pizza tat


It’s so weird seeing them all young. Or Alive.

Like, Tats and Toby with Hair? Teenage Shandra?

Though Robbie’s dad’s grungy douchebag phase seems better than his son’s - he had the good sense to get his fingerless gloves in leather, which is far superior to the wool kind. Trust me, those wool ones itch like sin.

Also, I’ll be damned if those last two aren’t Thompson’s parents.


Okay I’m super behind on tags. I have like three or four of these to do, and I’m gonna do them! I swear. I’ve just been sick AND it’s crunch time for grading (have to have grades submitted by Wednesday, and I should have 80 projects to grade by tomorrow evening! Wish me luck). ANYWAY, to the tag:

Pick a name or two that you would ordinarily never bestow on a sim. A name that sounds funny in your ear, that gives you the heebie-jeebies, or perhaps brings up not-so-fond memories. Create sims based upon that name (they can be repulsive or likable, you decide). Tell us about him/her/them, then tag some friends to do the same!

I was tagged by @gaiahypothesims. Thanks! this was super fun. I picked the name Clarissa. That was the name of my childhood bully, who picked on me for (among other things) liking Sailor Moon. So here, BITCH, I made a sim version of you who’s a good person! She likes Sailor Moon, making/eating pizza, reading, and gettin’ tats. She’s also really girly but she’s not an asshole about it.

I’m tagging @twinsimskeletons, @futurecarrie, @acquiresimoleons, and anyone else who wants to do this.