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#wheresjojo @comedianjojo Hey Rochester, NY! I am coming back and beru excited July 27, 28 AND 29th Stay tuned for details and tickets! Going to be a GREAT comedy show with LOL. Ladies of laughter! #beautifulbeast🎤 #rp Thank you. Tag a Pizza or pizza man lover! Lol This guy was awesome! !! @comedianjojo PIZZA man ❤❤❤❤ 🍕🍕🍕there is a reason for this video!! For #babyJoJo #lol Frankie Hankie , @miss_sweetea see????? It finally happpened… Lol it took some pushing! #ha !! I finally got the Pizza guy to say it back! ! #jk #thankful #comedy #show #EverydayWeGrinding #pizza #love #jojocollins #iloveyou the easiest I love you I had ever said aside from my baby girl was telling the Dominoes pizza guy , I love you after every order pre- delivery! 💯👀👍🎯👣❤ #random #iloveyou #attention #hoelife #attentionhoe not #regular #hoelife thank you for my #funny #family @talentdacomedian for this stay, show bomb tastic and my wandering as awesome!! #lol #silly #weird

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crazyloveable  asked:

My opinion on you based off your page: I think youre really cool to be honest. I think youre very passionate about things and have a wide variety of interests. You struggle, yes. I think youre a really loveable and loving person. You also seem to have a grudge against pineapple pizza.

thank you omg!! this is really sweet and aaahhh - also it’s less a grudge against pineapple pizza itself and more I Love To Argue With My QPP

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pink eyeshadow, mocktails

As much as I love pizza pasta will forever be my love! Particularly Fettuccini Alfredo…
And cold weather all the way! I live in a place that in the summer the heat gets up to 110 with humidity of like 80 percent, so any type of chill I can get is a blessing!

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Idk if anti-honesty hour is up or not but I need to know...Do you like pineapple on pizza?

anti-honesty hour is in full swing. So with that in mind… I love all things pizza, especially pineapple. I love it. It’s like the God’s themselves placed pineapple on earth specifically for pizza. Pizza is amazing but with pineapple it’s like gold little nuggets all over the top…