pizza rules!

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sorry /eyeballs but it tastes great

I will not stand for this pro pineapple pizza propaganda.

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Tumblr Rules:

1. Everyone likes pizza. even if you don’t you do

2. Harry Potter references are immediately understood and respected by everyone

3. the SPN fandom has a gif for everything 

4. Never mention pie (not even pi)

5. fandom blogs hate hipster blogs and hipster blogs hate fandom blogs

6. NEVER challenge anyones knowledge of their fandoms

7. pickup lines are always smooth

8. gifs make everything better

9. misha is the tumblr princess and saying anyone else is will result in immediate reaction from the spn fandom

10. everyone despises moffat 

The Self Sim Tag

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Rules: Post a picture of your self-sim and answer these questions, then tag some friends:

  • Favorite Season: Phew I’m not sure. As a german I find a way to complain about every season. I like spring the most, you know, the weather were it’s not super hot but you can walk around in a t-shirt.
  • Favorite Books/Author: Limit from Frank Schaetzing is one of my favourite books and Schaetzing is also one of my fav writers. I also loved the Harry Potter books though. I guess they will be my all time favourite. 
  • Favorite song: Tough one because it always changes. At the moment I would say “Mein Gott ist aus Glas” by my favourite metalcore band “Callejon”.
  • Favorite food and drink: My favourite food is stuffed paprika with rice, meat and tomato. And drink probably cranberry juice.
  • Dogs or cats: Sammy, just Sammy

So I’m awful of keeping track of who has done this and who hasn’t so…don’t feel bothered to do it. Also the tagging system doesn’t work and I almost flipped my keyboard ‘cause that was my fifth attempt to link someone.


3 slices of pizza

Must be following me
Must reblog this post
Must like pepperoni pizza
No giveaway blogs please

Giveaway ends at 9pm pst

I’ll select three winners then, please have your submit box open so i can deliever your pizza thanks