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First Dates With Dear Evan Hansen: Headcanons

Female!Reader, Sorry!


•He hasn’t done this before, what does heee doooooo?

•He didn’t really expect you to say yes to going on a date with him, so he didn’t plan anything and he’s at a lost now.

•He considers asking Zoe for help but decides that that would be too embarrassing to do. He doesn’t want her all up in his business.

•Decides to keep it calm, like the park or something. He really has no idea what he’s doing.

•For the first time in forever, he’s really nervous, you’re the only person he has actually liked before that liked him back.

•He doesn’t need a replicate of what happen to Jenny in 8th grade.

•Don’t ask who Jenny is.

•He has a kite though. Just take the fucking kite and be happy, that’s all he wants please.

•His is a black box kite, just like his soul. Yours is an eagle.

•Welp, yours is kind of stuck in a tree.

•"You brought it back to its natural habitat.“ “Eagles don’t live on trees at parks, Connor.” “You don’t know that.”

•He climbs up to get your kite because he feels bad.

•Doesn’t fall because he isn’t a fucking acorn.


•Wowie, he is sHOOK.

•He doesn’t know how to confront girls? Well, girls he likes? So, he talks toJared about it.

•"Hey baby, you look sexy.“ “Who the fuck taught you to speak like this?” “Um, ”

•You end up decking Jared in the long run after the date.

•You arranged the date because Evan was insisting that you do so because he doesn’t want to screw anything up.

•You make a fancy dinner in your back yard. You couldn’t afford a fancy restaurant, but you make fabulous pizza rolls.

•Evan doesn’t mind because he couldn’t have done better. He loves pizza rolls anyway, the good ol’ microwavable kind

•He ends up knocking the whole thing down. Like everything is on the floor.

•He’s so embarrassed and anxious and really didn’t mean to. He’s close to tears when you say something.

•"Oh well, the dinner was shitty anyways. We can just go watch a movie inside.“ "W-wait, you’re, you’re not mad?” “Um, no? It was an accident.”

•He hugs you, he appreciates that and appreciates you.

•You end up having more fun watching movies than if you had that “fancy,” dinner.


•Fuck, this boy doesn’t care anymore. You like him, he likes you. He’s going to take you home to play video games.

•You play super smash bros. and school him hard.

•Just keeps making dirty jokes. He won’t stop, and will never stop.

•"Oh yeah, smash me, smash me hard.“ "Jared, lemme smash.” “YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO PLAY ALONG, BUT FUCK, IM GLAD YOU DID.”

•You get bored after two hours, no matter how fun you and Jared make it. (Fun, you know what I mean, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

•You end up prank calling Evan, but Connor answers the phone huffing and puffing. You guys immediately hang up. (FUN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

•"Um, that’s not what I wanted.“ "I don’t think that’s what anyone wanted.” “Evan probably wanted it, if you know what I mean.”

•The four of you agree not to mention or talk about it ever.

•You end up just cuddling, it was not a bad date, and you would definitely do it again.

•10/10 date in Jared’s book too. He’s glad he can just chill with you

•Would definitely kachow in the future.


•Zoe goes all out just for you. She wants it to be absolutely perfect just for you.

•She sets up reservations at this really fancy restaurant and she was going to surprise you with it, but you end up finding it.

•You both are really excited for the date and when she comes to pick you up, you guys discover are wearing the same dress

•You swear to each other that you didn’t mean to. You both decided that you guys look hot anyway and just go to eat.

•You’re scared someone will be rude to Zoe because you guys are on a date. And you get ready to hit anyone with your stilettos if they make a homophobic comment.

•The waitress says you guys are relationship goals and your face just goes red but you couldn’t agree more honestly.

•You guys have the fucking best dinner ever unexpectedly.

•"I heard this restaurant makes you do the chicken dance on your birthday if you come here.“ "EXCUSE ME, ITS MY DATE’S BIRTHDAY.”

•Zoe ruins the whole date by publicly embarrassing you but at least you get a free biscuit.

•"I hate you.“ "Sure you do.” “I do.” “Saying it won’t make it true, you love me.”

•Calls you the very next day to set up another date.


•She had been really built up on homework because she took on too many project sooo, why not a homework date?

•You set it up at your house on your kitchen table. Your parents were surprised when you decided to have a date at home.

•You both just wear pajamas while you guys eat snacks and you help her on homework.

•You add in jokes between each problem to try to lighten up get mood and you get a few laughs out of her.

•"I guess we have chemistry together.“ "You have to wait till the third date to use the romance puns.” “Aw man.”

•She ends up getting bad grades on all of the worksheets you guys did together but she doesn’t mention it.

•Subtlety suggest she tutors you, and you agree because that would mean hanging out together more and anyway is a good way.

•The date ends up good with you guys finishing and cuddling on the couch.