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observing-silhouette  asked:

Ut and us skellies; pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?



Sans is all for junk food, and he’s honestly not very picky about what he eats either, so he doesn’t mind pineapple on pizza. Sometimes he goes out of his way to eat it in order to drive Alphys insane cause she hates it.


Papyrus fails to see why this matters? Either way, he doesn’t eat pizza. It’s too greasy for his tastes.



YES. Blueberry loves pineapple pizza, and gets personally offended (but not really) when someone says they hate it.


High key hates it. Honey and Blueberry get in fights heated debates about pineapple pizza every pizza night (second Tuesday of every month). 

anonymous asked:

What is everyones favorite kind of pizza?

Ut!sans - Italian tomato pie (its literally just bread and marinara. It is an excuse to eat ketchup.)

Ut!paps - White pizza (grease plus ketchup?? Nightmares, he’s seen what his brother is like about grillby’s he’s trying to avoid addiction.)

Us!sans - Combination (based off his taco thing). 

Us!Paps - Pineapple and Canadian bacon. (TELL ME THATS NOT TRUE, BECAUSE IM POSITIVE IT IS.)

Uf!Sans - Anything deep dish… With mustard… Ugh why…

Uf!Paps - Neapolitan (because he’s a fancy boi who’s watching his diet)

Ht!Sans - Meat lovers (HMMM)

Ht!Paps - Likes to make his own homemade stuff, so bet your bottom dollar its gonna have spaghetti on it. 

(I’m gonna be answering some questions tonight but probably no drawings paired with them, I’m working on a little comic thing so ;) )

What it's like to play in the British Open with Michael Fassbender

I was going to play golf with Michael Fassbender, I believe it was to either antagonize him or play as a friend, both options seems likely looking back. I was running late for my tee time and didn’t realize til halfway through changing into golf clothes in my mom’s bathroom that the British Open he was playing in on TV at the moment was not in Rochester Hills right up the road from my house. That would be the US Open, or atleast one time it was, so it as only logical that it would be this time too. And so, I resigned myself to skipping this leg of the Grand Slam.

Also, there was a major Pizza Hut vs Domino’s decision in the back of my mind that helped cloud my judgment about the location of the British Open. I wanted deep dish Pizza Hut for after the tournament but by the time I had got out of the bathroom, my mother had ordered (and picked up) Domino’s. Since it was deep dish, and since I wasn’t going anywhere too, I had a couple better-than-real-life bites of that. Then I realized I wasn’t eating real food and I woke up because of low blood sugar to go gulp down some milk.