pizza is good

  • Mom:There are fresh california rolls with a bunch of wasabi and spicy sauce in the fridge for you!
  • Me:But I still have a well-above-the-serving-size portion of dollar store pizza rolls in the freezer?
  • Mom:Eat those later. The sushi won't keep as long.
  • Me:But I have sriracha for the pizza rolls...
  • Mom:...
  • Me:*reaches for freezer door*
  • Mom:Don't you dare!
  • Me:*sighs heavily and gets the sushi out of the fridge*

i’m pretty self conscious about my language skills + coherency for someone who just last week stared at a piece of pizza for 15 minutes before finally figuring out how to convey that i thought it tasted good, which i did by saying “pizza this good taste“ and it took all my concentration to come up with that combination of words and say them aloud

and i’m not on any meds or getting any kind of treatment whatsoever, so i mean i am doing pretty damn good at communicating with people

but the thing is, the reason i am able to do this well is by obsessing about everything i say and do, and not only is it draining, but it means that even when i post something perfectly coherent, i always feel like to other people it sounds like word salad

anonym fragte:

WHY DOES FROZEN PIZZA SUCK AND HOW CAN I FIX IT SEND H E L P -a struggling college student

I’m sorry =(.

Pizza rolls are delicious and good even frozen. I haven’t actually had frozen real pizza in years.


Andrew Lowe - PIZZA Unofficial Music Video