pizza makes the world go round

Favourite Lunch

It was Saturday night and you were all gathered on the dining table even though dinner was finished two hours ago .

It was like a tradition . Every Sunday you and Wanda would cook one special dish , which would be a favourite of one of the avengers . 

It was just fun to make them happy , since we’d rarely eat anything other than pizza . Last Sunday , you and Wanda had cooked a 10 layered cheese lasagna for Sam . And truth be told , the whole thing was complete in 15 minutes . 

But obviously you all had a bad condition of diarrhea the next day . Too much cheese is not good . 

As you and Wanda were sitting opposite to each other , the rest of them were distributed around the round table . 

“Tony , what’s your favourite lunch.”, you asked since you never got a chance to make his fav . 

“Pizza.”, he said casually . 

“Tony!!! Be serious .” Wanda scolded . 

“I am . Pizza is literally the single most greatest invention in the world . It is my favourite .” he retorted .

All this while Bucky was staring at you . The way  you took this so seriously and were so excited . But it was more than that . He was going crazy .  It was almost 12 am and he just wanted to get back to the room so he could fuck you. But he forgot what day it was . Seeing you in your tank top and short shorts , already got him fucking hard in his pants . 

He couldn’t concentrate on what the others were saying . He was just staring at you and you could feel his eyes on you . 

So you decided to ask him . 

“So Bucky..”, you started and he hummed , sitting straight . 

“What is one thing that you loved eating the most and would want to eat again.?”, You asked with a gentle smile . 


And all eyes on the table turned towards you both . While you sat there embarrassed he sat with a fucking smirk on his face .


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I was tagged by @heyy-im-sam to list 5 things that make me happy and i’m not one for doing this or making lists so here we go

1. STEM - i love it. I love the innovation behind it. Others love art and admire it while to me, I get to create everyday. Engineering and Science are my arts. There are what makes the world go round.

2. Food - holy shit, does this even need an explanation?

3. Books - I love adventures.

4. Pizza - I know already said food but goddamn i love pizza.

5. You already know who you are if you’re reading this. You’re a damn sunflower. You deserved to be watered with love and cared for. Your growth as a person to me is so important. I cannot explain it emotionally very well, but I can do it somewhat scientifically. If I was a chemist, I would study you for hours. Not like an artist, who just admires you but as a chemist, a bunch of atoms studying other atoms. I would study your beauty and how undeniably amazing it is. How you make my dopamine levels go through the roof. If i was a mathematician, I would tell you, that to me, it is mindblowing and so damn fascinating that out of nearly 8 billion people on this earth, your parents came together and had you. And how even more mindblowing it is to me how out of 8 billion people on this planet, you’re the one I got to meet. And just to think about how of all the users that are on this site, we someone how met by what chance. It consistently blows my mind and will always blow my mind babe. If I was an Engineer, I would tell you that the mechanics of your body are undeniable proof that miracles do happen. I would tell you that your body is like a robot and that your brain is a computer, coded to absolute perfection. And if I was a programmer, I would read every bit of code as if it was my favorite book. I would read a billion times if I could. But I could tell you that even if i read all the code, I won’t ever know what you’re thinking. Because you’re you. And that’s so beautiful. Because even if I was an engineer, or a mathematician, or even a scientist, even if i had access to all of it, I wouldn’t look. Because I wouldn’t have you any other way.

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“Love Makes The World Go Round” by The Powerpuff Girls (PPG - Mime for a Change)

“Talk to the Jeans” by Pizza Party (Foster’s Home - Schlock Stars)

“Lord Hater’s Theme” by Lord Hater and the Harbingers of Doom (Wander Over Yonder - The Show Stopper)

anonymous asked:

What do you do to relax and stay optimistic after a few hours of reading depressing news about the state of politics in the world today?

I could tell you what I personally do to relax, but you wouldn’t benefit from hearing that I like to write, make pizzas, and listen to jangle pop. But what would help is going on a bit of a rant, so that’s what you’re going to get.

Anytime I would go round to my gran’s, she’d be watching the news and she would say to me “the world is in a terrible state”. Of course, she reads the Daily Mail and votes Tory so it’s only natural that she would think that. If anything, the world is in a terrible state because of papers like the Daily Mail and because of right-wing politicians. They are the ones with the power, wealth, and influence… and they’ll do and say anything to cling onto all of those things, resorting to telling lies, whipping up hysteria, and telling you deliberate misinformation. They do this because they don’t want their world to change. That’s the whole nature of conservatism. They want to conserve things, to keep them as they are. 

But whether they like it or not, society and the world changes. 

Go back two hundred years, and you’ll see that the right to vote was only allowed to adult males who rented certain values of properties. If you go back one hundred years, the property restriction was lifted and all men over 21 and women over 30 were allowed to vote. It would be a further ten years before equality was reached with all voting allowed at 21. But it wouldn’t be until 1969 until 18 year olds could vote. Women, young people, the working classes all had to fight, protest, and in some cases die for the rights of others. Emily Wilding Davison was arrested nine times, force-fed 49 times while on hunger strike, and then protested by stepping out in front of King George V’s racehorse, and later dying as a result of her injuries. How many of us take voting rights for granted, when others have given so much of their time and lives for that very right?

A living wage, sick pay, maternity and paternity leave, paid holiday leave, worker’s rights, health and safety rights… all of these and more are now laws are so because people wanted and protested for change. None of this was because the rich bosses felt a little bit guilty and wanted to give their workers a better, happier life. Nope, people had to join a union, strike, march, protest, and vote for these rights.

When we work together, the world can be a better place. Which is why the current state of politics is, as you say, depressing. Be it the mess that is going to be Brexit, the division and hateful rhetoric from Trump, the autocratic dictatorships under Putin and Erdogan, the disaster that is Syria, or the human rights abuses elsewhere in the world.

But what can we do?

Let’s look at more recent incidents in the UK and Germany. When the fire started at Grenfell Tower, there were people out there who offered their homes to others. They offered them food, they offered them shelter, they didn’t ask for money, they did it because they wanted to help people in need. Out of something that was a tragedy, was something that was beautiful. But where in the Mail or the Express would that be reported? No, they seemed to focus that some wealthy residents were “outraged” plans to rehouse the survivors in empty luxury properties. Never mind that this fire could have been avoided had the Conservative MPs, many of whom are landlords, not voted against improving living and safety conditions years ago. This should be real “outrage”, not that survivors are re-homed.

In Germany, at the Borussia Dortmund v Monaco match two months ago, a bus was attacked and the game was postponed. This prompted the home fans to offer beds to stranded Monaco supporters and took to twitter to give people a place to stay. Again, they did this because they wanted to help. What was also heartwarming was that the Monaco fans returned the favour the following week, not as the result of any terrorist attack, but because they wanted to show their gratitude.

At times of crisis, we should never allow hate to divide us.

When right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik murdered 77 people just outside of Oslo, the world watched as Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said “I have been impressed by the dignity, compassion and resolve I have met. We are a small country, but a proud people. We are still shocked by what has happened, but we will never give up our values. Our response is more democracy, more openness, and more humanity. But never naivety. No one has said it better than the Labour Youth League girl who was interviewed by CNN: “If one man can create that much hate, you can only imagine how much love we as a togetherness can create.”

The world is only in a terrible state, if you allow it to be like that. Be politically active, don’t let politicians take away your rights, don’t believe the lies peddled by hateful newspapers. As the great Irvine Welsh said “when you’re not doing so well, vote for a better life for yourself. If you are doing quite nicely, vote for a better life for others.” It’s important not to vote for parties whose policies are basically “let’s discriminate against these kind of people because we think they’re bad and on yes we’re going to take away your rights too and your healthcare but look, these guys are bad!”

The world changes. Society changes. Change with it, work with others for a better life for you and for everyone else. Doing this is the best way to stay optimistic.

okay but headcanon that lucas totally under dresses for everything and like when maya is getting ready for her first date with lucas riley and maya keep arguing bc maya doesn’t see the point in dressing up for a boy who’s known her since she was twelve and riley manages to rangle her into some sort of dress and when they go to meet lucas he’s just sitting there in jeans and a decent-ish sweater riley thinks her grandpa owns and she just sighs deeply and is like “oh my god you guys are soulmates”

mocha-nay  asked:

Your imagines are so amazing! I love them :) Can I ask for a scenario where all of GOM + Kagami are playing mario kart together?

[hi lovely! i recall you being one of my very first followers, so thank you so much for your support! <3 i hope you enjoy this scenario uwu ~ it’s literally all gom banter oops i had way too much fun writing this i hope that’s okay 

Aomine Daiki would get defensive/fight over which character he gets to play:

“I want Peach.” Aomine informs everyone.

“No, I want Peach. You can have Mario, Aominecchi.” 

"Like hell I want Mario! Mario’s got no tits!”

“I deserve to have Peach because we’re both blonde!" 

Huh? How is that even relevant to anything?”

"Shut-up,” Kagami groans from beside Aomine, “Both of you. Why’re both cryin’ over something so stupid?”

“What was that, Bakagami? You wanna go?”

“Kurokocchiiiiiiiiiii…” Kise turns to his former Teiko teammate for support. “Who do you think deserves to play as Peach?" 

"I don’t really want to get involved,” Kuroko replies with a honest, blank stare. “But I think there’s no point in the two of you arguing, because Murasakibara-kun has already locked in Princess Peach.”

There is a slight pause as they stare at Kuroko, and then the screen. Sure enough, Peach had been claimed under Murasakibara’s name, and his avatar was now of a blonde princess.

“That’s playing dirty, Murasakibaracchi…” Kise complains, whilst Kagami holds back Aomine from swiping at Murasakibara’s controller. Akashi and Midorima look on in amusement, and Kuroko stares at the screen impassively. 

Che. I bet you don’t even know a single thing about Peach.” Aomine mutters darkly. 

The only reply Murasakibara offers him is a shrug. 

Kise Ryouta is very impressed at the realistic background details

“Ryouta, I believe the whole point of a race is to move as fast as possible." 

Kise purses his lips in a pout. ”But everything is animated so nicely, Akashicchi,” He retorts. “I bet you’ve never taken any time to enjoy the scenery because you’re too busy trying to kill people with turtle shells at high speeds.”

"Yes.” Akashi agrees. “I don’t look at the scenery because I am too busy winning every race.”

“Well,” Kise sniffs defiantly, his finger repeatedly pressing the accelerator button instead of holding it down, resulting in him moving very slowly, “Not everything is about winning…”

But Akashi doesn’t hear him because he is, in fact, busy winning the race, and Kise continues to race in his own made-up ‘sight-seeing mode’ - even occasionally stopping to check if he could interact with the NPCs on the side of the race track.

 However, moments later, he whines as a message pops up on the screen. 

What?!” He complains. “It says I just got kicked off for trolling!" 

Midorima Shintaro tries to control two karts at the same time.

"Murasakibara!” An irritated yell rips out of Midorima’s lips, and he curses his lucky item for not working - having to be paired up with Murasakibara, of all people. “Hurry up, the game is starting! And just how many packets of pocky do you plan on eating??

“Just a little longer, Mido-chin~” Comes Murasakibara’s nonchalant reply from the kitchen. “Play for me, okay? ~”

Aho. How am I meant to race with two karts at the same time -” He breaks off, fuming as the countdown appears on screen. “Oh, for god’s sake…” Midorima reaches over to take Murasakibara’s controller with his left hand, whilst his own is in his right. 

“Just think of it as a mini-game, Midorima-kun,” Kuroko suggests, feeling sorry for his former teammate. “You can find out which one of your hands is better at playing mario kart.”

“Obviously the hand he uses to wank will win, Tetsu,” Aomine claims confidently. “That’s a given." 

"Oh. I see.”

“W-What!” Midorima splutters in disbelief, and misses the beginning of the race. Quickly, his thumbs are on the joysticks and he’s operating two controllers at once - wincing when both characters ram into the side of the track. Narrowing his eyes, he pushes all thoughts out of his head and focuses on catching up at least one of his characters. Soon enough, he passes Kagami, Kuroko, and Kise - finding himself to be directly behind Aomine. 

“Hey look, Peach’s in third place. Do you jerk off with your left hand, Midorima?” Aomine casually asks. 

“I thought you were right-handed, Midorimacchi. That’s weird." 

"Interesting, Shintaro.” Akashi comments.

Midorima chokes, and drops both controllers before abruptly standing up.

“I’m leaving.” He states, adjusting his glasses with a scowl. “Good day to you all.”

Murasakibara Atsushi is happy to participate in any game that involves food.

After too many rounds of both Balloon Battle and VS modes, Kise suggests a different way to play Mario Kart. 

“It’s called ‘Hide the Banana’,” He explains, “It’s really simple - we do it in the battle mode on a really big map and set a time limit. One of us hides the banana and the rest of us has to find it. First one to find it gets a prize!" 

Huh?” Aomine blinks. “What are you, five?” 

"So laaaaame.” Kagami complains. “And here I was thinking that you had a good idea, for once.”

“You’re so mean, Kagamicchi!”

“I’m sorry, Kise-kun,” Kuroko’s tone is apologetic. “I don’t think it sounds that fun either." 

"Kurokocchi, not you too!" 

"What will the prize be, Ryouta?” Akashi doesn’t flat out reject the idea, although uncertainty reflects in his gaze. 

“I haven’t thought that far yet…maybe everyone has to chip in and buy the winner pizza or something?”

Murasakibara picks up his controller immediately and begins to flick through the list of maps, much to everyone’s surprise.

“Oi, what do you think you’re doing, Murasakibara?”

“Choosing a map,” He replies lazily. “I want a meat-lovers pizza, by the way.”

Everyone tries to gang up on Kuroko Tetsuya in Balloon Battle: 

Unlike in the real world, Kuroko can’t use misdirection to make his Yoshi disappear and go unnoticed by others, and everyone takes this opportunity to gang up on him almost every Balloon Battle round because for once, they can actually see his presence. 

“Throwing a bomb to pop a balloon seems a bit like an overkill, don’t you think?” Kuroko questions, whilst manoeuvring his kart away from Aomine, who is chasing him with a set of triple green shells. He swiftly dodges all three, having already become familiar with the way Aomine plays. 

“Shut up, Tetsu.” Comes an angry mutter from Aomine as his kart spins off course due to a banana peel. “How the hell did you get so good at dodging, anyway?" 

"Kurokocchi!,” Kise whines as Kuroko zooms past him, before making a sharp left, causing Kise to crash into Midorima, who was also previously after him. “This isn’t basketball, so please stop using me as a screen!" 

"KUROKO!!!” Kagami yells as he drives his kart off the ramp on the Block Fort map in an attempt to land directly on top of Kuroko’s kart - forgetting that he would lose a balloon himself if he jumped from too high. “Teme!!” 

Akashi Seijuro doesn’t allow anyone but himself to take control, even in Mario Kart.

"I don’t like this map.” Kise frowns. “It’s kind of scary.”

“Don’t be silly, Ryouta.” Akashi chides as he hovers over the Twilight House map. “Everyone knows this map is the best for Coin Runners." 

"But Akashicchi, it’s a floating house in the middle of a forest with a void that you can fall -“

"Stop crying, Kise-chin.” Murasakibara mumbles idly. “You’re being a baby.”

“But in all seriousness, Akashi,” Midorima explains, “Twilight House is perhaps the most annoying map to play because of that void. I can already imagine Kagami falling off the balcony so many times that he ends up throwing the controller across the room and breaks something in the process." 

"Oi listen here, you carrot-head bastard -”

“Silence, all of you.” Akashi’s voice is quiet, but unmistakably commanding. He presses A on his controller to select the map. “We’re playing this map. My orders are absolute.” 

Kagami Taiga likes to show off:

Yosh! Let’s do this! Try and catch up to me, guys!” 

"Waaah, Kagamicchi, teach me how to do that…!”

“Stop showing off, Kagami, you bastard." 

"How am I showing off?”

“You’re driving backwards, Kagami-kun.”

Engelbaum: A quick lesson in races!

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A little bit of a short Engelbaum lesson in my universes races! (For newcomers or oldbies who want to know what stuff has changed):


That’s you. You wake up in the morning in the waking world and often have weird dreams that feel a bit too real. You live life wondering ‘what if’ and have a certain nagging feeling that things aren’t as straight forward as you’ve been taught. We live in a conditioned and controlled world of media lies and corrupt governments, people killing each-other in the name of their chosen religions, wars and money make the world go round. But hey, you have pizza. And you’ve been told pizza is great! (It really is).
You should really get more sleep though. Sleep is good for you. In more ways than one. But they wouldn’t want you knowing that.

A Gen is like looking in a mirror at yourself but seeing a reflection of what’s really in your heart, rather than what you appear to be in the waking world. Sort of like an alter ego on steroids. A personal guardian if you will. Though your Gen will not always turn out how you expected/wanted it to be. A Gen isn’t simple visual wish fulfilment… they can take the shape of insecurities and childhood memories that your waking self can’t even remember. A Gen is your inner self. The the voice in your head that makes you- you.

Everyone has a Gen, but first they need to 'wake up’ in dreams through certain layers of lucidity. A dreamer needs to escape their projected Dream Bubble to walk into Imagni’s universe and become their Gen. Gens live in Imagni’s universe in their epicly massiiiive colorful world that circles the Engelbaum tree. They protect the tree because every Gen is connected to the tree. Each Gen has a Gemon (it looks like a glass apple with a gemstone symbol inside it). Those Gemons grow on the Engelbaum tree. Gemons are pretty much the heart of a Gen. So yeah. Protect that tree guys!

Gens were created by Imagni in order to fight back against Pendula to keep a balance of fairness and positivity in dream bubbles. So humans could have nice dreams and not give up on life in the waking. A way to give the humans hope in their regular lives. By taking control of their own dreams - both sleep and aspirations.

Pendula (the big bad guy) cannot control the Gens. This is why Pendula finds them a problem.

Creators are a small group of insanely powerful gods who spend their time filing their respective universes with arty junk and drinking tea. They can pretty much sneeze and create beauty. So they are as high on the food chain as you can get. Imagni is a Creator, but part of the second Generation of Creators. 4 per generation. (there should be no fanmade creators because there literally is only 4 per generation! lol). 
Creators were [created!] by their mother Spectramis. Spectramis is the highest point of authority in the multiverse and the thing that creates creators. You never get to see her though, because your brain would probably implode lol. 
But yeah she makes Creators and those Creators get plonked onto the blank canvas (concept) of their own empty universes to begin building from the moment of their birth. 
Creators are very highly strung/eccentric and pretty lonesome. The earth universe had Imagni as a Creator, but she fucked up and got grounded for breaking the rules and creating evolving life that could reproduce - so good old Pendula got sent in to look after our universe instead. And he’s a bit nasty with ideas of his own. Yay earth! We suck!

The Creators can visit a far-off place called 'The Core’ and hang out with eachother and learn things from their mentors about art. It’s sort of like art school for gods. It looks like a giant art gallery. This is the only time that Creators are allowed to interact with eachother unless they have permission from Spectramis. Creators are not allowed to visit eachothers universes. They must stay alone in their own creations. /smallviolin 

The Numeratti are what the Gens try to keep a tab on. The bad guys who Imagni was forced to create to keep the humans downtrodden. There is a very structured hierarchy within the race. With Pendula being at the top, The Board (12) as his management (Imagni didn’t create The Board btw), then the rest of the little guys numbered all the way down. They hate Gens and Gens hate them. Numeratti cannot defect and become good guys, they were created simply to do their job as best as they can. Because of this both them and Pendula don’t see themselves as bad guys at all. They’re just following orders and trying to fix Imagni’s mistake. But humanity doesn’t really take kindly to being used in this manner so it’s a bit of a conflict (to say the least). 
The Numeratti live in The Voidlands, an empty place on the outskirts of Imagni’s world in a huge office tower called Babel. The Board live in the upper tower and the minions live underground in the Hive.

Pendula must report to Creator Meio-Dia regularly to report on the Humans and the work he’s doing. The Creators really don’t like Pendula. 

Pendula is a being with no creative powers. He comes from The Void and his father is the opposite of Spectramis, Nixus. There is only one controller and that is Pendula. He controls the Numeratti and watches over the Earth universe. And makes sure Imagni doesn’t step out of line too much. He enjoys his job a lot, but probably too much. Pendula is a very intelligent, upbeat and efficient boss who despite having questionable methods looks after his own. If there’s something he absolutely despises though - it’s us. 

Glimmers are small birdlike shape shifting beings that Imagni created before Gens or Humans. They were created to look after the humans in dreams and be Imagni’s eyes in the Bubble Fields for when Numeratti were lurking. Glimmers appear in our dreams all the time and take up the roles like actors, changing their appearences with every human. They are a very basic life form and can only shape shift inside dream bubbles. Outside of the bubbles they appear as tiny little gold cone shaped birds. Think of them as the prototype Gens (without evolution or reproduction).

There, i hope that answers a few more questions for now :)

scrawniest-calamity  asked:

Prompt: super close to hooking up but not yet or super new Bechloe together. Drunken Beca (not as drunk Chloe) are in the kitchen and Beca starts singing/rapping "remix to ignition" complete with lewd hand gestures and sloppy body rolls. "I'mma take my key, stick it in your ignition..." "Give me that toot toot, let me get that beep beep!" You know. Also, this results in good things.

It started innocently enough.

If you considered entirely too much peach vodka “innocent” enough. 

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glegchonne headcanons because they make the world go round  

  • richonne and gleggie double dates
  • rick and glenn always team up and plan these super cute and romantic dates for michonne and maggie. their dates vary, like sometimes they’ll go out to eat at a fancy restaurant or they’ll go see a movie or they’ll go to a carnival or a concert. michonne and maggie always always ALWAYS help each other pick out their outfits for the night and they do each other’s hair and make-up 
  • richonne and gleggie having a chill friday night by ordering pizza and playing mario kart. the women kick the men’s ass and there’s always some bitter banter because the men are sore losers. their banter may or may not result in playful fighting and teasing 
  • richonne and gleggie at disney!!!! imagine all of them wearing mickey mouse ears and riding on the ferris wheel and taking the most adorable couple and group selfies you’ve ever seen
  • richonne and gleggie spending christmas eve and christmas together where they all wear ugly christmas sweaters and drink too much alcohol and drunk christmas karaoke ensues
  • richonne and gleggie pillow fights or nerf gun wars because they’re all children at heart lbr 
  • rick being glenn’s best man and michonne being maggie’s maid of honor; glenn being rick’s best man and maggie being michonne’s maid of honor. just them helping and being at each other’s weddings in general because ??? i’m dying