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The Boy Next Door

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Summary: Reader wakes up one morning to find her uninvited neighbor in her kitchen…

Pairing: Neighbor!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, injury

A/N: Love angsty neighbor Dean. Quote for this one was, “Uhmm… it’s not what it looks like…”…

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Axl’s New Maid

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 1589
Summary: ANON -  Ok so I LOVE your blog,I thought you’d be the perfect writer for this. What about a today’s age Axl,he’s off tour and lives alone in his big house,but you’re the new maid(pretty shy and reserved but hella charming) and he falls in love with you? 💕

[Y/F/S] - Your favorite song

A/N: I’m sooo sorry i haven’t updated any of my writings in ages. I just had lost my motivation on writing (okay probably just NSD) but i think i’m getting my writing routines back step by step.I hope you like this, anon!

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I was walking towards the house where i was supposed to start working and this was my first day. I was pretty nervous. Really nervous, super nervous. I had been a maid to this other family before but then they moved to like New York and i didn’t have any job again. I hated the family anyway, they were super rich but really strict and i just spied how everybody just fought all the time. And i believe the parents both cheated on each other anyway without knowing.

I was now standing in front of a huge white house, it was massive. I was a bit suspicious about coming here, i didn’t know why. This was Axl fucking Rose’s house and he lived here all alone. I knew he was in a super famous rock band called Guns N’ Roses and i had to admit their songs were really great even though i didn’t listen to them so much.

I knocked on the door and had to wait for a while before anyone came to let me in but soon the door opened and revealed a familiar man’s face, a wide smile spreading on his face when he saw me.

”Hey, you must be Y/N,” Axl said and looked straight into my eyes which made me blush a bit and move my gaze quickly to my feet. He offered his hands which i gladly took, looking at Axl again. ”I’m Axl Rose.”

I was so nervous but i tried to put a brave smile on my face. ”Y-yeah, i know i ha-have seen you on tv,” i tried to stutter awkwardly, which made him chuckle.

”You don’t have to be so nervous, honey, i’m not gonna bite,” he joked and winked at me. I nodded and took a deep breath when he offered with his hand me to come inside. ”Come in, you’ll freeze out there. I’ll show you places.”

The house was unbelievable, i couldn’t believe how only one person could live in such a big house, alone. I, myself, lived in a really small apartment with one bedroom but i didn’t even count how many bedrooms this dude had.

When he had showed all the rooms this house had, we ended up back to the living room and sat on the couch. He turned to me and took a piece of paper from his pocket.

”So here’s your working schedule and all the other important crap you have to know, or whatever,” he said shaking his head and gave me the paper. He looked at his watch and got up quickly. ”Oh shit, i have to meet Slash quickly at his place,” he muttered under his breath and turned his head back to me. ”You can start tomorrow and go home to rest for tonight, i still need to show you a few things.”

I just nodded and gave him a little smile, which he responded to by giving a wide smile back.

A few weeks passed and everything went super great. I didn’t really talk with Axl otherwise than when he was giving me orders to do something but mainly i just lived in his shadows like all maids should do.

But then something happened what i didn’t expect first. After like, i don’t know, a month I actually became some kind of friends with Axl. I didn’t really know what kind of relationship we had but i had become much closer to him than with the former family i used to work to anyway. We didn’t hang outside my work at all but sometimes when i had a small break from cleaning and stuff we stayed chatting and joking around. First i was really awkward with him but after a while i managed to loosen up a bit when i was around him.

But then i started developing feelings on him. Real human feelings, like i haven’t had a crush on anyone since i left my ex-boyfriend Jeff in 2014. And i knew i had no chance on Axl anyway so i had tried my best to just kill all those feelings but it just didn’t work. He would never love such a huge dork like i am and he’d never date a 20 years old kid like me anyway. And i’ve seen his taste on women in the 80s and i didn’t look nearly so beautiful like those women.

I was taking a quick shower at Axl’s house, he wasn’t back at the apartment yet. He allowed me to use his shower and everything in the house when i needed, the last family barely let me use their toilet. After i had dryed my hair and body, i put clothes on and put my hair on a ponytail.

I went to clean couple of rooms i still had left for today before heading downstairs to the kitchen to get some snack. But when i turned around the corner i nearly had a heart attack when i bumped into Axl’s chest and almost fell on the floor but Axl managed to catch me.

”I-i’m so sorry Ax– i mean, Mr. Rose,” i stuttered hastily shaking my head and blushed. I still was never sure how i exactly should call him.

Axl just chuckled. ”It’s fine, Y/N. And how many times do i have to tell you to call me just Axl,” he told me smiling. Before i got to say anything, he took me by my hand and guided me to the kitchen. ”Um, i actually had to talk you about something,” Axl said, smile suddenly disappearing. He tried to avoid eye contact and scratched his neck.

My heart skipped a beat and i started already panicking a bit. Was he going to fire me as well? Did i do something wrong? ”W-what is it?” i stuttered. ”Haven’t i done my work well enough? Do you want me to leave? Look, i really really need money and i can’t lose my job again and –” i said, talking faster and faster but then got interrupted when Axl crashed his lips on mine.

He cupped my face with his hands and waited couple of seconds for a possible response before doing anything else. I was so shocked that i couldn’t move but soon closed my eyes and put my arms around his neck. I opened my mouth and he immediately put his tongue in my mouth and made the kiss more passionate. Axl grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer to him.

Soon we separated from each other and just continued to look in each other’s eyes.

”I think i’m falling in love with you,” he whispered and waited for my reaction. I widened my eyes not believing what he had just said. ”But i understand if you don’t feel the same way, i could be your father for fuck’s sake and –”

”I love you too, Axl,” i interrupted him and smiled and he immediately smiled back at me.

”So, would it be a completely crazy idea if i asked you for a date?” he asked and offered his hand to me.

”I’d love to come to a date with you,” i said nodding my head chuckling. ”Just tell me when.”

”How about now? Do you have any plans for tonight and i assume you already finished your work?” he said raising his eyebrows and keeping the wide smile on his face.

I grabbed his hand. ”Well, tonight would be perfect. Where are we going?”

”To the dining room, i made dinner for you,” he said seriously but i just raised my eyebrows.

”Since when have you started cooking? I didn’t even know you knew how to cook,” i asked laughing but he just turned back to me, pretending to be offended.

”Hey, i know how to cook,” he told me but i still looked at him not believing what i just had heard. He opened the door to the dining room where the food was waiting and many candles gave light for us. I looked at all that surprised but really flattered how he did all that just for me.

”Wow, this looks amazing Axl,” i said and kissed him quickly again.

”Okay, well i didn’t actually cook them myself because we both know Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be impressed at all of my cooking skills,” he said shaking his head and i just chuckled. ”But i ordered pizza and bought some hot dogs.”

We sat at the table and i looked at the food he had got for us. ”This is the most romantic thing any man has ever done to me i swear,” i chuckled and looked at him. ”I always prefer pizza over everything anyway, thank you,” i said smiling widely.

”I’m glad you like this,” he answered and put some music on and the first song was [Y/F/S].

”Oh my god, this is my favorite!” i exclaimed happily.

”Yeah, i made the playlist based on just your music taste this time,” he told me. Before i could say anything, he opened his mouth again. ”We’ve talked about music probably too much so i know your music taste perfectly well,” he said and winked at me, pouring water on his glass.

”Thank you, i love all of this,” i said smiling widely and grabbed his hand over the table.

After we had eaten the food we went to the living room, ate some popcorns and chocolate and watched a lot of movies until i fell asleep on his arms.

Frank’s Pizza & Restaurant - Belleville, NJ

Me and my father have been baking and creating our own wings and different hot sauces since probably 1996, so I love myself some buffalo chicken and would even call myself the connoisseur of sauce among most of my friends. 

I frequently pass by Frank’s during the winter because me and my buddy sneak into the country club behind the place and go sledding at a sweet spot. I used to get generic slices when I went there years ago but fairly recently I decided to invest in a freshly baked buffalo chicken slice.

First things first, I swear I have never had multiple orgasms before I had this slice. Secondly, I had multiple orgasms when I ate this slice. One of the best buffalo chicken slices I ever had and the ranch on it just made it that much better. They dropped a criss-cross pattern on the pie and then served us right from it. The sauce was plentiful but not too hot, chicken was of great quality, and the slice itself was great. If you are an avid lover of the buffalo chicken slice, you must step to this place. Guaranteed great.

- Casey

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