pizza is good

i don’t know what i expected

No one in this house was gonna make supper bc “oh well lol u already ate 2day” so I was like 👀 I’m not playing this game so I ordered a pizza w my parentals $$$ and now they’re like “,,,,hey why aren’t u sharing,,,,,,, u can’t just buy a whole pizza 4 Urself” actually I can n just did fuck u this pizza is so good

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good things that have happened this summer:
- got my lovely guinea pig, nora
- discovered a lot of bands that i like and refueled my love of music
- joined a band and have gotten close with the other members
- performed 5 shows
- anna r-eadingawaylife came to visit
- des moines art festival
- won lieutenant governor at iowa girls state
- cut my hair
- got my nose pierced
- lots of night drives/milkshake runs/taco pizza orders with good pals
- got a 30 on the act

good things yet to happen this summer:
- seeing foster the people and aretha franklin for free tomorrow
- two weeks camp!!!
- my seventeenth birthday
- the band’s album releases and we’ll be doing lots of shows
- possibly seeing one direction in concert with anna
- alt-j concert
- iowa state fair
- lake trip to minnesota with my family

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Name: tyler/beck
Time and date: June 3rd 12:04
Average hours of sleep: anywhere between 3 and 12 hours aha
Last thing you googled: trazodone side effects
Birthday: feb 16
Gender: demiboy
Sexual orientation: aceflux 
(and panromantic)
Favorite color: peach, dark purples, light blues, periwinkle (!!!) and yellow
One place that makes me happy: anywhere with matt
Last book I read:
Most used phrase: “yikes” or “nice”
Last thing I said to a family member: “goodnight”
Favorite beverage: vanilla iced coffee
Favorite food: vegan pizza is really good so i guess that
Last movie I watched: gone girl
Dream vacation: roadtrip of the u.s with matt @wheredidthefartygo!! so cliche but it would be so so so fun. and then after that going to england would b cool.
Dream wedding: tbh i just want a small wedding with a few close friends
Dream pets: lots of dogs!!! snakes, rats, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, ferrets omg
Dream job: aaa idk something with music or art but that’s not gonna happen so id settle for working at a bookstore, library or art store :^)

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Andrew Lowe - PIZZA Unofficial Music Video