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1. You think about them whenever you’re stressed out and just the thought of them will calm you down.
2. You watch them just being themselves and smile.
3. You literally just wanna make out with them like all the time and jump their bones whenever you see them.
4. You’d make them a mac and cheese pizza without them even needing to ask.
5. You’d love everything that they love without hesitation for the rest of your life, even if you just don’t get why they love it.
6. You’ll put up with their crazy ideas and activities because they’re adorable and make you love them even more.
7. When you think of your future, they’re there. They’re right beside you, all the time.

When you think you’ve maybe - just maybe - met that special someone, what do you do? Do you ask for a phone number? Suggest going for a coffee? Maybe even something to eat? See a movie? Or do you take what might charitably be called a slightly more…daring approach?

(with many thanks to Alice H over on Twitter for sending this one in!)

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