pizza is my one true love

I often look through my old mementos and they bring me back to all the adventures we had together. I used to see my future with you; we’d rent an apartment together and would laugh and joke about how we were such idiots as children. We’d gossip all day and all night about the hottest of guys and even the guys who broke our hearts. We’d bicker every now about what we were going to have for dinner and while you wanted a salad, I wanted pizza. We’d argue anything and everything but no matter how heated we got, we’d just end up laughing. Once we found our true loves, you’d move into the house next to mine. Our kids would be best friends just like us. We would tease them and embarrass them in front of their friends out of sheer pleasure and amusement. We would grow old together and remain best friends until the day we died. But when I look at my future now… you’re not in it. I am living by myself. There’s no one to laugh with, no one to gossip with, no one to bicker with, no one at all. I miss the future that had you in it. You weren’t my blood sister, but you were indeed my sister. Families are supposed to stick together but you left. I left. I still think about you a lot. We live in a small town so it’s hard to not reminisce the past. I wish that I could’ve been enough for you to stay but that’s selfish of me. You wanted more than I could ever give you and I cannot do anything about that. You wanted more friends even if that meant losing me in the process. You look happier. I guess I didn’t mean that much. I’m glad you found happiness with others. That’s all I ever wanted for you. Once my sister, now a stranger.
—  And I still miss you every. single. day. I feel like I’m on the verge of crying and I can feel a sword stabbing my heart. Everyday, I manage to still move forward and even though you’re no longer by my side, I’m relieved to know that you’re shining brighter than ever. // littlemissimaginary
Media Summit 2017: Facebook Live Chat Q&A

Scott: Yooo  Tessa: Hi everyone Scott: Holla

Tessa: This is so exciting, we’re gonna be hanging out with you for the next few minutes I think.

Scott: I gotta get this outta the way

Tessa: What?

Scott: Who’s your friend? (Laughs) Get it Hoo? (Who) Nobody? Kay now I can continues, it’s like a sneeze, I gotta get it out. We got a cooler full of questions.

Tessa: Yeah, you wanna start us off?

Scott: Yeah I think I do! I think I do, this is very exciting.

Tessa: And I think you guys can write in and have questions for us too right?

Scott: Yeah so we’re just gonna have some fun (T: Alright) we’re hanging out..set my little cooler, it’s Saturday. Who has softer hair? I think we all know the answer to that. I mean… (laughs) No obviously you have softer hair and it smells nice…

Tessa: You have more hair though, somehow ummm (S: Why cuz I haven’t got it cut?) you got the flow happening (S: haven’t got it cut in so long?)

Where would you bury your hidden treasure? But then it wouldn’t be hidden you can’t tell anyone that.

Scott: Yeah how do you tell people? I guess you have to leave a map. It’d be close to Ilderton for sure for me.

Tessa: Yeah probably at my cottage.

Sorry (S: no looks like you’re going, you didn’t like the hidden treasure one eh?) No I didn’t umm What’s your favorite movie? Mine is… Princess Bride.

Scott: Like that. (T: classic) “Does anybody want a peanut?” That’s my best Fezzik the giant impression. (T: it’s good it’s great) Not bad eh? Mine is?

Tessa: Blood Sport? (S: yep)…You go

Scott: Oh see when I sit in the lawn chair (T: You just get..) S: and with the cooler like I just get…goes into autopilot. Hope you guys are having fun with us. What’s your favorite place in Canada? That’s great like when we do something that is broadcast like everywhere so we can’t pick favorites.

Tessa: You know we’re fortunate that almost every year we get to tour across Canada and our country never seizes to amaze me and it’s so wonderful how welcoming and friendly and I mean East to West we just get the best response uh I mean now Montreal because we are living there and training there and its been really special but..

Scott: Seriously you guys ever been to Ilderton, Ontario tho? It’s beautiful, love the people, come on down and visit us, door are always open.

Tessa: Oh that’s a good question, Who is the most stubborn?

Scott: (sarcastic) Yeah that’s a tough one eh? (T: You think so I don’t know) You..(laughs) look at that look!

Tessa: I thought me but I didn’t think you would think that. (Scott laughs) I am a Taurus so I am a little stubborn.

Scott: No I think you’re stubborn. (T: ok) Yep, in the good way tho, you’re not a bully about it you’re just….oh I love this one, Elvis or The Beatles?

Tessa: ooo Beatles I think for me

Scott: You know it changes, it changes for me (T: you went through a huge Elvis) I still am, I don’t think you have to pick, life isn’t about picking (Tessa laughs) but The Beatles I think when they came back and completely revolutionized their sound, it was unbelievable, and I think it completely changed it…and Elvis is the king so…

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Being Malia Tates twin sister:

Requested by anon

I wrote the sister as human

  • You stick by each other like glue
  • She is really protective…like really protective
  • You help her control herself on full moons
  • Help her with relationship troubles
  • She asks your opinion on everything
  • Even the smallest of things
  • Sharing a love for deer “pizza”
  • You dont judge her for her past
  • You are the only one she is 100% comfortable around
  • She only shows you her true emotions and feelings
  • Twin code
  • You two have developed your own way of communication
  • You are her anchor
  • You have to explain some of the “human terms” to her that she doesn’t understand
  • “Stilinski I may be human, but if you hurt my sister will hurt you more than any supernatural creature ever could.”
  • Getting along with the pack and being part of it
  • Helping Stiles understand Malia
  • Malia coming to you when she has boyfriend troubles
  • She threatens any boy/girl that flirts with you
  • She will glare and growl at the until they leave
  • You have to always tell her that you are fine and that its just flirting
  • Hates your boyfriend/girlfriend and thinks they suck
  • After threatening conversing with your boyfriend/girlfriend she learns to like them… a bit
  • She is your best friend
  • Helping her with school work
  • Hating Peter Hale together
  • When you find out you’re twins you don’t hesitate to hug each other
  • You and her try to find your biological mother
  • Surprised that you arent supernatural

idk if this is good

Life is for Strangers*

if i had known for certain, i wouldn’t have taken out my bike that night

but no one ever knows for certain – the scene of the crime glows

under limelight pure and true, we made love like two bats in the shadows

we used sonar to figure out what we were doing and since then, well,

i’ve been sleeping on the floor – my bed’s no home

life is for strangers, it’s a party where everyone weeps in the bathroom

(they take turns) and no one wants to pay the pizza guy

the songs that are played are sad and long and stupid, something

for everyone i guess but it shouldn’t be this hard

*no offense to strangers

In Every Life (Blind!Jun)

One shot


Wen Junhui was lucky. He didn’t have to scramble in every life to find his soulmate. No Wen Junhui was blessed with the ability to remember every single life he’s ever lived and therefore knows you when he sees you. The only problem was, he couldn’t see you in this life. 

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3431

If there is a single idea that was simultaneously both extremely hoped for and constantly debunked, it was the idea of soulmates. Everyone wanted to believe that there was someone out there that was just there for them and them alone. But how could they when marriages failed so often and couples still fought? How could a person be made perfectly for you yet still not fit you perfectly?

The thing about soulmates is that there’s no perfect fit, there’s only a best fit. People change, not just in one lifetime but across lives; it was impossible for two to change in perfect accordance with each other.

There are lifetimes when you may never end up with your soulmate and it just isn’t meant to be in that life. You aren’t meant to love each other romantically but rather serve as mentors or loving family to each other. Sometimes the age gap is too large, sometimes you don’t meet them until they end up married to your brother.

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This is awesome! I always say I have a lot of fun doing the quotes and iT IS TRUE. I do hope you have as much fun reading ‘em. It’s amazing that Trainspotting has such a nice and dedicated fan base after all this time. Some of you weren’t born yet when the movie came out but you still love it so much! And y'all so cool, like ?? One of the best fandoms I’ve ever seen.

Now… in not so good news my granny is in the hospital, I’m spending the afternoon and night with her. Tumblr on mobile sucks. Can’t access chat and answer asks privately, that’s why I’ve been gone. But keep us in your thoughts today? :) We need all luck we can get 🍀

In Spud’s wise words (probably): I 🍕 U

Two Months to Go

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 540
Summary: The reader and Dean relax together after a long day.
Warnings: None.

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Back to Life (Biadore) - Taurus

Author’s Note: So this is my first time writing fanfiction and sweet baby Jesus it took an unexpectedly smutty turn. It also turned out a lot longer than I thought it would. Oops. I am Biadore trash. Hope you enjoy! One-shot set after All Stars 2. Any feedback really greatly appreciated! Please use author name Taurus.

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anonymous asked:

How about a scenario of to messing around on their brides phone and seeing that they made several phone calls to a number marked as 'my one true love' and then they Call to that number expecting the worse but it turns out to be the pizza place

((This scenario… It makes me cry of laughter, you dog you XDD))

Shu - “…Pizza Pizza’s?” *snorts and for a brief moment even chuckles* “Oh, I see… She was fond of the stuffed crust. Lewd woman.”

Reiji - *still for a moment* ((“Would you like to make an order?”)) “Yes- I MEAN no…” *coughs and slams the phone quickly before acting like it never happened*

Ayato - “SHE CHEATING ON ME WITH THIS GUY DOMINO WHOEVER?” *growls* ((“Please calm down sir!!”)) *is this worse than he thought?* “WHAT THE FUCK, DO YOU HAVE SOME MASTER AND SLAVE SHIT GOING ON-?“

Laito - *hums* “I didn’t know you wanted a sausage in you that badly~” ((“S-sir???”)) “Extra sausage please with your special alfredo sauce, extra large. Make sure it is a thick crust.”

Kanato - “…Bob’s? Did this stupid woman just…” ((“…Sir?”)) *squeezes the phone tightly* “YOU WORM! I’LL SKIN YOU ALIVE WITH A CHEESEGRATER AND DRAW PICTURES ON WHAT’S LEFT WITH A SHARPIE! SHE’S MINE!”

Subaru - *blushes sharply* “O-oh…”

Kino - *snorts* “And just when I thought my milkshake was her favourite thing to suck~”

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a fic about Alex failing at something important? I've been failing at literally everything these past months (mostly school) and now everyone looks down on me like I'm some lost cause. It'd just be nice to see the same situation play out differently. Alex has people who'd still support her even if she screwed up.That'd be nice to read. But I know you're busy and there are a lot more fun prompts to write, so it's okay if you don't do this one. thanks for everything anyway :)

Her baby sister needs her.

Her baby sister needs her, needs her to synthesize an antidote to the venom Cadmus pumped into her veins, the venom that sent her crashing out of the sky, that nearly broke her back in the fall, that left her unable to breathe without a respirator and that left her vital signs falling, falling, falling.

Her baby sister needs her, and she’s working as fast as she can, she’s drawing on everything she every learned in school, on the job, in the field, pouring over her mother’s dissertation drafts in the middle of the night as a teenager. She’s drawing on everything she has, and Kara is still dying.

She’s still dying, she’s still fading, and Alex’s hands are shaking, and she’s snapping at Winn, and she’s yelling at Maggie, and she’s glowering at J’onn when he takes her gently by the shoulders and reminds her that Supergirl needs Dr. Danvers right now, not her sister, and she’s failing, failing, failing.

Kara’s going to die, and it’s going to be her fault, her fault, her fault.

“You can do this, Alex, you just need to breathe,” Maggie’s reminding her, and then she’s leaving the lab with a steely, hurt look in her eyes because Alex doesn’t need to be reminded to breathe, my sister can’t breathe, she can’t breathe and I can’t figure it out, I can’t get this to work, I can’t do it, I’m out of ideas, and she’s going to die, so I can’t just relax and breathe, don’t you understand that?

But Maggie comes back a half hour later, and her hair is wind swept because she’s been running, running, running.

“Alex,” she says, and Alex doesn’t turn around because Alex is trying something else, another chemical combination, that is sure to fail, fail, fail.

“Kara just needs to breathe.”

There’s something in Maggie’s tone that makes her look up, that makes her stop, that makes her hope.

Maggie slips over to Kara’s bed, container of gas in hand, and she floods it into Kara’s oxygen mask.

Within moments, Kara coughs and Kara sits up and Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara is going to be just fine.

She doesn’t hear Maggie’s explanation about how their fight about breathing made her think of Kryptonian atmospheric conditions, doesn’t hear Maggie’s explanation about leeching out poison through the lungs, doesn’t hear any of it because she should have come up with it, she should have known, she should have thought of something so obvious, and she failed, she failed, she failed.

She failed and her sister almost died.

She’s home with a fresh bottle of bourbon that night, home and quarter way through the bottle when there’s a knock at her door.

“Alex, babe, come on, I know you’re home.” Maggie’s voice.

She responds by taking another drink.

“Agent Danvers, you realize I can just phase through this door, don’t you?”

She furrows her brow, because what the hell is J’onn doing here?

“Alex, come on, we brought pizza.” James.

“Yeah, at great risk to our health and well-being, since you’re probably in one of those moods where you’ll threaten me with your index finger. Again.” Winn.

Her window rattles and Kara is flying from her living room to her front door, opening it for the others before Alex can even stand up.

Alex,” Maggie is in the door first, concern and love, love, just unfiltered love, written all over her face. She rushes across the room, kneels in front of her girlfriend, pries the bottle gently from Alex’s fingers, kisses the tears gently from her face, until Alex pulls back, until Alex stands up, until Alex shifts away, away, reaching again for her bottle, for her comfort, for her solace, because she failed, failed, failed.

And she doesn’t deserve the compassion on these people’s faces, she doesn’t deserve the love in their eyes or the pizza in their hands or the openness of their stances.

Them. She just doesn’t deserve them.

“I yelled at you,” she tells Maggie, her voice ragged with worthlessness and her voice ragged with liquor. “I yelled at you, you’re my girlfriend and I yelled at you, and you’re over here trying to make me feel better? And Winn, I snapped at you, and J’onn, I threatened your agents when I found out who was with Kara when she got shot, and James, James, god, I completely ignored you, Kara’s your best friend and you were terrified and I was so selfish, and Kara, if Maggie hadn’t had her brain on right I would have killed you, you would have died, and it would have been my fault, I failed you, Kara, so just leave me alone, all of you, please, because I – “

But Kara’s arms are wrapped around her body and Alex is tense and Alex is resisting but Kara is stronger and Kara knows and she waits and she waits and she’s right, because Alex breaks, breaks, and lets herself collapse into Kara’s arms, grabbing desperately at her like she’ll fade away if Alex lets go even for a moment, even for an instant. Kara pulls her gently back to the couch, and Maggie sits on her other side, and Winn kneels in front of her with one hand over his mouth and his other on James’s knee next to him, and J’onn stands back and hugs himself with his arms across his chest because his little girl is in pain and all he wants is to let her feel what he does, let her believe in herself like he believes in her, because that is what she deserves.

“Alex, the stuff Maggie gave Kara wouldn’t have worked if your antidotes didn’t keep her alive as long as they did. You helped, Alex, you did.”

“But I didn’t bring her back, Winn, I was so stupid, I couldn’t see what was right in front of me, I couldn’t figure it out – “

“Al, that’s why you have people. That’s why you have a team, that’s why you have me. You don’t have to save everyone alone, Alex, you… look around you, babe. All these people, your friends – well, your family, really, right? – they all love you, Alex, even when – especially when – you can’t do something on your own. That’s what we’re for. That’s what people who love you are for.”

Kara is beaming at Maggie and James and Winn are exchanging grins and J’onn has never found his feet quite so interesting to stare at.

Alex sniffs and Alex wipes her eyes with the back of her index finger and Alex turns to look Maggie full in the face.

“People who love me.”

Maggie bites her lip and takes a deep breath and Maggie nods.

“And that… includes you.”

“I’m here, aren’t I, Danvers?”

“You love me, Maggie?” Her voice is shattered and her voice is hope and her voice is redemption and her voice is the possibility of self-forgiveness and maybe, just maybe, self-love.

“Yeah, Alex. Yeah, I do.”

Kara barely suppresses an awwwwww and James and Winn hit each other’s arms and J’onn smiles at his feet.

“Even though I’m a failure.”

“You’re not a failure, babe. You’re not. You’re the farthest thing from it, babygirl. You’re perfect.”

“Maggie’s right, Alex. You’ve saved all of us before. None of us would be here without you. And even if that wasn’t true, Alex, you’re worth more than the number of saves under your belt. You’re amazing, Alex, just because you’re you. You’re my superhero. Always have been, always will be. Okay?”

Alex leans into Kara’s open arms and breathes, truly breathes, for the first time in hours, because Kara’s heartbeat is steady under hers, and she’s surrounded by the people she loves and apparently they love her too – apparently Maggie loves her too – and suddenly, she wants only one thing.

“You guys said you brought pizza, right?”

Maggie’s dimples shine and James laughs and Winn holds out the boxes of pizza with a bowed head like he’s offering riches to a queen.

And he feels like he is, because damn, it doesn’t get more fairy tale happy ending than the best pizza in National City with your family.

open npc’s for rosie

writing her pilot has taken away from my time here but it HAS introduced new characters besides me and the one @coastsick plans to write so here’s a solid list

‘PAPA’ JOHN. aka bad news blues. and yes. like the pizza, though this papa john claims he came first. he’s our cult leader of the congregation of love, supposedly able to levitate and predict the future. fc is ben mendelsohn, probably not subject to change.

AMIR BAHMANI.founder of bahmani crime investigations, which you probably haven’t heard of because they suck. amir is a true crime blogger that hasn’t found anything that’s stuck and made him a name – till this mysterious cult in the florida keys arrives. fc is undecided; riz ahmed was used as base inspiration but the character is iranian.

ISABEL NORMAN.girlfriend to james ward, a cult member who was horribly burned due to his relationship with isabel. isabel is a christian aspiring singer-songwriter in a small town who’s religion compromised her boyfriend and subjected him to torture. despite the burns, she and him still remained strong in secret. fc is hannah murray, open to changes.