pizza is good

Today I handed in the fianl version of my Bachelor thesis, spent 12 hours on the Gotland Game Conference´s showfloor, showing our game, had a casual conversation with a hella rad lady who used to work in the white house and ate some pizza. It was a prety good day.

This Sunday,May 31st ,don’t miss out on #SUNDAYFUNDAY good #music and good #pizza ! @empireslicehouse @djdiverse and @deejaydl will be in the mix with a live painting by @j_nicole_comanche , with your host @mynameisjabee !!!!! #DJLIFE #OKLAHOMADJ #GOODMUISC #GOODVIBES #PIZZALIFE #HIPHOP #OKLAHOMA #PLAZADISTRICT #PATIOVIBES #OKLAHOMACITY (at Empire Slice House)

Excellent night in Florence with @esthervadams !!! Pizza, wine, and good company is all you need sometimes. (at Florence, Italy)

We thought pizza would be a good idea, so Brian went and got pizza.

Except he got there, and it was wrong. So they made another, and told him to keep the first, too.

Except the second one was still slightly wrong.

So he came home anyway, with two slightly-wrong pizzas. Well, I should clarify a bit. His half of the pizzas were wrong. Mine were right.

Except for the lack of sauce. Which wasn’t apparent cause it wasn’t red sauce.

And now I feel sick after eating the pizza anyway, and we have a whole pizza and a half still to eat, and the last thing I want is more of that pizza. Pretty much ever.

babeloptics perguntou:

Hopefully I didn't miss out on the Top 5 party. Top 5 favorite things to consume! (food, soda, water, anything!)

Oh my!  Let’s see…

1. Tea - both ways ;)

2. Mexican food, specifically fajitas from my favorite place in town

3. Really good pizza

4. A delicious breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon, crepes, etc. - any combination of these things)

5. A double double animal style (light on the pickles) from In n Out

Thank you for asking!

anônimo perguntou:

6, 16, 39

6:Do you wish to travel a lot?

I actually did travel and move from place to place quite a bit, and I enjoyed it! However.. In a way I do want to travel again, but the thing is I’m worried I’ll make new friends at the places I go and never see them again..

16:What song are you currently listening to? This!~

39:What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Good ol’ regular cheese pizza. Yes, I’m weird ;w;


Today is Day 68.

It was a very long day today. Just got home a bit ago. Pretty good day for the plan, I ate off plan for dinner. Had a very small serving of corned beef and a comfortable helping of carrots and cabbage. My first forray into this St. Patrick’s Day special, and it was pretty good. I have another long day tomorrow and need to head to bed now, so I can survive waking up early to get my rear on the treadmill.


Thick Crust Pizza - Good (Added turkey pepperoni - I can’t believe I ever tried to live without turkey pepperoni.)

Chicken Noodle Soup - Good

White Cheddar Popcorn - Good

anônimo perguntou:

L; yum, pizza is good! What toppings do you like?

Dads was in the pizza industry way before I was born, so I grew up with pizza
And I’ve got to say
Bbq sauce, chicken, tomato, pineapple and olives
And then they released spinach so I put that on there too

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