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NOBLE ANCIENT PAGANS: stew of mutton and unhulled barley, subsistence farming and tribal warfare, drink pepsi cola every day

DECADENT MODERN CHRISTIAN SOCIETY: pizza and video games, internet pornography, too much hop drink

ID #44022

Name: Ginny
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hey theeere!
Just in case someone is looking for a German penpal with the least German-sounding name, here I am.
My life is everything but boring(usually). I enjoy sharing stories about it and hearing about yours, whatever your stories are about.
Here’s a few things I like: dogs, pizza, movie nights(horror movies, anyone?), Overwatch (or videogames in general), being spontaneous and talking to strangers, a lot.
I have a serious case of wanderlust, or in other words, I love traveling and want to do it as much as possible, which is why I’m doing it a lot (while still trying to look like a responsible adult :D ) and I enjoy learning languages too! One day I want to buy a camper van and just go on a really big adventure. What’s your dream?
Oh and when I’m not out and about I usually like to practice guitar/piano or drawing.
Apart from being a bit of a weirdo(the good kind), I’ve also been told to be a good listener so if you ever struggle with anything I’m happy to hear about it!

Preferences: Nah, just be yourself. I usually want to skip all the small talk and go straight to more.. “meaningful” conversation haha, so bear with me >_<

Peter and the Insomniac

Requested: No

Word Count: 603

A/N: I’ve never done something like this before, so we’ll see how this goes and I hope you guys like it! Also I know this isn’t going to be accurate but I’m a romantic let me live.

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Peter didn’t understand insomnia until he saw it first hand.

He met Y/N when he moved on to high school, and they had been friends ever since. 

Well, kind of. Peter had, Y/N was in love with him but they pretty much ignored that fact. Ned didn’t though. He could see everything, and he was sick of Peter not seeing it as well. Because poor Y/N was suffering. 

You see, Y/N had insomnia, which means that they can’t sleep. Except with Peter that is. Almost any physical touch Peter gave them soothed them into slumber. Peter knew it too. 

It had just started when they were cuddling while watching Star Wars and he was simply rubbing their back, and when he noticed that, he did come experiments. Nothing too crazy, just different physical gestures (A/N: THAT SOUNDS SO DIRTY I DIDN’T MeAN IT TO) rubbing their back, pecking their forehead, holding their hand. And he learned that the more intimate the gesture the faster they fall asleep. 

Though he was a somewhat affectionate person, many people thought that they were dating when they first met them (and even after). 

But the fact was that Peter just worried about them. If he could get them to sleep, he would do anything he could to help them. 

But back to the point, we’re about to talk about the time where Ned reached his wits end and told Peter how Y/N felt. 

During summer break, Peter, Ned and Y/N had a sleepover together. Something that wasn’t odd for them, and Y/N had just fallen asleep on Peter’s shoulder, so Ned and him had decided to play some video games. 

Ned had gotten up to grab a couple of slices of pizza for him and Peter when he saw something that pushed him over the edge. Peter had his hand on Y/N’s cheek and was laying a soft kiss on the top of their head. His eyes were closed. It was an incredibly intimate moment, Ned almost wanted to leave them be. Buuut pizza and video games won out the battle in his mind and he sat down next to Peter carefully in hopes not to wake up Y/N.

“You know they’re in love with you right?”

It was like he broke Peter out of a trance and he looked over at him with wide eyes for a split second, before he came to his senses. 

“No they don’t.”

“Yes they do Peter, just look at them! You’re the only person they trust to sleep next to!”

“It’s just because we’re friends Ned.”


“No Ned, drop it.”

Ned wondered if Peter was ever going to get it together and ask Y/N out. 

It was deep into the night, Peter was squished onto Ned’s couch Y/N in his arms. He couldn’t seem to stop thinking about what Ned had said about Y/N, something he had been hinting at for months. 

But something about him saying that Y/N was in love with him. It was different somehow. But it wasn’t like he was in love with Y/N or anything, they’re just friends. 

It wasn’t like he ever fantasized about marrying them, or making them happy. And it wasn’t like he would do anything for them, travel across the world to make them smile. 

No, he was in love with Liz. Liz was perfect, or at least Peter made her out to be. Just because her laugh wasn’t as sweet as Y/N’s, or that she didn’t like the Avengers (specifically Tony Stark), or that she never gave Peter the time of day. 

He was in love with Liz-


A/N #2: I’m pretty sure this sucks, but I tried my best! Tell me if you want a part two let me know! I love my bby Peter send in headcanon/imagine requests for him. 

this was supposed to be a drabble