pizza ink

But how do I tell you that you’re on my mind
from the second I wake up
until the second I fall asleep at night?
And even then, I still dream of you…

How do I tell you that when we’re cuddling
or my hand is on your leg, I want to
somehow pull you in even closer?

Or that the moment you leave,
I wish I had kissed you a little longer
and a little harder…

How do I tell you that we haven’t
been together that long, but all I want
is to have you by my side for as long as I can?
And that I can picture myself
having a family with you…

How do I tell you these things without sounding
completely crazy or needy or desperate?

I don’t think you’ll ever know
how much I love you, and I will spend forever
trying to show you how much of you
I have in my heart.