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Everyone’s saying Amami is probably going to be the next Komaeda, some are saying it could possibly be Saihara while others are saying it could be Ouma. But in reality? You’re all wrong. Tenko is the next Komaeda.

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Curiosamente, siempre me han comentado que casi no encuentran blogs de acá por lo que hace tiempillo hice un post como este, pero se crearon tantas versiones que ya era “necesario” el update lol…


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anonymous asked:

Hey! I saw your post on your Insta story - what are your feelings on the soda tax? I feel like it's such a polarizing concept so I'm curious :)

oh that post on my instagram story was for the lolz, because the DRAMA was unreal. If you’re watching from the outside, philadelphia put an extra tax on sugary drinks (soda, fake juice, snapple, maybe gatorade?) which has caused a mild uproar with mostly older generation philadelphians. 
If you missed it, i was at a pretty traditional pizza shop in north philadelphia, which has a TON of rules to ordering, (you may remember a few years ago some cheese steak place in philadelphia was under heat for having ordering rules too, think “soup nazi” but in philly, in real life, and we all want the food and blindly obey)
So I love this pizza place, and the rules, whatever we all follow them, 
you have to order your dough a few days in advance, no more than two toppings, only four pies to pick from, etc
(i get a red pie with spinach and mushrooms from a can, and Mm MM baby fuck me up)
So when you walk in, they have a traditional little pizza chef statue holding a paper sign that says,
“Do to philadelphia’s UNFAIR soda tax, we have been FORCED to raise our prices,” and then i think it says something about the mayor.
I lol forever, but I don’t drink soda, and I do all my grocery shopping in new jersey so I haven’t been affected. 
Some of my family lives in Jenkintown (three blocks outside of the soda tax zone) and they said that their grocery stores are now mobbed because people don’t want to pay the soda tax.

also the soda tax goes towards school funding, so it’s all just one big lol cluster. 
bonus lol:
over the summer coca cola tried to rebrand the soda tax as the ‘grocery tax’ and the smear campaign was like, “DO YOU WANT UR GROCERY BILL TO INCREASE 30%?!?” before it went into effect to confuse people, and again the DRAMA 

When you think you’ve maybe - just maybe - met that special someone, what do you do? Do you ask for a phone number? Suggest going for a coffee? Maybe even something to eat? See a movie? Or do you take what might charitably be called a slightly more…daring approach?

(with many thanks to Alice H over on Twitter for sending this one in!)

i swear literally every fucking cishet guy who has messaged me on this site pulls this shit & has the EXACT same response. 

Anyways I’m reinstating the pizza rule, if you comfortably ID as a cis/het male & want to message me esp about stuff like This, or if you’re a chaser & want to follow me at all, you’d better buy me a pizza first or I’m just going to block you.


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