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name: Rei
birthday: July 16th
gender: Male
orientation: Chicken
age: 22

favorite soda: Urge 
favorite candy: White chocolate 
favorite pizza: Good chicken + other thingies works for me 
favorite salad dressing: Party dressing
favorite meal: Eggrolls. I have an addiction.

best memory: Getting my gameboy colour on my birthday as a kid 
best friend: The idiot in Germany, if we talk non-internet friends. 
best relative: Anyone on my mothers side of the family
best pet: I’ve loved all of mine equally. They’re all charming in their own ways. 
best celebrity: Honestly no clue at all

one random fact about you: I have too many muses, they ruin my days.
one random fact about your day: I’m currently enjoying Warioland 4! 
one random fact about your job/school: My university! It looks like a mall on the inside.
one random fact about your favorite tv show: What is this thing called TV show
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t: Seiyuus are born in the middle of the forest. Their mothers learn them the act of voice acting from a young age, and when their voices has developed, they’ll fly out of their nest and find the nearest recording studio to voice our favorite anime/game characters.

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Andrew Lowe - PIZZA Unofficial Music Video