pizza is good


Solo pizza party.🍕 What’s good. || #pizzapartyofone #pizza @pizza_babes_ #letsgetiton

i ate a slice of pizza here earlier today. remembering good times with Jody Stoddard, Christine, Justin Maruco, Jeremy Colonero, Andrew Lee Dodd, Chris Zeppieri, Abdul Fofanah, Jake Frost, Rory Ellis, Mark, Craig Passero, Matty Long, Dave DelTorto, John Mayo, and everyone else I rode with in Boston. Timeless BMX! #bmx #timeless #timelessbmx #boston #cambridge #pizza #skampa

Presenting the satirical review Pizza Hut didn’t know it needed until I sent it:

Let me tell you. I love Pizza Hut. My ex and I used to order pizza from your store maybe once a week. It was a problem. This is the first time I’ve ordered from Pizza Hut since the breakup. I was really looking forward to it because it had been about two months since I’d been able to indulge in the pleasure that can only be found in your food. It was incredible. The pizza was filling and I skipped out on the breadsticks because I knew I couldn’t eat much more. So this morning when I got up, I was immediately comforted in knowing I had leftover pizza and breadsticks waiting for me in the fridge. The pizza was good even leftover. But the breadsticks? I was not prepared for the taste I would find. Upon taking a bite of breadstick, amidst the taste of seasoning, I could taste the lingering remnants of something else. Was it…cinnamon? I’m assuming the breadsticks had been left somewhere around some cinnamon sticks, perhaps even touching. And as I continued eating the breadsticks, the lingering taste of cinnamon became more overwhelming - and I found myself craving your delicious cinnamon sticks. My heart wasn’t ready to desire yet again something that I cannot have - only this time in sugary food form. I won’t be quick to recommend Pizza Hut to my friends because I’m sincerely hoping none of my friends ever have to taste the disappointment and desire I tasted. I can taste the lingering cinnamon in my mouth even now, hours later. Nicely played, Pizza Hut. I didn’t think someone would play with my emotions again so quickly. I suppose I will have to order your cinnamon sticks sometime soon to get over this food related heart break the same way I got over my last heart break: a taste of something sweeter.

*Note: this is all in good humor, not at all out of bitterness or anything of the sort.

Everyday is Calda Pizza Day! You’ll surely get tantalized by Calda’s extraordinary, delectable, oozing cheesy, thin-crust, and overloaded pizza goodness. 

 Give us a call TODAY! 

🍕CALDA XU: (in front of Xavier University) 0922-8238230 | 880-1502 

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 🍕CALDA PUEBLO: Lorraine’s Portico, Master Rd., Xavier Estates 0917-3223899 | 858-9669 

Here's a list of my favorite snakcs

• Orange Juice - you can never go wrong with a cup of orange juice honestly. Any time of the day. Morning, noon or night. Orange juice will make me feel so much better.

• Pizza - Wow. Just wow!!! Pizza is SOO GOOD! I went to Italy several years ago and nothing is better than pizza that’s cooked in a brick oven!!!!

• Strawberries - omg… do y'all even understand that this is torture??? Talking about my favorite foods and not being able to eat it… strawberries dipped in Nutella lord Jesus…

• Sour Patch Kids - this may be a little gross but I like my SPKs to a little warm so they’re easier to chew. I have to feel them in the bag in the store before I buy them and if I can’t squish them through the bag, they’re not the ones I want lol

• Lemonade - I love lemonade so much. That one summer when McDonalds had that lemonade mixed with the red dye???? Chile I got sick because I drank that for about 15 days straights

• Starburst - hmmm this one is a favorite but I have to floss right after because it hurts my teeth :( it’s kind of a win lose sitch

• Ice Coffee - FROM LITERALLY ANYWHERE!!! McDonalds, 7/11, Starbucks, Burger King… it’s like.. You can never go wrong with ice coffee (at least not with Carmel or Vanilla)


I spent Saturday night in my hometown visiting the people I grew up with and I got really drunk and talked about these lights non stop and also sat outside waiting for pizza for a good 45 minutes

yo if anyone needs it papa john’s current discounts for the day are 50DEAL for 50% off reg price pizza or MANICMONDAY for 40% off large/XL pizza reg price (08/31/15 exp)

go forth and enjoy pizza goodness