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A Picture Requires a Thousand Words

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG
Summary: Based on a picture prompt by @sunflowerseedsandscience.  Photo is part of the story!

They’d been poring over photos and notes at Mulder’s apartment for over two hours, trying desperately to make a breakthrough in their investigation before someone else got hurt.  At some point, Scully’s stomach growled, too loudly to ignore.  Mulder offered to order a pizza, which Scully gratefully accepted.  

In the break to order food, Scully stood and stretched.  They’d gone straight from work to Mulder’s apartment and her feet were starting to feel the effects of being trapped in high heeled boots all day.  Hesitantly, though she didn’t think Mulder would care if she took her shoes off, she unzipped her boots and breathed a sigh of relief as she freely flexed her toes.

“Make yourself at home, Scully,” Mulder said with a chuckle.

Her cheeks burned slightly and she ducked her head to let her hair fall from over her ear to hide her face.  “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind.  Whatever you want to take off Scully, you go right ahead.”

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A Lester Family Interrogation // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.6k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: It’s Lester Family Movie night with Dan and Phil and their kids, and everything is supposed to be going smoothly…except it all comes to a halt when Dan finds out that one of the kids stole money from his wallet for the food. Now they have to figure out who did it.

A/N: I know this probably isn’t as long as you wanted it, anon, but I hope you still enjoy it :D

(Also completely off-topic: goddamn Dan looks real good in all those pics from that panel thing he was on like holy cow phil is a lucky man)

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A Sword, A Little Bit Of Magic, And A Whole Lot Of Pizza

This story was made in part of the @phandomreversebang, based on these art posts by @myawfod, and edited by @smiles-are-toxic! Make sure to check out the art before reading!

Summary: When Dan and Phil are following strange dark creatures that appeared out of nowhere in London, things go wrong and they end up being sucked into an alternate dimension, where magic exists and they must find a way to use it in order to contain the creatures before they completely overrun this new world. Warning: contains the use of ‘spork’ as an insult, the destruction of a perfectly good library book, and questionable pizza physics. 

Length: 15k words 

Themes: alternate universe (literally), magic, alternate dimension, prophecy, two dorks trying to survive in an alternate dimension, fluff, light pining

 In the corner booth of the pizza parlour sat two boys. College-aged, maybe a bit older. They talked quietly over an already half-eaten pizza. They blended in just fine with the other customers in the shop, save for the fact that they smelled a little off. But they knew that they didn’t quite belong. These boys weren’t from this city, or even this country. In fact… these boys weren’t even from this dimension.

 And this is where our story begins. Two boys, in a pizza shop, with hardly an idea how they got here and no idea how to get home, but some idea of why they’re here. But I suppose, in order to understand fully what’s going on, we have to start at the beginning.

“Come on Phil,” Dan muttered quietly, crouching as he crept along. “I think I saw another one.”

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Hooked On A Feeling

My first ever Overwatch fic! :D My AO3 is scarfytheshipster


“TIMTAMS!!!!!!“ screamed Junkrat, grabbing an armful off of a store shelf and proceeding to run out the door, alarms blaring as he set off a concussion mine in his wake and rocketed into the sky.

Just a typical shopping trip.

Roadhog waited around the corner in their getaway car, commandeered exactly four minutes ago. He hit the gas right as Junkrat landed with a heavy thud, sprawled over the backseat and perfectly unharmed. “Loot?”

“Timtams! Oooohohoo they’re sooooooo good!” Junkrat shoved a handful in his mouth and squirmed from excitement and an oncoming sugar high.

“And?” Roadhog grunted.

“Ooooh, yeah that’s right!” Junkrat handed over a pizza, a wallet, a handful of lighters, a can of WD40, and a bunch of bananas. “I think our next stop should be even more exciting!”

Roadhog took the pizza and ate half of it in one bite, only unzipping part of his mask to eat. “Kill omnics.” He had simple tastes and goals in life.

“Yesssss! You have the best ideas, mate!” Junkrat grinned and rambled through Timtams, spewing crumbs in the previously immaculate cabin of the sporty convertible. “I hear omnics can’t feel pain! Or they do, and it’s in slow motion and in great intensity! Heeheeheeee!”

They sped through town in search of mischief to add to. Junkrat kicked his foot and peg up on the dashboard and reclined with stolen sunglasses over his eyes. He turned the radio up, blaring aggressive rock music and bobbing his head. As far as he was concerned, life couldn’t get much better.

Roadhog generally ignored about ninety percent of what Junkrat said to focus on missions. To be fair, he said a lot. He assumed it wasn’t terribly important, and he got away with it fairly often. Junkrat was catching his attention, though-

“-you’re lucky I love strong and silent types, Roadie! I figure after our next little bit of fun we crash in a hideout and have supper. You know the best way to make marshmallows? Grenade em! Just gotta be careful about shrapnel. See? Lookit my tongue! LOOKIT!” Junkrat stuck his tongue out to show off a scar. He beamed as he exclaimed, “I almost DIED!”

Those were a lot of words to process. Roadhog mumbled, “Be careful, next time.”

“Don’t you worry about me!” Junkrat finger gunned at him. “Haven’t died yet! And I got you! We’re unstoppable!”

Roadhog turned the radio down. “Omnic group up ahead. Warehouse.” He didn’t want to talk. Per usual.

“Hellllllllll yeah.” Junkrat sat up and grabbed his grenade launcher. They parked a block away and Junkrat stayed close to his partner. He laid a trap at the entrance on their way in and walked in with a manic smirk, straight into an encampment of omnics.

The omnics turned towards Junkrat and various weapons clicked and powered on. Junkrat struck a pose, gun pointed at the group. “Robots and other robots, this is a robbery! Give us all your stuff, or I’ll scavenge you for scrap!”

Several omnics disappeared in fear but one of the remaining ones glared directly at them. “Leave us alone-”

“FIRE!” roared Roadhog as a bullet storm rained down. Junkrat and Roadhog shot up in the air to a catwalk as Junkrat set off a mine, firing grenades wildly. A few omnics exploded and Roadhog blew others to smithereens, always keeping an eye on Junkrat.

“They’re wanted criminals!” called out one omnic. “Capture them! Call the police!”

Junkrat was blissfully unconcerned. “Awwwww, how sweet! I’m wanted! Hear that Roadhog? We-”

He was suddenly knocked away by a bullet and lost his footing, falling down into a crowd of omnics. Roadhog growled and landed on one, firing as best he could to not hit Junkrat, but it was becoming too risky.

Roadhog turned his back.

Junkrat struggled, setting off explosives from his pockets only to be grabbed by more omnics, the robots considering him the leader. “Roadie! MAKO!”

Roadhog ignored his shouts, instead pillaging the omnic living area, grabbing cash while they were distracted by Junkrat. He turned back around to see Junkrat thrashing and screaming as he pocketed the money.

Junkrat realized that nothing was stopping Roadhog from simply walking out the door. His trap had already been triggered by a fleeing robot. He had cash, and the ability to go on the rampage for even longer. Something like grief crossed Junkrat’s heart, and he even stopped struggling for a second, processing that his best friend could leave, that their contract or agreement couldn’t be enforced if one party didn’t want it to be so.

A handcuff snapped on one of Junkrat’s wrists and he snarled, about to detach his hand to get free. “YOU CAN’T GET ME! I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO MY OUTBACK! I’VE TAKEN OUT FIFTEEN ‘A YOU, AND-”

The air left Junkrat’s lungs as a hook and chain whipped around him, pulling him out of the mass of robots and directly to Roadhog.

Roadhog had him.

And they were so close.

Junkrat’s mouth brushed against Roadhog’s mask in an impulsive kiss, a joyous giggle bursting from him. “You saved me, Roadie!”

Roadhog made a noise in his throat of surprise, but ran outside as police sirens neared. Roadhog let out a volley of scrap shots at the warehouse, buying just enough time for them to make it to the car, slamming on the gas like a brick.

“SO LONG, SUCKERS!” Junkrat laughed as Roadhog barreled through the streets, whipping Junkrat’s wild hair in the wind. Junkrat flopped down in his seat and gave Roadhog a grin. “You had me goin’ there, mate. I never should'a doubted you.”

“After rescuing you, I wouldn’t have had time to get the money.” Roadhog rarely spoke so much, and Junkrat listened intently. “I would never leave you behind. Or come back empty handed.”

Junkrat patted Roadhog’s stomach. “I know that. I uhhhhh, well. I hope I didn’t make anything weird between us. Adrenaline, explosions, kissin’ the only person you care about- well. It made sense at the time. You aren’t upset, are you? I was just feelin’ like a damsel in distress, life flashing before my eyes when you hooked me.”

Roadhog huffed with amusement. “You were scared.”

“WHAT?! Scared? Now that’s absurd! I was perhaps concerned, or having a low moment.”

“We’ll talk later.”

Junkrat, for once, was quiet. They’d found a junkyard to lay low in, to have some dinner and sleep in the skeletons of old cars and to find new parts to recycle. For them, it was like home. They took shelter in an Omnic-Bus (dubbed so when omnics took over many industrial factory jobs).

“Roadie.” Junkrat set their snacks and dinner down as Roadhog counted the money he’d took. The silence felt thick. Junkrat didn’t like it. “Listen to me, I’m beggin’ you. I meant it, that I care about you. As for kissin’ you, well. It’s not really my area I mean, I’d be down to do it again, but if you didn’t want to? It’s okay, mate.”

Roadhog set the money aside and unzipped his mask, taking it completely off. Junkrat had seen his solemn scarred face before- rather liked it, in fact. “You’re my partner.”


“I would never let you get hurt,” Roadhog rumbled. He thought carefully about what to say. “This cannot only be an impulse. You want this?” He cut Junkrat off before he could say anything. “Be serious about this.”

“Yes! YES!” Junkrat leapt up. “I like you! I just didn’t know how to ask.”

“I’m old, little rat.”

Junkrat grinned. “You got silver hair, I got gold. Works perfectly, don’t it?” He approached Roadhog, almost shy. “I’m half junk myself, but I’m all yours. I go where I want do what I want- and I never even think of girls- cause I got you.” Junkrat chewed his lip. “I don’t want to share my life with anyone but you, and it’s not just because the profits would go to thirds instead of halves.”

Roadhog laughed in appreciation. “Very well. If you’re sure.”

“Believe me, I wouldn’t, oh, haha, pull your chain about this, I-”

Their mouths met suddenly, Roadhog pulling Junkrat in with one arm around his waist to stop any more puns. He unclipped the tire from Junkrat’s back and held him properly, their kiss staying soft. Junkrat fumbled around and settled with his hands on Roadhog’s shoulders, feeling immensely comforted by his warmth and size. Roadhog stopped for a few seconds to let Junkrat breathe before kissing again, this time with a little more insistence.

Junkrat sighed, thoroughly enjoying being kissed. He felt safe. He smiled and was euphoric as Roadhog pulled back.

“Jamison?” A smile without a trace of madness was rare.

His name caused a pleasant stir inside Junkrat. “You should call me that more often!”

Roadhog playfully set his hook around Junkrat, raising his eyebrows as Junkrat spun and purposefully tangled himself in the chain. “How romantic,” he grunted in the deepest voice possible.

“Hooked on a feeling, am I right? Hehehee! We’ll never be apart, right?” Junkrat grinned and kissed Roadhog again, looking at him with hopeful eyes.


“Damn professional” - h.s. Part 2

Part 1 



It was a couple days before Harry saw Y/N again and until then he had the news on every morning. Something about the idea of Nemesis and the fact that there was an actual vigilante out in the city really made Harry feel as though he was in some sort of TV show where you know something bad is going to happen. It also alerted him to just how much more crime there was going on around him than he noticed.

Three days after the art show, Harry caught Y/N on her way into her apartment midday.

“So,” Harry said, springing open his door and startling Y/N as she searched in her bag for her keys. “Did you land your victim?”

Y/N stared at him for a moment, blinking a couple times before saying slowly, “What?”

“That old guy from the art show the other night. You said you were about to go and get your victim as well and then went over to talk to all those men in suits. I didn’t peg you for an older guy type of girl,” Harry smirked, leaning against his doorframe and crossing his arm.

“Were you … were you just waiting by your door hoping I would walk in or out or something?” Y/N asked, looking from the elevator to her door, giving Harry a questionable look.

Harry hesitated. “No.”

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Summary: You kind of lose touch with reality when you’re up really late studying for finals until Peter comes around and suggest to take a break from all your hard work.

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 735

A/N: Prompt #8 | Short because I am BUSY. I am so swamped with work and other things. October 13th, get here please. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy. Also, can you believe this is my 17th imagine!!?!? WILD. 

It was the end of the semester and you were so excited for winter break to arrive. However, you had one obstacle – finals. You disliked finals and exams in general. You preferred writing an essay than taking a multiple choice test. That caused you to spend endless nights in the library from dusk to dawn. You practically lived in the library at your school. Your books and notes were scattered on the table made for six. You probably looked like a hot mess but didn’t care. It was almost 3 AM and you could feel your eyes getting heavy.

“No, (Y/N), stay awake. You need to pass these exams.” You muttered to yourself.

Suddenly, you felt someone tap your shoulder, making you jump.

“Oh my god, I didn’t mean to scare you, (Y/N)!” A very familiar voice said.

“Oh hi Peter. Sorry, I’m just a little on edge over these exams and I’m really tired.”

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I Use to Draw Too

This is another Michael smut. It’s sort of a bad ass Michael smut but not really… If you do read it I hope you enjoy it :).

I Use to Draw Too

“Michael Clifford,” the teacher called out.

Michael sat in front of you in English class. He was the school’s biggest dick, and you were pretty sure he was out to make your life a living hell. He did everything he could to torture you everyday, but you had fallen for him. Him of all people!

“Michael!” The teacher bellowed when he didn’t reply.

“Yes?” He replied with an attitude.

“You’re partners with Y/N for this project!” The teacher said looking over the frame of her glasses.

“But Mrs.-” you started to object.

“You need to learn to work with people you don’t like Y/N,” the teacher said glaring at you.

The bell rang and you started walking to your locker and Michael followed you.

“Don’t follow me!” You scolded him.

“I want a good grade on this project so we need plans dick brain,” he huffed out.

“Fine, when are you available? And where do you want to meet?” You said opening your locker.

“Ummm…not at my house…” He said looking at the ground.

“Ok…my house at 5? Tonight?”

“Ummm…” Michael rubbed the back if his head.

“What?” You hissed.

“Could we just go to your house right now?”

“Why are you in such a rush?” You looked at him warily.

“Oh, sorry I wasn’t trying to be. We can make it 5.”

“Come on,” you said grabbing his hand.


“I’m driving you to my house,” you snorted.

“Oh, ok,” Michael said quietly.

The 10 minute ride was silent. You were intently focusing on the road, and Michael was fiddling with his leather jacket that he wore constantly. In fact, you never saw him without it on.

“Do you ever take that thing off?” You asked turning onto your street.

“Not really.”

“Why?” You asked pulling into your drive.

“That’s not for you to know!” He gritted his teeth.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you,” you said blinking at him.

“Doubtful,” he stepped out of the car slamming the door.

He actually seemed sweet for a little while and then that happened.

You got out of your car and walked up to the door and unlocked it. Michael was still standing next to your car, he was angrily kicking the ground. He looked so upset, and you felt bad.

“Michael I’m sorry, please come in.”

He seemed pissed as he walked by and he was mumbling angrily.

“Are you hungry? We could order pizza or something,” you smiled slightly at him as he sat at the island across from you. He tugged at the sleeves of his jackets.

“Sure, pizza is the best.”

You ordered the pizza and found some snacks and drinks.

“Where do you want to work? We could work here, at the coffee table, or in my room.”

“Your room,” he mumbled sounding like he was going to cry.

“Michael what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he said bitterly.

“I know you don’t like me, but you can tell me. I promise I don’t blab about people’s personal stuff,” this was true people confided in you a lot and you never ever blabbed.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he sighed.

“I may not understand, but it won’t hurt to talk.”

Michael sighed and then there was silence until the doorbell rang. Michael got up from his seat and paid for the pizza.

You got your wallet out to reimburse him but he put his hand over it and said, “I don’t want your money, I’m paying.”

“Oh,” you said surprised.

He set the pizza on the island and sat down. You walked over and sat next to him.

“Why are you nice to me?” Michael asked taking a piece of pizza.

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

“Because I’m a dick to you,” he says looking down.

“Why are you a dick to me?”

“I don’t know,” he mumbled.

There was more silence. It wasn’t awkward silence, just silence.

When you guys finished eating you went up to your room to work.

“Wow,” Michael said surprised as he walked into your room.


“I didn’t know…I didn’t…we have so much in common that’s all.”

“Explain,” you said confused.

“I have that guitar, but my colors are reversed on it. I have that amp, and I have all the band posters you have,” he rubbed the back of his head.

“Didn’t expect it out of me though?” You asked.

“No,” he laughed.

“No one really does,” you smiled and giggled.

Michael turned and looked at you, actually looked at you. It was strange because he never actually did that, he would glance at you but not look. You turned and looked up into his green eyes, you could see the sadness and loneliness behind them and it made your heart break.

“So why do you never take your jacket off?” You asked him again.

“Why do you care?” He hissed.

You shrugged and threw your stuff next to your bed, “do you mind if I change?”

He shook his head no, and sat on the edge of your bed pulling on his sleeves.

You came out of your bathroom in a tank top and sweats. Michael turned and looked at you and bit his bottom lip as his eyes ran down your body.

You sat next to Michael on the bed and crossed your legs, accidentally bumping into his side. You couldn’t tell because of the bulky jacket he wore, but when you bumped Michael you could feel that he was fit.

“Sorry,” you apologized.

“It’s fine, Y/N.”

You froze, that was the first time that Michael had ever said your name and it sounded so sexy coming form his lips.

“You ok?” He asked looking at you concerned.

“Oh yeah, just thinking,” you nodded.

You had been working on your project for almost an hour when Michael said, “if I take my jacket off you can’t judge me.”

“You don’t have to take it off, I w-”

“It’s hurting my wrists,” he said tossing it to the floor.

His arms were muscular and his veins popped out of them. Michael was definitely sexy. He moved his wrist and you saw it. One wide, bold red scar.


“I said you can’t judge,” he said sounding as if he was going to cry.

“Mikey, I’m not judging.”

“Yes you are,” he said looking at you.

You repositioned yourself so that you were tucked slightly behind him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head on his shoulder, “I promise you, I’m not judging.”

“Could we cuddle?” Michael abruptly asked.

“First tell me why?”

“Why I want to cuddle you?”

“No,” you said gently rotating his wrist.


“You can trust me, I promise,” you said rubbing his arm.

“I do it because I’m sad and lonely, and I don’t know.”

“Ok Mikey, we can cuddle.”

Michael moved up to the top of your bed a scooted under the covers. He held the covers up and you crawled under. He was spooning you. He intertwined his fingers with yours and put his head in the crook of your neck. You sighed and cuddled more into his chest. You guys fit perfectly together.

“Something wrong?” He whispered.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” you said looking at him.

“Ok,” he said burring his face into your hair.

“Can I tell you something, that nobody else knows.”

“Michael lifted his head slightly, "sure.”

You untangle your fingers and flip your wrist so he could see, “I use to draw too.”

He pulled back slightly, “but you’re so beautiful, you always have been. There’s no reason for you to have done that.”

“See, the same goes for you Michael.”

“I’m not attractive,” he sighs.

You roll over to face him, “you’re right you’re not attractive, you’re fucking sexy.”

“Now I know you’re lying,” he rolls his eyes.

“I honestly think you’re sexy Michael, I don’t see why you hurt yourself,” you looked into Michael’s eyes.

He leans his forehead against yours and your noses touch, “because I pushed the girl I love away, and I know she’ll never love me now.”

You looked at him doubtful.

“I’m not lying,” he mumbled breaking eye contact.

“Who is it?” You asked, searching his face.

Michael’s face turned red and he took his forehead off of yours and rolled over so he was no longer facing you. You slid closer to him so that your chest was touching his back. You put your arm over his and rubbed it gently.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered in his ear and kissed his shoulder.

“It’s not your fault that I’m a dick,” he mumbled.

“I thought you were, but now I see how sweet you really are,” you whispered into his neck.

Michael rolled back over, facing you. He looked into your eyes and cupped your face. He put his forehead against yours again, and your noses touched. He closed the slight space between you and kissed your lips. It was a kiss full of love.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered and he looked like he was going to cry.

“Don’t be,” you said kissing him again.

Michael put his hand on your hip and gently stared running it up your side. You ran your hands up his toned torso and laced them behind his neck. He pulled your body closer to his, and you could feel how hard he was. You placed one of your hands on his bulge and started palming him through his skinny jeans. He moaned into your kiss and moved his lips to your neck. He found your sweet spot and sucked on it roughly, he was definitely going to leave a mark. When you moaned he removed his mouth and soothed the fresh mark over with his tongue. He put his lips back on yours.

You tugged at the hem of his shirt and he broke the kiss to take it off. You stared at his toned body. Your mouth opened as you ran your hands up his abs and over his defined v-line.

“What?” He laughed.

“I just…” You trailed off.

“Didn’t expect it? Nobody does.”

“Don’t steal my words,” you giggled as you pressed your body against his and kissed his lips.

He ran his hands under your tank top and you broke the kiss to take it off. Michael unclasped your bra and threw it on the floor to join the other clothes. He rolled your nipples in between his fingers and flicked them with his tongue. You arched your back slightly to bring your breasts closer to his face. He slid his hand down the front of your sweats and gently rubbed your clit as he sucked roughly on your nipples.

You threw your head back and moaned, “Michael…”

He inserted a finger in you and started to pump it causing you to moan uncontrollably.

“M-Michael…I need you…” You manage to mumble between moans.

Michael lifted his head from your breasts and looked into your eyes. You could see that there was an odd twinkle in them and they didn’t look as sad, but you could still see the loneliness in them. He reconnected your lips for one kiss he then flipped you so that he was hovering over you. He gently pulled down your sweats and panties.

He took in every part of your bare body and whispered, “you’re so beautiful Y/N.”

You could feel yourself blushing at his comment but soon forgot about it when Michael took the rest of his clothes off. His cock sprung from his boxers and slapped his stomach, he was huge. Thick and long.

Your core began to throb at the sight of his member. You were aching for him to be inside of you.

He aligned himself with your entrance and said, “if I do anything wrong or hurt you at all please let me know.”

“Ok Mikey,” you said looking at his sexy body.

He gently slid into you and allowed you to adjust to his size. He didn’t start moving until you told him to, and he started out slow but his pace quickened with each of his thrusts. He would almost pull out and then slam back into you. He was hitting your g-spot almost every time which was making you tremble under him.

“Y/N…” Michael said breathlessly.

“Me t-too Mikey,” you moaned out as you arched your back from pleasure.

Michael thrusted into you deep and hard and hit exactly on your g-spot.

“Michael! Fuck! Mikey!” You screamed out as your walls clenched around his length and you came onto him.

“Y/N! S-shit! Fuck!” He moaned as he twitched and came inside you.

Michael thrusted into you a few more times so you could ride out your highs. He barely had time to pull out of you before he collapsed on top of you.

His head was lying over your racing heart. His hot breathe grazing over your breast. You ran your fingers through his sweaty hair and kissed the top of his head.

He lifted his head and looked into your eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you smiled.

“No you don’t and you shouldn’t, I’m an emo dick and you’re perfect and beautiful.”

“I love you Michael. And I don’t care what you say it’s not going to change how I feel about you.”

“So I didn’t push you away?” He asked sheepishly.

“No,” you giggled.



“Will you be my girlfriend?” Michael asked looking into your eyes.

“Only if you promise to stop cutting yourself.”

“I promise,” he held up his wrists, “these marks are the last.”

“If you start again I’ll start again until you stop.”

“These are the last,” Michael assured you.

“Yes,” you smiled.

“Yes what?” Michael looked at you slightly confused.

“Yes I’ll be your girlfriend, silly,” you giggled.

“Oh I knew that,” Michael smiled and kissed you.

He broke the kiss to look in your eyes, they showed no trace of sadness or loneliness. They were now filled with love and happiness.

Just Another Night Alone | Dalex

Demi sighed to herself as she checked the time on her phone. Almost 15 minutes ago, Demi had ordered a pizza for herself. A couple of days ago, maybe 2 or 3, she got a breakup text from her boyfriend. A breakup text. The guy wasn’t even thoughtful enough to do it to her face. Ever since then, Demi had been spending her time locked away in her apartment. She had been eating her pain away, ordering all kinds of foods from different places at random times of the day, and even had gallons of ice cream delivered to her place, because she was too depressed to even leave for a minute. Upon hearing a knock on the door suddenly, Demi looked down at her messy, stained t-shirt that draped over her lacy black underwear. She sighed heavily, not even having enough energy to make an effort and put on pants. Slowly, Demi pushed herself from where she sat on her couch, and grabbed her wallet to pay for the pizza. Opening her wallet, she tugged out some money, and then opened up the door. She was greeted by a guy at the door, but she didn’t even bother to care about him seeing her the way she was. “Thanks,” Demi murmured, her voice weak. She was aware her face was red and puffy from crying. “Here, just take all of this. Keep the change,” Demi mumbled, thrusting the $20 bill towards him and reaching out to take the pizza.

Pizza Boys

Hi guys! So here is my first ever fanfiction! I can’t wait to hear your opinions on it and any critiques would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

Title: Pizza Boys (i couldn’t think i’m sorry)

Relationship: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Tags: fluff as hell, omg so much fluff, slight smut (like really slight)

Warnings: some slight swearing, literally nothing else

Soft chocolate hair matched his deep brown eyes, his smile creating equally awe-inspiring smiles at the corners. As Phil stared at the stunning creature smiling down at him, he wondered how the universe had given him such luck as to meet Daniel James Howell.

Phil still hadn’t gotten over the beauty that was Dan since the first time he saw his photo on Twitter. No image could do him justice though and when the duo finally met, Phil couldn’t think straight due to this then shorter man standing in front of him. 6 years later and he was still surprised at how lost he could become in his face.

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