BNHA Pizza Delivery AU

- Delivers pizza to both heroes and villains alike bc hey money is money. It’s an unspoken rule among villains that pizza dilevery guys are treated fairly.

- Once delivered pizzas to both Class 1A and the Villain Alliance on the same night. Almost mixed up their orders, but one called for extra peppers.

- Upon delivering to the Villain Alliance shouting was heard. Someone was telling Shigaraki to turn down his music.

- A sharp dressed man with mist surrounding him answered the door. He was “trying” to be civil but the shouting in the background was clearly ticking him off.

- He forked over the money and was about to close the door when someone ran past snatching the pizzas. The black mist guy hissed “Dabi” under his breath and closed the door.

- Class 1A’s dormitory was a bit rowdy that night. Music could also be heard from outside. It sounded like they were having a party.

- A tall, skeleton of a man answered the door. His height was imposing, but he looked like the wind would blow him over if it was strong enough. The man was friendly, making small talk and explaining the party was just something the kids thought would be fun.

- He handed over the money for the pizzas when a student shouted “THE PIZZAS ARE HERE!” Other shouts of excitement filled the air. “Hurry up All Might! I’m starving!”

- A blonde boy appeared next to All Might. “You better have my order right!” “Now, now young Bakugou I’m sure they did.” He set a hand atop the boy’s shoulders. Bakugou took the pizzas from All Might and returned to the party.

- All Might asked if they would like to join the party, but they politely declined. All Might made sure to give them a big tip.

You’ve really helped build my confidence, you’re always encouraging and reassuring me and I truly appreciate every bit of it. I’m learning how to open up and grow and I love you for teaching me- regardless of whether you know you are or not.

DCMK AU where Aoko is told at some point that Shinichi Kudo was the one who gave Kid a run for his money at the clocktower heist and decides that he’s gonna help her catch the Kid, goddamnit! But she finds that Kudo has gone missing since then, so she begins her own investigation to find him because she’s that kind of person who sticks her nose into anything she finds interesting.

This could either lead her to Beika and eventually learning about Conan or, in the spirit of Aoko inevitably getting into and somehow surviving trouble when she does this kind of thing, she gets apotoxin’d. Cue either the most rage filled and troublemaking member of the Detective Boys or her staying with Akako to try and find a spell to counter the problem. Or both.

Bonus: Kaito and her dad don’t recognize her, a la Conan and Ran, and it starts to effect them at Kid heists.