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Things that only SPN fandom can understand:
  • “Oh my Chuck!”
  • “Carry on my wayward soOOOOOon” means “somebody’s gonna die”
  • “Adam? Who the fuck is Ad- Ooooh, right!”
  • “It’s just a car!”: fandom screaming
  • “Why does everyone have to die!?”
  • Lucifer and Death are good guys
  • Metatron is not.
  • Don’t get stuck on tuesday
  • “How can Sam get wifi everywhere?”
  • “It’s funnier in enochian”
  • Dean is the pizzaman
  • There are a lot of ways to say “I love you”
  • Twist and Shout
  • “How can this cast be so fucking attractive!?”
  • God is bisexual
  • Thinking “I kinda miss the apocalypse”
  • “I can dig Elvis”: fandom heartbreak
  • “Bitch”, “Jerk”, “Idiot”, “Assbutt”.
  • Your social life ended with “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days”
  • “I usually suffer from insomnia” actually means “I usually spend the night reading Destiel fanfictions”
  • “Why do I still watch this show?”
Games and Pizza

warnings: none

words: 1,162

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: hey! love the blog. could I request a peter x reader when y/n is on the volleyball team at their school and she has her first game. they win and have pizza at peters house, which ends with them sleeping in the same bed together (I’m sorry I had to asdfgh) they’re also crushing on each other but don’t say anything! my team number is #10 btw!! thank u!

a/n: thank u for liking my blog!! I know literally nothing about volleyball but I tried lmao. I also totally cant remember if their mascot is a tiger, but it is in this bc I (once again) haven’t slept. I hope u like it! requests are open!

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LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: grantaire & gavroche

making a mess, sarcastic quips, shooting hoops and basketball tricks, roaming the streets, doing impressions, setting up elaborate pranks, getting bored of activities halfway through, going out for pizza, twisting their cap round on their head, wearing the same t-shirts for days, going out of your way to do each other favours, always having an apple in your pockets, energy drinks, pokemon, all-out halloween costumes, staying up way too late. (requested by anonymous) 

yay for cool banners

sup nerds i decided to collide all of the masterposts and masterposts of masterposts into one giant ass masterpost because why the fuck not
here we goooo
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A Good Time (2/4)

SUMMARY. College AU. Bucky Barnes x F!Reader. As a joke, your friends wrote your phone number on a graffiti wall for anyone who “wants to have a good time.” You didn’t expect someone to call. But someone did.

WARNINGS. Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader. Cursing / swearing. Don’t call any numbers on graffiti walls, kids!


AUTHOR’S NOTES. I hope I wrote Bucky well. And have I told you guys how much I enjoy writing Bucky and Sam’s frenemy-ship? It’s so much fun. As always, I welcome and appreciate your feedback!

#1 // #2: you are here // #3 // #4

Bucky was going to kill this man. The temptation was growing stronger, in each passing day of living with him and his best friend in the same apartment. It didn’t help that even after two years of getting coffee together almost everyday, this fucker still doesn’t know his usual coffee order.

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njhbenoist  asked:

could you also do #7 “I dreamt about you last night.” with lena luthor

28. Lena x reader

You knocked on Lena’s office door, waiting for her to give you the OK to come in. She already gave you unrestricted access to her office, but she found it adorable that you still knocked before you came in. You twist the knob, setting the small pizza down on the CEO’s desk with a smile.

“Hey, Lena!” You greet her, giving her a quick hug before taking your seat. She smelled like lavender and vanilla as usual.

You and Lena had met on a business endeavor a few weeks before, and you clicked so easily that you guys had decided to hang out outside of work as well.

“Y/N! God, I thought you’d never get here.” She chuckles, grabbing herself a slice of pizza.

“What? I came at the time you told me to.” You giggle, taking a piece for yourself.

“I know, I just couldn’t wait to have lunch with you today. You coming for lunch is the highlight of my week if I’m being honest.” She admits, taking a bite of her slice.

“Well, I’m flattered. Thank you.” A blush creeps onto your cheeks, but you hope she doesn’t notice. You’ve developed a little crush on Lena Luthor, and you weren’t happy about it. You didn’t want anything to get in the way of your friendship with her because you two were becoming close. “So, what’s going on with you? Catch me up.”

“Well, I dreamt about you last night.” She chuckles, sitting back in her chair, looking right at you.

You about choke on your pizza, but quickly recollect yourself and think of a smooth answer. “Oh really? The CEO of L Corp dreamt about me last night? What was it about?”

“Well in my dream, we went on a date.” She says nonchalantly, taking a sip of water.

You started to get flustered. “What? that’s crazy, considering we aren’t even dating.” You laugh nervously, your cheeks becoming hotter and hotter by the minute. You were absolutely sure that Lena knew about your little crush on her just by the way you blushed.

“Yeah, but we could be…” Lena says with the raise of an eyebrow. “You should go out with me this weekend, Y/N. I know a Thai place we could get reservations for.” She suggests, leaning her elbows on the table, her slice of pizza forgotten on the plate beside her arm.

You wanted so badly to say yes, to tell her that you’d been wishing for a moment like this since you met her emerald green eyes with your own, but your head disagreed with your heart. “I-I don’t know, Lena…”

“Is it the Thai food? Cause I can easily make reservations at another place if that’s what you want.”

“No.. it isn’t the food it’s just-”

“Ah, so it’s me then…” She cuts you off and looks down at her lap, both disappointed and embarrassed. At this moment she wishes that she hadn’t even opened her mouth.

Your heart sinks. You know you’ve upset Lena and your stomach twists at the thought. “I swear it’s not that. I just-”

You were cut off again, “Really, Y/N, I can take a hint.” She says softly, still refusing to meet your eyes.

“No, just listen, Lee.”

Lena’s heart flutters when she hears your nickname for her and she looks up at you, finally allowing you to look into her breathtaking green eyes.

“I don’t want to go out with you because I like what we gave going here. I’ve never really had a friend like you before and I’m afraid that if we date…”

“Things’ll be weird.” Lena finishes for you, nodding in understanding. She thinks for a minute, trying to come up with a solution, a compromise. “What if,” She starts an excited smile appearing on her face. “we go on a trial date, and if we don’t like it, we go back to being just friends and forget we ever tried it.”

Now it’s your turn to sit and think. After a few minutes, you nod, letting your heart win this time. “Alright, I’ll go on this trial date, only if it’s at my house with pizza, movies, and pajamas included. None of this fancy stuff, Luthor.”

She chuckles, surprised at your offer. “Ok then, Y/L/N. It’s a date.”

Actual 1960s accurate Johnny Cade headcanons (woah amirite)

- Johnny’s favorite TV show was Bewitched and he watched it every week
- He loved going to the Nightly Double with the gang and then going out for pizza and ice cream after
- His favorite song was The Twist by Chubby Checker
- He was a really great dancer and would go to dances a lot despite being very shy
- He was a devout Christian
- His favorite soda was Coke
- He once had a crush on a Soc girl
- He loved Elvis Presley and once went as him for Halloween
- During the summer he would spend all day with Ponyboy and Dallas
- He always attended drag races (and when he raced, he won)

Alone - mileven

The world around her was completely silent when her eyes flew open and her body flung forward in the twisted blankets. At first, she thought she was still in the Upside Down; the room was dark and her heartbeat was racing, and she swore she could see grotesque shadows lining the wall. Through the fear, she could feel the warmth of the blankets surrounding her, bringing her back to reality.

Once her eyes adjusted, she could see that the room was familiar - covered in posters and littered with candy wrappers and old pizza boxes. El squeezed her eyes shut, trying to ignore the twisting knot in her stomach that told her that she had just awoken from a nightmare. She used to be able to remember what happened after her dreams violently shot her out of sleep, but now all she was left with was an intense feeling of fear.

She’d only been out of the hospital for a day, and it was decided that she would stay in her old blanket fort at Mike’s house until the Byers were ready to take her in. The place was cozy and familiar, sharply contrasting the Hell she’d been living in for a year. However, she didn’t feel safe being all alone. More than once, she’d caught herself looking around for monsters and flinching at loud noises. Mike did his best to assure her that she was safe, but it was hard to believe him when her nights were still filled with terror and flashes of horrible beasts.

Slowly, she crawled out from under the canopy of blankets and moved toward the stairs. Her feet were completely silent when they came in contact with the cool wood. She’d perfected the art of remaining soundless while living in the Upside Down, using her small body and quick reflexes to her advantage.

As she crept toward Mike’s room, she held her breath, hoping that Mr. Wheeler was still sound asleep on the couch. She knew her way around the Wheeler’s house well, and not just from her time spent with him. For the past year, she’d been living in the demented version of the home, relying on Mike’s energy to keep her sane. She wondered if she could explain that she knew how he felt because she had felt it too. Anytime she had been able to rest, she had spent it on Mike’s bed, taking in the hollow emptiness they had both felt in their chests. She had been able to feel every moment of sadness and anger he had experienced during their time apart, and it was the only thing that kept her fighting to escape.

A light flickered on in the hallway, forcing El to step into the shadows. She saw Nancy, all messy hair and pink bows, move out of the bathroom and toward her own room, sleep weighing down on her shoulders and making her slow. When the door closed behind her, El darted out of the corner she had been hiding in and allowing her feet to move carefully across the carpet.

It wasn’t until she opened the door that she realized she’d been crying. Mike’s room was illuminated by a nightlight, but El’s tears made the whole space blurry. She smiled sadly at the small yellow light that sat in the darkest corner of his room. It hadn’t been there when El had first come to Hawkins, which meant he’d bought it after she had been taken. She wondered if he needed it because he was afraid of the dark, or if he’d stayed awake at night watching the light, hoping her energy would make it flicker.

She moved toward his body, wiping away stray tears as she did so.

“Mike,” she whispered, reaching a shaking hand out to touch his shoulder.

He stirred in his sleep, shifting so he was on his back, but did not wake up. Tears moved down her cheeks rapidly and her breathing became uneven. Why was she so upset about this? Why was she so afraid?

“Mike,” she repeated, her voice cracking, “Mike, please wake up. Mike!”

The last thing she wanted to do was raise her voice and alert the rest of the house, but she wasn’t sure how else to snap him into consciousness. She shook his shoulder again, this time jostling his body slightly.

His eyes fluttered open and landed on El’s small frame. As soon as he recognized her, he shot up and reached for her hand. Fear crept into his chest, shoving out the feeling of exhaustion that would usually accompany him when he was suddenly awoken in the middle of the night.

“El,” he whispered, his voice filled with fear, “Eleven, are you okay?” He took her hand in his own and squeezed it, silently letting her know that she was not alone.

She nodded her head and wiped away the tears that had started falling again.

“Nightmare,” she whispered, looking away from the wide eyed boy.

Mike smiled sadly and squeezed her hand again, this time rubbing his thumb over the soft skin. “I’m sorry you’re having nightmares, El. Is there anything I can do?”

She stayed silent for a moment, her words getting caught in her throat. Suddenly, the whole thing seemed silly. She’d survived a year of terror in the Upside Down, why did she need comfort after one nightmare?

Instead of responding, she took a step back, ready to go back downstairs and curl up in her blanket fort. She’d accepted that she wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night, but Mike shouldn’t have to endure that with her.

“El?” Mike called, kicking back the blankets and beginning to stand up and go after her. Suddenly, a force hit him in the chest, making him freeze. “El, please come back,”

She shook her head, her feet already taking their first steps toward his bedroom door. All she could feel was shame, and the last thing she wanted was for Mike to see her as weak. “Alone,” she responded, not bothering to turn around and face him.

“No, El,” Mike said, his voice escaping a whisper, “You don’t have to be alone. I don’t want you to be alone.”

El shook her head and wiped her eyes, but paused. She stood outside his bedroom door, her bare feet and thin pajama bottoms making her chilly. Slowly, she released the hold she had on him, allowing him to move as he pleased. Immediately, he was by her side, standing close enough so she could take in his familiar scent.

“Please, El.” Mike had grown since her first visit to Hawkins. Now, El was forced to look up at him, his wide eyes captivating her. “You don’t have to be alone. Do you want to stay with me tonight?”

Eleven didn’t respond. Instead, she tore her eyes away from his and took a step back. Mike didn’t move; the last thing he wanted to do was to make her feel like she had no escape. They stood there for a while, balancing on the thin line in between together and apart. Mike watched El sadly as she pulled at her newly grown hair and rubbed at her skin like it was dirty. He knew it would be awhile before Eleven felt comfortable in her new, unexplored world, but he didn’t want her to face the uncertainty alone.

“El,” Mike whispered her name softly, bringing back memories of all the nights he spent alone, calling out her name. “Let me help you. How can I help you?”

Eleven shook her head and looked away, shame still cutting into her like a knife. She was Eleven, the girl with super powers, the one who saved Will Byers and killed the Demogorgon. She didn’t need help.

She stood up a little straighter, a wave of fake confidence taking over her body.

“I’ll be brave,” she said to Mike, giving him a little nod to assure both of them that she was telling at least part of the truth.

Mike let out a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding. He thought about how long he went after she left; faking a smile and reassuring his friends that he was okay. For months, he walked around like a puppet, dancing along and playing the part of a brave boy who had accepted loss and moved on. He hadn’t cracked until the lights flickered in Mr. Clarke’s classroom - a result of the wind speed being extremely high, according to his mother and his teachers and everyone else who’d already given up on her. That day, he finally let himself fall apart. His bravery had dissolved, but his hope had returned.

“You don’t have to be brave all the time, El” Mike murmured, his eyes finding hers in the darkness. “I have nightmares too.” El’s eyes widened in surprise. “They terrify me, El. I wake up shaking and crying and I feel so, so alone.” Without warning, his eyes began to water. He didn’t take his eyes off of the small girl standing in front of him as he wiped his tears away. “You are the bravest girl I know, but sometimes it’s alright to take a break. Okay, El?”

For a moment, neither of them moved. Sometime while Mike was speaking, she had settled into her skin. Her hands dangled loosely at her sides and her shoulders had settled, forcing the anxiety that had twisted and turned in her stomach to disappear. Mike watched her as she stared at him, noticing all of her scars and bruises. For the first time since she had returned, he realized just how small she was. She had gained weight while staying in the hospital, but was nowhere near her old self. Her ribs lay like hills underneath one of his Dad’s old t-shirts and her collarbones jutted out like icebergs from the sea. He knew she must be either freezing or terrified, because her entire body had begun to tremble slightly. For a moment, he thought about running into his room to grab her a blanket, but stayed put in fear that she would try to run away again.

“Friends want you to be safe and happy, El. Friends don’t mind if you get upset or scared because they want to help you feel better. Friends don’t leave you alone when you have nightmares or send you away when you’re upset. You don’t have to face your fears alone anymore.”

Before he knew it, El’s feet were flittering across the carpet like butterflies over grass. She twisted her arms around Mike’s neck, using him as a way to stay on her feet. Immediately, he threw his arms around her body, rubbing her back as she cried. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed his older sister peeking through her bedroom door. A sad smile had crept over her lips, but she didn’t speak as she watched El cry softly into her little brother’s arms. She could remember all the times she’d needed to be held like that, and was glad her little brother was kind enough to take care of the terrified girl that had wandered into their lives.

The corner of Mike’s lips pulled up slightly, letting his sister know that he would be able

to take care of Eleven alone. Nancy nodded in understanding and backed into her room silently. For a while, Mike and El stood alone in the moonlit hallway. Eleven continued to cry into Mike’s shoulder, letting out all the anger and sadness and terror she had been holding inside of her chest for months. Mike ran his fingers through her hair, which had grown into gorgeous curls while she was in the Upside Down. His other hand ran up and down her spine, tracing light patterns and moving cautiously between her shoulder blades.

“El,” Mike whispered, “do you want to go lay down? I can sleep on the floor and you can have my bed. Does that sound okay?”

Eleven shook her head aggressively.

“Can’t… I can’t be alone,” She stared at her hands, watching as they tightened into hard fists and then melted into loose bones and aching muscles.

Mike drew his eyebrows together in confusion. “You won’t be alone, El. I’ll be right next to you. You can wake me up any time you get scared, okay? I don’t mind.”

El didn’t respond. She knew Mike didn’t understand but she wasn’t sure if she could make him. Her words were so jumbled in her mind and they got lost on their way to her throat. Instead of arguing, she nodded her head. When Mike reached down and squeezed her hand, a ghost of a smile hovered on her lips, reminding her that happiness was still an achievable goal. For a moment, she could almost taste it.

But then, Mike’s warm body was gone, moving toward the ground below her. Instantly, the world grew cold again and she felt like she was falling into an infinite abyss.


He looked up at her, pausing from his task of laying out blankets for him to sleep on. His eyes were wide and sad, but he looked at her like she was the only person he could ever want to be near at three in the morning.


El gathered the strength to fake a smile. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that there was still something wrong; that she needed him next to her or she felt like the monsters would grab her at any moment.

“Thank you,”

Mike smiled again before moving to get under the blankets he set up on the floor. “Of course, El. I don’t mind at all. Wake me up if you can’t sleep,”

She nodded and laid back on his bed but didn’t respond. The sheets were still warm and his pillow smelled like the shampoo he used, but it wasn’t the same. She stared at the ceiling, waiting for the Demogorgon to come crawling through it. El couldn’t stand to look at Mike, knowing that seeing him would just make her want to move closer. The thought of burdening him again make tears brim in her eyes, so she remain frozen in place, not daring to even breathe too loudly.

What she didn’t know was that Mike wasn’t sleeping either. Instead, he was on his side, watching her dark form to make sure she didn’t have any more nightmares. He was determined to stay awake all night in the hopes of catching her fears before they could torment her for too long. It was too dark in his room to tell if she was awake or asleep, but he could see her breathing slowly begin to become regulated and calm. Every once in awhile, he began to doze off, but would soon catch himself and try to keep his eyes wide and his brain active.

When Mike awoke suddenly around 7 in the morning, a small delicate form had wrapped itself around his body. He did his best to be still, but he couldn’t help his wide smile and rapid heartbeat. Slowly, he reached his arm up to run his fingers through her hair, and kissed the top of her forehead when he was sure she was still asleep. Every once in awhile she would tense up, like a nightmare was about to begin. But, Mike would pull her close and whisper in her ear, reminding her that she was safe, and she would always have him to protect her.

When Eleven woke up a few hours later, her face flushed a deep red when she realized that she was tangled up in Mike’s arms. He loosened his arms when she attempted to pull away, but gave her a soft smile and told her that he liked having her close to him, so she stayed.

For hours they laid on the floor in Mike’s room, talking about Eleven’s nightmares and Mike’s favorite books and what kind of people they were going to be in a month; a year; a lifetime from now.

For the first time in a long time, both felt at peace.


After a particularly difficult 23 hours working in the hospital, Clarke is haunted by the thought that she could lose the people that she has grown to love. It takes some persuasion for her to realise that loving people so much is not a weakness, and that instead of pushing them away she must cherish their time together.

Clarke learns that her love for her family is a blessing.

part of a hand to hold onto

8k words, 1/1.

read on ao3

The hospital dorm is dim, despite the blazing sun outside. Flimsy curtains have been drawn across the two small windows and a slither of light seeps in through the cracked doorway, but otherwise the room is quiet and dark, filled only with the restless tossing of doctors trying to catch a moment of sleep in the carnage of the day. Clarke sits on the edge of a bed, perching precariously. Her hair is ratted, hanging half out of the sensible bun she put it in so many hours ago and falling around her face in strands matted with sweat and tears. Her face feels stiff and clammy, her scrubs pungent with sweat and blood. Elbows on her knees, her whole posture is curled over on itself, as if trying to protect her soul from the heaviness that hangs around her shoulder. Her hands are lightly clasped, but that doesn’t stop them trembling.

She hears the door swing open above her, but doesn’t look up until the mattress beside her tips gently. A hand rests on her knee, stilling the shaking and she draws her head up to blink at Wells in the darkness.

“Hey,” Her friend tries for a weak smile but she can read the exhaustion in the lines of his face, etched into the bags beneath his eyes. “Thought you were going home.”

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last night the wonderful @twogh2sts requested I write about Louis braiding Harry’s hair, so here’s this! It’s sort of a out take from the Grenadine Sunshine universe?! Maybe. I don’t know. 

It brings him back to lonely Friday nights spent at home babysitting his sisters, trying hard to set aside the ache of restlessness while he knew his friends were out drinking, playing footie, chasing girls without him. He became the Louis of tea parties, of Disney Sing alongs and Bratz dolls soap-opera sagas, of messy French braids and clumsy make overs. 

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Just a normal Tuesday (Loco smut-fluff)

Click. Click.

“So are we just gonna watch snippets of that tv shows?” Loco whispers in your shoulder eyes barely focused on what you chose to watch and more focused on savoring this moment’s rest from day to day activities.

Click. Click.

“No,but when on a random ass Tuesday afternoon the good shows are scarce.” You smiled at the throaty laugh hyukwoo emitted and the heart-warming buzz that vibrated on your back made you cuddle deeper in the cover and your man’s chest.
You finally settled on an random channel of some guys playing pranks on each other. “You always do that when we chill babe” loco said at random in the faintest of tones. Humming in confusion about what you do so often that he claims it as one of your traits. “You press into me everytime I laugh and pull my arms around you” you scoffed playfully, you knew it was true but you didn’t hear a complaint. “Not my fault you’re hot as hell. You produce so much heat.” It was more of a compliment than it sounded so you sigh out a whispered “I like it” and rubbed your arms against him.

It wasn’t like these things happened often either. Not really because he was at work all the time cause in reality he wasn’t but mostly cause the relationship was still fresh and the comfortability level you two had was still growing. So he only came over when it was really convenient for the both of you. Like today. No work, no worries, phones off, strutting with no pj’s on, comfy shit like that.

“Last night was really……reassuring.” Referring to how those at the company reacted when you popped up to take loco home with you, it went better than you could think but with a company like AOMG you really didn’t need to expect the worst. “Yeah… I don’t even know what had us so worried. Like you really had a sister thinking shit was real. Acting all suspect and shit.” You both laugh and relax back into the bed. Both you and loco had been keeping the relationship under reps for more than one reason but all to no avail apparently when Jay had already suspected him dating “I knew you were too happy to not be getting laid on the regular” he laughs and slaps the shit out of locks back. Damn. Think back at it made you laugh to yourself.

“Will you stop?” You hear loco whine from behind you. “Stop what? Laughing?” You asked confused to what he wanted to stop. “No. Grinding your ass on me. Stop” you can’t help but laughs at the absurd accusations. “I am not grinding my ass on you. I barely moved” scoffing at him and shaking your head. You stretch into a move comfy position “You’re Doing It Again” Loco grips your hip with his free hand in a lazy attempt to ‘stop’ you. “Hyukwoo chill” you laugh at him and his ridiculous whine. You didn’t really think that you were grinding on him but know that you have the upper hand, might as well use it.

You fake a yawn to arch your back and in the process shoving your ass into Locos crotch. “I know your doing this on purpose Y/N, now stop” ohhh so he wanna dom huh? You think in a mischievous way and press more into him “I don’t really know what your talking about. But if you don’t wanna cuddle then that’s fine” loco sighs in defeat replacing his arm around your waist “I don’t know why I try and fight you?” He admit. You turn over to sit up and face him sporting your little smirk “cause you know where it’ll get you”

Loco smiles up at you and holds her hand. He smooths his thumb on the back of your hand and musters up the cutest expression in his disposal “where does it get me?” You chuckles and lean down to peck his lips. His hands leaves yours when you swing your legs over his hips and rest your torso on his. He drags his arms on your lower back and absentmindedly played with the fabric of the shirt. You peppered his cheeks and lips with kisses knowing how much he loved getting pampered and you loved pampering him. Your kisses trailed to his neck and you remembered the newly access to mark him up as freely as you like. You went all in, that includes sucking hickies into his neck and niddlind at his ear while he whines and gets helplessly hard under you. “Hyukie… I love you” you said randomly and your heart warms at how Loco glows with happiness “I love you too baby”

He goes in for the kiss this time and you both practically eat each others mouth out for a while as things get heated. Your soon enough stripped to your only your bar and him in nothing at all. His throbbing cock is pressed snug against his lower stomach and your wet folds. The ridges and veins massages across your clit and you quickly saturated his dick with your wet lips. You ride his dick this way until your both slippery and sticky from your on self lube. He stretch over to your dresser and pulls out and strip of condoms before ripping one off and handing it to you. You take the condom and roll it in slowly unconsciously biting your lip “have I ever told you how sexy you look while putting on a condom?” He breathes out obviously riled up, you nods once your done “yeah, but only every time I do it” you joked, slapped his thigh, and kissed his lips. You never missed that look of relief he got when you enveloped his cock in you. Or how he hung to your hip like his life depended on it. And his long sigh and breathy heaving when he finally took a breath from holding it when he cums. You rested on his damp chest and slowed you hips to ride out your high.

This was a good week, you came out with your relationship with loco, was accepted by his company with warm arms, finally got to spend a quiet evening in with him, and you know…sex is all way the icing. After 4 months of sneaking around it feels so refreshing to just let loose and love. Really love. There was still 6 hours till 11:00 and the pizza shops were open so aftercare consisted of pizza, cinnamon twist, nakedness, and laughing at reruns of ‘Show Me The Money’. “You gonna eat the last last slice, chocolate” loco said pointing to the almost empty pizza box at the foot of the bed “hyukwoo what did I tell you about calling me chocolate, just because I’m black doesn’t mea-” “-oh stop you know the only reason I call you that is because of that one time we were fooling around in the kitchen and you let me lick chocolate off your-” “okay okay have the last slice damn” he chuckled at you and downed the pizza slice.

“Babe?” Hyukwoo wraps pulls you close to his bare chest and held your hand. You hummed in response ready for him to talk. “I think I got my second winning” you were confused until you felt his thick rod poke your back. You smile and turn to him “ring the bell cause we going for round 2 baby” you say before he rolls over you. This is exactly how you celebrate the coming out of a relationship.

Commission for the lovely @perihelion-tiger. When you say light angst, I instantly think sick fic, so I’m glad that’s what you were thinking when you asked for this. Under a cut for length.

Everyone in the castle was very much aware that Shiro had come down with something. He had been coughing non-stop for two days, his voice had become scratchy, and he couldn’t stop sneezing.

He kept insisting to everyone that he was absolutely fine, that it was nothing more than a head cold that would pass in a couple of days, and since they really didn’t have much of a choice, what with Prince Lotor to worry about, no one said much.

Hunk and Coran gave him easier to swallow foods at lunch and dinner without mentioning it, Lance and Keith tuned down their arguments to the point where they were almost non-existent when Shiro was in the room, and Pidge had taken to randomly showing up and handing him a glass of water whenever he was alone for too long.

Allura hovered.

She was the hovering type, and she knew almost nothing about Earth illnesses, and she was concerned about the black paladin. She wanted to help, but whenever she offered to find some kind of Altean medicine that might match Earth’s, Shiro politely declined, saying he was fine.

That was all well and good, except he wasn’t.

No one was talking about it and everyone was letting him get away with it and it frustrated her. Her father had put up with no illnesses on his ship, especially during war; if you were sick, you couldn’t fight. You had to rest until you felt at least 75% better. Allura agreed with his methods. She was worried that Shiro would get worse, that if they were in the middle of battle and he started coughing a lot or couldn’t focus, he would get hurt. Or one of the other paladins would get hurt because he wasn’t concentrating on the mission.

So yeah, she hovered.

She kept an eye on the other paladins too, of course, because she had heard that earthlings could catch illnesses from each other, but no one else had shown any sign of being ill aside from Shiro.

She asked Lance about it, curious, and got a bizarre answer. “Well I grew up with a lot of kids so I’m pretty much immune to every basic cold ever because my immune system is ridiculous, Pidge fights through colds faster than every person I’ve ever seen-I mean seriously, once she was throwing up in the morning and that night she had a normal temperature and was having a pizza eating competition with me and Hunk. And Hunk has every immunity shot known to man so if he got sick I would, frankly, be astounded.”

Allura thanked him and left before he could go on, her head spinning with far too much information (what the quiznak was pizza?), twisting out of the lounge and heading for the training room, where she knew she would most likely find Shiro. While Keith preferred to train in the early mornings and evenings, Shiro liked to work out directly after lunch.

Sure enough, she peeked into the room just in time to see him slice down a droid, his body absolutely dripping with sweat and his tank top plastered to his skin. His face was flushed more than usual, and when he called for only training level three, Allura stormed inside and called it off.

“You’re going to bed,” she snapped.

Shiro furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m not tired.”

She pressed her lips together and gestured to his body. “Look at yourself. You’re only on level three, but you’re sweating like you’ve gone through five. Your face is flushed, your breathing is ragged, and don’t think I didn’t notice you skipping breakfast and lunch today.”

Shiro grimaced and rubbed his hand over the back of his head, taking a shuddering breath and closing his eyes. “I guess…I guess I haven’t been feeling super great,” he admitted softly.

Allura scoffed. “I know that. Now come on. You’re taking a nap. And I’m getting Pidge to help me find some kind of medicine similar to Earth’s.”

Shiro relented and started to follow Allura to the door. She saw the split second in which he faltered, watched his knees buckle, and she dove to catch him before he could hit the ground. Her arms strained a little as she lowered him, trying not to just let gravity pull him down, and then she pressed two fingers to her earring. “Hunk? Coran? Someone? Shiro’s passed out on the training deck. I need assistance.”

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Extraneous Detail

Title: Extraneous Detail

Summary: The night before you’re supposed to meet up with the boys to help with a case,  Castiel, fallen angel and Lucifer’s right hand, drops in on you unannounced.

My very long and a little late entry for @ilostmyshoe-79​‘s SPN Sutra Challenge for Position: Him standing, her lying back on the edge of a table of the edge of the bed, legs wrapped around his waist.

Pairing: AU, Fallen!Cas x Reader, Castiel x Reader

Word count: 8900ish (Ha. Ha ha. What even is this)

Warnings/tropes: Smut, table sex, literary banter, shameless flirting

A/N: I was sick this past week and shit’s been going down here (as it usually is my end) and I’ve been running on very little sleep, which is why this is late. But I’ve really gotta hand it to @mamaimpala​ for being my beta through the very cringe-worthy first draft of this fic and for putting up with me while I was high out of my mind on meds but still insisted I had to write this. I owe her my soul. Anyways, I hope y’all like this and do let me know what you think :)

Originally posted by idjitlovespie

“Yeah,” you said, holding Sam and Dean on loudspeaker in the palm of your hand. “I’m just gonna stop at the next town for dinner and-motherfucker!” The car swerved, tires screeching on the asphalt and Sam and Dean’s frantic shouts coming from somewhere by your feet. The car came to a wince-worthy halt and you gripped the steering wheel with heavy breaths and a hummingbird heart.

Swallowing, you whipped your head towards the passenger seat.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!”

You were greeted with a twist of lips and dark brows arched in amusement. Castiel sauntered-vaguely-downward angel and part-time demon leaned back in the previously empty seat.

“Hello, Y/N,” he greeted in his usual gravelly timbre, drawing out the syllables of your name. “Hope you don’t mind if I, uh, drop in unannounced?”

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Spinach + Baby Mozzerella Pizza

Just a slight little twist to the Parma Ham and Mahgertia pizza from awhile ago. It’s easy to make and requires little ingredients.


½ bunch spinach

6-8 baby mozzarella balls

salt & pepper

1/3 cup tomato sauce

olive oil

½ cup water

1 cup flour

½ tsp instant yeast

1 tsp salt


1. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the yeast and water until foam appears. (About 5-10 minutes)

2. Combine in flour, salt and mix well until a dough forms. If the dough is very sticky, sticking to the side of the bowl, add in another 1-2 tbsp of flour. Try to form a smooth yet not sticky dough. <\p>

3. Once the dough forms, knead it for a few minutes on a floured surface. Then roll out with a roller (if you don’t have one, glass bottles also work). For a thin crust pizza like this one, you can roll it out till it’s about 1-2 cm thick.<\p>

4. To assemble, spread the tomato sauce throughout the dough, then place the spinach and baby mozzarella cheese on top.

5. Bake for about 15 minutes at 300'F.

A Dog is a Dog - Part Two

Summary: The Boys’ hunt gets scuppered by the fact another Hunter beat them to it, but she doesn’t hunt alone
: eventual SamxReader
: 1597
: Language??
AN: This is for @idreamofhazel‘s Traits of Sam Challenge!!! I decided to do his love of Dogs… but then decided I was gunna put a little spin on that idea…
This is part 2! There will most definitely be a part 3 and potentially a part 4… I have no restraint  XD
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

ADIAD Masterlist


“You… you named a Hellhound – one of the most ferocious beasts of Hell – Berry?”

The disdain in Dean’s voice palpable, causing Y/N to scowl at him as Sam slowly pulled the glasses from his face and handed them to his brother.

“His name’s not Berry… it’s Cerberus. Berry is just… a nickname” she retorted as she started waving her hand up and down in the air. The steady thump, thump on the Motel room floor suggested that ‘Cerberus’ was now steadily hopping up and down on his front paws as he followed her movements, the booming bark that reverberated through the room certainly sounded light-hearted.

If Sam hadn’t still been stood in stunned silence, he would have laughed at how Dean recoiled at the sight of the hound. He almost fell backwards onto the mattress, his green eyes wide as he traced the beast’s movements. Y/N continued to play with him with a small smile on her face.

She ignored them for a moment longer before shutting the door and trailing wearily back to the bed.

“You never told me who you were” she said, gingerly getting back onto the soft duvet and scooting over to the side.

“Yeah, well” Dean started, cringing as the bed dipped beside her, clearly watching Cerberus as he curled up beside his owner, “we had other, more pressing matters on our mind…”

“I’m Sam,” Sam cut in, taking the glasses from his brother and passing them back to Y/N who took them with a small smile, “and this is my brother Dean.”

“Sam and Dean, huh? Wouldn’t happen to be the Winchesters?”

“Yeah, we’re the Winchesters” Dean replied curtly, eyes narrowed on the spot where the hound was probably now lying. “Sorry, lady, but I am not ok not being able to see that thing.”

“Tough luck” she snapped, her hand seemingly curling into thin air as she presumably buried it in her pet’s fur, “I don’t carry spare glasses.” The air between Dean and Y/N was growing steadily colder with hostility, and the two continued to stare daggers at one another. Clearly, Y/N didn’t like people referring to Cerberus as ‘that thing’.

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