pizza is good

Strange Conversation Starters:
  • (that have all happened to us or someone we know)
  • “I hate Times New Roman.”
  • “You can’t drink a solid!”
  • “Interrobang is the best form of punctuation.”
  • “Have you ever had pineapple tea?”
  • “Pizza toppings always make good bisexual jokes.”
  • “Maybe he shapeshifted into a pet salamander.”
  • “Help me, I’m having problems with white people.”
  • “My math teacher is having a conversation about anime.”
  • “That’s the special chair for my special students.”
  • “Did you hear the meowing man?”
  • “That’s three-way telepathy.”
  • “As an actual piece of trash, let me say…"
  • “It’s like, I’ll be there but I’ll be in sweatpants.”
  • “Turns out turkeys can fly. I got electrocuted learning that today.”
  • “It smells like air freshener and death in here!”
  • “I’m so hyped. I’m gonna yell at you, because that’s what friends are for right?”
  • “I haven’t been on a geology trip since my husband _____ divorced me."
  • “And that’s how I got banished from Siberia for the first out of nine times.”

익명 회원 질문:

But how do you know when to use a semi colon?

I just sort of do it when it feel natural. It is a pause in the way a comma is a pause but rather than separating two phrases which are connected (like “the pizza is good, but it is too cold”) it joins two ideas which could be written separately but either 1) sounds better in terms of cadence when separated by a longer pause or 2) are very closely related to each other. So I would write “The pizza is really good; the crust is nice, the cheese is browned, and the sauce is delicious.” Because the semicolon functions as a less long period here, but also connects those two fully-formed sentences together. It sounds awkward to replace it with a period right? The pause is too long and implies a bigger separation between the two than actually exists- those two sentences are complete but need each other for context.

It is the sort of thing you just develop an ear for, like grammar. Some things just feel better on the page, and all my writing has a pretty distinctive cadence/I write my papers all pretty similarly because I have a comfortable writing voice. But everyone has a different voice and the semicolon is stylistic as much as it is related to grammar- I’ve had professors tell me I needed to remove a particular semicolon here or there and totally disagreed. I’ve also used some where I just needed to end the sentence completely. You could get by very well without ever using a semicolon, but my particular style relies on them.


Andrew Lowe - PIZZA Unofficial Music Video