pizza is good


my boss was ordering lunch and asked if I wanted anything. I said I had stuff to make a salad, so I was okay. She said the place makes good pizza and I commented that I love pizza, but would eat my salad. Turns out she ordered me a pizza anyway.

Tenets of catsnugglerism

Inspired by edwadism, catsnugglerism:

  • is neutral on the pulp/no-pulp orange juice compass
  • believes pineapple on pizza is good

However, catsnugglerists differ on socks to bed, as that is too warm; and are at least neutral on gif pronunciation, or slightly favoring “g”.

Catsnugglerists, however, are no simple splitters, and possess a unique platform, too:

  • Every single person must kiss every cat they meet. Every single person, every single cat, so they always know they are loved. We are currently working on a cure for cat allergies.
  • At sunrise and sunset, everyone will turn towards their local graveyards and do the skeleton dance, as homage to the Skeleton Man.
  • Black coffee is superior coffee. Sugary coffee is great, but black coffee is the best.
  • History’s cool.

Clearly, as you can tell, catsnugglerism is a complex, formidable ideology.