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How does one cheat day correctly?

I’m just going to tell you how my teacher taught me to do it effectively for benefiting the body and enjoying the day instead of feeling sick the next day

Cheat Day Protocol

  • 6 consecutive Days a week so 6 days in a row Eat Healthy and Clean foods (stay strict with your nutrition and remember you may want junk food throughout the week but on this 1 day a week you get to eat AS MUCH Greasy, Sugary, Savory etc Food you want. Also remember food tastes way better when you earn it. And if you eat junk throughout the week it loses its specialness so if you only pizza once a week It tastes better and you can eat as much as you want.
  • On the day of your cheat day make sure to eat a really healthy breakfast like oatmeal, fruit and veggies. If you start your cheat eating junk right away you’re just gonna make yourself sick and you want be able to enjoy the day so Always eat that healthy meal for starters.
  • At the end of the cheat day be sure to eat or drink a big serving of green vegetables, flax seed, and chia seeds. This helps you prevent yourself from being constipated if you overate a lot of crap and also lets you feel healthy and satisfied at the end of the day instead of just sick out of your mind. 

And thats how you have a good cheat day. For me personally its just a mental day off and where I get to be like the average person because I dont focus on my diet, counting calories, my workout etc its just a nice mental day off to relax. 

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ive been binge watching a lot of @crankgameplays lately s o,,

the only logical thing to do is spend 5 hours on a piece of art that you dont really like riGHT HAHAhaha,,

  • Fren: I don't like pizza crusts
  • Me: you are of the weak and feeble kind you will never make it through evolution

This week’s Pizza Party Podcast gets heavy with su criticism at 7:00 and it’s delightful

Touring with Black Veil Brides would include

• Calling the guys by their last name
• Tough decisions about what to eat
• “How about pizza?” “Jake we’ve been eating pizza for the last week no.”
• CC being really hyper all the time
• Andy making fun of your height
• “Y/N I’m scared I’ll step on you.” “Shut up, Biersack.”
• Always making dirty jokes with Ashley
• “I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.” “I bet you do.”
• Them hearing you sing in the shower and making you come onstage and sing the next day
• Bryan Stars interviews
• A bee getting on the bus and everyone freaking out except you
• “Come on guys, it’s just a bee. It won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt it.” “Y/N WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT BEES ARE DANGEROUS”
• “Be right back, I gotta change.” “You’re fine right here.” “Can it, Purdy.”
• Stealing their clothes
• “Is that my shirt?” “… It was yesterday.”
• Nonstop music
• Having to use Mom Voice and full names
• Them coming offstage all sweaty and chasing you for hugs
• Them getting war paint all over you from post-show hugs
• Falling asleep on each other
• Making sure they’re happy
• Them making sure you’re happy
• Them taking care of you and reminding you to drink some water and take your medication and get some sleep because nothing can happen to their precious little Y/N
• “I am a grown woman and I do not need a bedtime. Seriously, another hour awake isn’t gonna kill me.” “That’s just the tiredness talking. I’ll come cuddle with you if it’ll help you sleep.” “… Fine.”
• Having a great time with your best friends

He lost his mother. The week he lost his mother, Trashley was out there snapping money emojis and their hangouts at Pizza Express. The week he lost his mother, neither she or Br*ana could give a shit. I can’t wait for the day they will be forgotten and they will be forcd to keep Louis’ name out of their fucking dirty mouths for the rest of their lives.

  • Ahasuerus: Is there food in the house?
  • Vashti: Yes, there's vegetable salad and fruit salad.
  • Ahasuerus: I don't like salad. Is there pizza?
  • Vashti: You eat 14 pizzas in a week, Ahaseurus. It's not healthy.
  • Ahaseurus: Is there pita with hummus?
  • Vashti: You eat 11 pitas in a day, Ahaseurus. It's not good.
  • Ahaseurus: Well what are you eating?
  • Vashti: Today I am eating 13 tomatoes.
  • Ahaseurus: Vashti, where are the chips?
  • Vashti: Ahaseurus!!