pizza is good

Pizza, Cupcake, and Cream puff

Today is a fat day. I woke up at around 10 AM and headed to the gym before making a trek out to Shimokitazawa.

First stop was ロクサン (Roxanne). This was a pizza place I found on tabelog. I got a pizza lunch set for 980¥. It came with a small 2 topping personal pizza, a drink (I chose orange juice), and a small salad. Luckily all the toppings were written in katakana which I could read. I settled on bacon and salami. The pizza was really good. I initially went since I thought the pizza was a deep dish pizza but it was a normal thickish crust pizza.

Next stop I wandered around for a coffee shop called “Bear Pong Espresso”. It was mentioned on one or two blogs and also it has a rule where oh can’t take photos. That was reason enough for me to go. I ended up getting a latte. I tried drinking it without any sugar but gave up on that very quickly. Three packets of sugar later it was great. Tokyo seems full of these interesting, small coffee shops. I will need to continue exploring them.

I was waiting to meet up with a friend so I continued wandering around Shimokitazawa. I ducked into a B-label shop and bought some postcards and stickers. Looking forward to finding people who want them.

Despite planning to get cream puffs later I of course decided to get cupcakes. Right across the street was a place called NY cupcakes which was suppose to be nice but I wanted to try something different. I looked online and wandered a little bit but ended up just getting a cupcake there and eating outside. I bought a mocha cream cupcake which was nice. I tend to enjoy super simple cupcakes which this place didn’t have. The cake portion of the cupcake wasn’t as moist as I would have liked but the frosting was nice. Overall it is a nice cupcake in the area but not a place I would go out of my way for.

At this point it was like 2:30 so I walked back to the station to meet up with my friend. I settled down on a bench and just listened to a podcast to kill the time. A friend from the office pointed me to a few podcasts he likes so I tried listening to one of those. the podcast is called Snap Judgement and it is really good. Another NPR podcast so I knew from the get go it would be awesome. The story was about a journalist covering a war in Libya and the mercenary he hired to help him go undercover and stay alive. Pretty intense material to say the least.

I met my friend Alicia at around 3 and we wandered around Shimokitazawa for a bit. The plan was to go to Shiro-Hige, a cream puff place that sells totoro shaped cream puffs. I honestly don’t know much about the Shimokitazawa area so I opted to going to the cafe first and then wander around the area later.

Shiro-hige (white beard) is a really cute little shop. It is a small two story house with a shop downstairs with a bit of patio seating, and a cafe on the second floor with more seating. You can see lots of random ghibli plush toys and artwork scattered throughout the shop and the shop sort of feels like something out of a ghibli movie. We got seated on the patio and ordered two mochas and a chocolate cream puff to share.

The cream puffs are massive and incredibly cute. I like to think I don’t take a lot of photos of food but I probably should have taken a dozen photos of this pastry. We split the cream puff in half and it was also really tasty. I was half expecting the appeal to all be in the look and presentation but the cream puff was really yummy. This is definitely a place I would go out of my way for. A must see place if you love ghibli movies.

When we finished eating my friend and I wandered Shimokitazawa for a while before calling it a day. I am on my way home now to hopefully bake some cookies. I need to figure out dinner also. I feel pretty fat right now though. Pizza, cupcake, cream puff, a mocha, a latte, and that was all in the span of a few hours.



Wow today was awesome!!
Slept for 9 hours and then went to Theresa’s house for a grad shoot. We used Vivians car first but it sounded like it was going to fall apart so we switched out to Ryan’s and crammed 4 people in the backseat. Pics at gamble gardens was so nice!! we wanted to get sushiritto but they close at 3 pm wth. So we got gong cha paxti’s pizza n it was still good. Then we took more pics and got philz coffee at the end, went back to Theresa’s house, turned up a bit and watched direct tv until 10:30 LOL. I hope I’m able to remember this day in the future

As I’ve been a victim of a 24 HOUR HANGOVER (I had no idea that this was possible), I wanted to start the day with something health-filled that used up all the leftovers I have in my kitchen.

Can I introduce my greatest breakfast recipe yet: the avo-eggo breakfast pizza (avocado and egg 🌞).

First, toast the wrap in a griddle pan until lovely and brown, then mash up half an avocado on the wrap. Season with salt, pepper and olive oil. Make sure that’s all mixed in - no one wants a bland avocado!

Fry two eggs sunny side up, season with pepper and a little salt. Put some leftover Greek salad on top of the avocado and wrap base (basically it’s spinach leaves, pepper, red onion, olives and feta in an olive oil and oregano dressing).

Place the eggs on top and eat like a pizza! It’s deliiiiicious and good for yo’ body!

Day 35: Steve and I avoided down town tonight and instead had a quiet meal at Famoso tonight. The pizza is just so good you can’t help yourself. Yum.

A Public Service Warning From Pizza Hut on the Dangers of Selfie Sticks

A Public Service Warning From Pizza Hut on the Dangers of Selfie Sticks

Pizza Hut stopped tasting good a long time ago. The company’s recent parody of selfie sticks, however, is spot on. According to the video’s earnest narrator, our selfies face an existential threat. What, you ask, could endanger the sacred selfie? None other than the absurd stick invented to turn every life experience into a desperately angled plea for social media likes. “By moving the camera…

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watercolourponies replied to your post:The pizza was really good you should all have real…

every time someone brings up my dad’s deployment to Italy way back when the only thing he talks about is the pizza, I must try it

One day I’m gonna get filthy rich and make my own TV show and I’ll just go from house to house taking people to eat proper Italian pizza and then at the end of the show we’re gonna set a Chicago-style pie on fire

Dear Dad,

It was so hard to get up this morning…it fucking sucked!! Having to go to work when all I wanted to do was stay in bed? Gross…

Work was work…boring…busy…. whatever. I did, however, find out that one of the girls I work with had money stolen too so that’s defs what happened to my 50 on the 14th. Tomorrow at the workshop it’ll be brought up… yippeeee…………

Anyway, after work I met Karina and we went to Doria where they made me a vegan pizza woo. So good, but waaay too expensive. They just redid it all on the inside. So nice but too overpriced.

We were gonna watch a movie but couldn’t pick one so I watched one in my room and then some supernatural.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t suck as much as I think it will…

Love, Liv.

anonymous asked:

Haha pizza? Is that your favorite food? Let me know so I can splurge and make those eye gleeaamm

I don’t know what my favorite food is. Probably ice cream or sushi. But pizza is pretty good too!