” he had said over the phone.

Bitty had been staying with Jack for five days, since coming back from Madison. Their relationship was still new and exciting, and Jack had wanted to keep it all to himself when he accidentally let it slip that Bitty was there. And so, Bitty and Jack sat at Pizza Nova waiting for Shitty, their bubble of intimacy burst by a fuzzy, well-intentioned mustache.

Bitty smiled and slid his foot against Jack’s calf under the table.

“Keep that up, and Shitty will come here to find an empty table,” Jack smirked.

“Oh?” Bitty said with feigned innocence. “Why?”

“Because I’ll have to carry your trouble making cute self back to our bed,” Jack said, his voice deep and low.

Bitty shrugged as he looked at the menu with a grin. “That’d be all right with me. Pepperoni sound good?”

Jack laughed softly and gripped Bitty’s thigh, when they heard, “Shitty’s home!”

Bitty jumped out of the booth and ran to hug Shitty.

“Bitty Bits, so good to see you!” Shitty cried out.

“Have a seat Harvard boy,” Bitty said as he pulled Shitty into the booth.

“Shits,” Jack nodded with a smile.


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