pizza spaghetti

nicholasowenwijaya  asked:

So you only eat spaghetti? (Not trying to be racist here... Since that's the only common Italian food I know... And not all pizzas are vegetarian)

ahahhaha yes, spaghetti and pizza are my fav foods. I can’t live without pasta and about the pizzas, usually I take Margherita or other vegetarian tastes (vegetarian/ apples and cheese/ olives, capers and oregano).

thegreyturtle  asked:

Ok, so this is important (kind of) which do you prefer on your pizza, Lasagna or spaghetti. I figured I'd ask you since the Turtles will eat anything if it's on a Pizza.

LASAGNA IS MY WEAKNESS! I’ve never had a pasta topping on a pizza before… I BET ITS DELICIOUS!

The Signs as Italian Foods
  • Aries: Caprese Sandwich
  • Taurus: Spaghetti
  • Gemini: Pizza
  • Cancer: Lasagna
  • Leo: Red Wine
  • Virgo: Chicken Parmesan
  • Libra: Baked Ziti
  • Scorpio: Meatballs
  • Sagittarius: Salami
  • Capricorn: Ravioli
  • Aquarius: Garlic Bread
  • Pisces: SouporSalad