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Sonny in season 16

He’s Stuck in his Daydream

Based on the prompt: Imagine if Dan was daydreaming of telling Phil he’s in love with him, and starts talking out loud and having a conversation of him and Phil admitting their love for each other and then Phil hears and is like what (x)


Genre: Fluff; Getting Together; Friends to Lovers

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Don’t mind the idiotic title

‘How can you tell your best friend you are in love with him without fucking up your friendship completely?’ Dan typed into the Google search bar and pressed 'enter’. Leave it to him to google important things like confessing his undying love to his best friend. He sighed as he scrolled down the enormous results that came up into the page. All he found out and learned from those websites is that he had no fucking chance what so ever and what he was doing was utterly and deeply wrong. And now he had his doubts about telling Phil the truth. The truth was that he was in love with him since he first discovered his channel. Maybe it was for the soft blue eyes he got usually lost in even through his computer screen, maybe it was the sweet personality that made him fall for Phil harder than he ever planned to or maybe it was just everything. Dan was so deep into this at that point he couldn’t even imagine waking up and not seeing Phil stealing his cereal in the corner or being greeted by his sexy, raspy voice as he walked into the kitchen completely shirtless.

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Self Rec meme

I was tagged by @clearlylostmymind (who wrote blind!sam and a wincest threesome - two of my favorite things <3<3) to share five fics I’m proud of.

  1. Sweet Child Of Mine (J2 AU, WIP, 8k+ so far) - Probably best smut I’ve written, inspired by rockstar!Jensen who is extremely possessive. Started out as a one-shot but now it’s an actual story (that I need to finish and am excited about where it will end).
  2. Baiting The Hook (Wincest, almost 2k+) - Started with the idea of an incubus with a kink for virgin-whore escorts who likes to order victims like pizzas. Desperate Sam and jealous Dean in my first fuck-or-die - I’m so proud :)
  3. Doppelgänger (Samcest, 1k+) - Samcest is one of my all-time favs to read and I finally wrote one for a challenge fic. Now, I just need Soulless Sam to visit all the Sams across time.
  4. The Palest Ink (Wincest AU, Sam/Ruby, almost 10k+) - Love amnesia!Sam, and wrote this Memento-inspired AU around poor Sammy being so smart and so manipulated. My first big bang fic, written for SWBB. Wincest is implied but not explicit, and if you want a happy ending, this is not for you. I would love to write a completely different fic with this idea for a Dean POV.
  5. Bright Lights And Whiskey Kisses (J2 AU, 24k+) - Prohibition was a fun time period to write and J2 AUs always make me happy. Proud because this is the longest fic I have written and it needed a lot of extra research on the details.

Tags are on the fics and these are all explicit.

Tagging @doilycoffin @samshinechester @hideyourdemoneyes @specialcases-soulmates @sasquatchandleatherjacket @sammichgirl @buticancarryyou @anotherwinchesterfangirl @castielsstarr if you haven’t been tagged yet!