pizza is good

school: *orders 100 pizzas for the students to eat because they are helping at open night*

me: *forgets im lactose intolerant and that cheese gives me headaches*
me: I’ll have some pieces !!
me: *eats four pieces*

me now: *is in pain and wants to throw up*
me now: but.. it was so good..

ID #44022

Name: Ginny
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hey theeere!
Just in case someone is looking for a German penpal with the least German-sounding name, here I am.
My life is everything but boring(usually). I enjoy sharing stories about it and hearing about yours, whatever your stories are about.
Here’s a few things I like: dogs, pizza, movie nights(horror movies, anyone?), Overwatch (or videogames in general), being spontaneous and talking to strangers, a lot.
I have a serious case of wanderlust, or in other words, I love traveling and want to do it as much as possible, which is why I’m doing it a lot (while still trying to look like a responsible adult :D ) and I enjoy learning languages too! One day I want to buy a camper van and just go on a really big adventure. What’s your dream?
Oh and when I’m not out and about I usually like to practice guitar/piano or drawing.
Apart from being a bit of a weirdo(the good kind), I’ve also been told to be a good listener so if you ever struggle with anything I’m happy to hear about it!

Preferences: Nah, just be yourself. I usually want to skip all the small talk and go straight to more.. “meaningful” conversation haha, so bear with me >_<

Soooo this pretty gal @2-grams tagged me.. enjoy me jamming out with me not knowing my pizza undies were making an appearance 😅🤘🏻

Hmmmm lemme see @kingoftheugly @astr0zombies @angry-probably @xaoex @neckthewoods @mtvcliffrd @bongtokingprincess @bongtokingredneck @samwise-ganjaa 💋