pizza hut pizza box

Smoking with sincerely three

A/n: I may or may not’ve come up with this idea while smoking… I’ll let y'all be the judge of that

Warnings: lotsa weed, sex mention

Eggrag hasbeen

- has not smoked a day in his life
- Barley knows what weed is
- He knew you smoked and lowkey wanted to try it becuase he heard it was good for anxiety
- But he didn’t know how to bring it up
- But thankfully you offer him some one day
- It went a lil something like this
- “Hey ev, you can totally say no, but do you want to smoke-”
- You chuckled at his response and grabbed your stash from your room
- You get yourselves situated outside and light up
- You take a puff then pass it to him
- He takes the joint and just looks at you before just INHALING A TON OF SMOKE
- He coughs it all out and is just dying
- You took the joint and gave him some water
- You literally have to guide him through how to smoke
- After a few more tries he gets the hang of it
- He gets this really big dopey look on his face
- High Evan is so cute omg
- He giggles at everything and does the lil nose scrunch
- Just
- Adorable
- He starts to smoke with you quite a bit
- And every time he offers to pay for it
- Gets kinda paranoid that Heidi is gonna catch him smelling like weed so he DOUSES himself in perfume
- And keeps a spare pair of clothes at ur place
- Also febreazes his whole house just to be safe
- But he really loves smoking with you
- It’s like you twos lil special time together

J-rod cleanman

- ok he’s smoked like once
- It was out of a bong at a party and he ended up burning the back of his throat so bad
- But he brags about it so much
- “Ok mr. Big shot how about you come over to mine tonight and we can smoke?”
- His face instantly drops
- Along with his cocky demeanor
- “Ye-yeah sure.”
- He comes over and you have your stuff all set out
- He takes one look at your bong and looks like he’s gonna shit himself
- “Is there a problem jer?”
- He shakes his head and sits down
- You start off with a joint
- You take a puff and pass it along to him
- He takes a puff and tries to not cough
- After a while he gets the hang of it
- And starts attempting to do smoke tricks
- Like he tried to do the o’s and he just ended up looking like an asshole
- You were both pretty high at this point so you both think it’s fucking hilarious
- Once you finish the joint you start loading up your bong
- Even tho Jared’s high he’s still terrified of the bong
- It’s extremely noticeable
- “J if you don’t want to smoke anymore we don’t have t-”
- You got really confused and he explained what happened
- “If you don’t inhale it all like an asshole you won’t burn the back of your throat.”
- He nodded and you continued
- You handed him the bong and reassured him
- He took a hit without a problem
- It was a proud moment for both of you
- Towards the end he started to get a lil cocky and burned his throat a lil
- But nothing too major
- Lowkey became a stoner kid after that
- He bought a vape too
- (His favorite flavor is cotton candy but shhh)
- He started wearing those stoner ponchos to school just to emphasize that he smokes
- What a loser

Connor metamorphosis

- weed master™
- Like really knows his shit
- “(Y/n) do you want, blue dream, white rhino, harlequ-”
- “I- I just want to get high con.”
- In turn he knows which strains not to smoke Bc he knows how he’ll react to them
- “No, I can’t smoke sativa, last time I did i punched a hole in my wall.”
- Knows If your getting ripped off or not and will FIGHT
- Sometimes he’ll get a strain Bc he knows it makes him horny
- Some guud sex ensues
- When Connors high he gets deep as fuck
- “What color are mirrors?”
- “Do you think hamsters get anxiety?”
- “If the universe is infinite then there’s a galaxy where sausage party is real.”
- Weird shit
- MAD munchies
- Has/will/can eat an entire box of Pizza Hut pizza
- Will also chug an entire liter of root beer
- Definitely watches bad comedy movies and dies of laughter
- His favorite movie to watch is white chicks he thinks it’s comedy gold
- Not really weed related but he has a vape but just never uses it?
- It’s just kinda there
- It’s one of those like real nice sleek ones too
- It’s practically untouched
- Idk
- He loves to hot box in his car
- It gets him so fucking high dear god
- He’d never drive while high tho
- He knows better
- This boy can roll a joint in 2 seconds flat
- He prefers joints over bowls Bc he doesn’t have to keep lighting them
- Just more convenient
- He’s the master at covering the smell keeps febreaze in his car at all times
- And bought axe Bc it’s so fucking strong
- He smells like Jared after a smoke sesh tbh

Heartbreaking story time.
I ordered the $10 Dinner Pizza Box from Pizza Hut with an extra side of cheesesticks. Total at the end of the delivery charge was $20. The woman delivered my pizza, I gave her $30 while proceeding to tell her to keep the change, and she literally looked at me with her jaw dropped and said “Seriously? Like for the tip?”. I hesitantly responded with “Yes… Is that bad?” thinking that she was going to call me out for tipping her too low when I thought I was tipping fairly decent. She then continued to tell me that her normal tip was $2 or $3, and that I had made up for every person she delivered to recently and their lack of a decent tip. This absolutely blew my mind. I ALWAYS thought tipping high was normal but I guess not. PLEASE tip your waiters/waitresses/delivery drivers high and PLEASE don’t request food if you can’t pay for the tip. 

Other names for pizza hut
-The devil’s frisbee
-a grease mirror for my own shame
- why didn’t we get dominos

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!!! imagine a fic where dave is going in to get top surgery and karkat is there for support and dave is all nervous but fuck hes so happy and the surgery goes awesome and karkat helps him get rehabilitated after surgery and karkats so happy to see his boy so happy now holy shit i just hhh

ur killin me w this

karkat tries to make him like, celebratory dinner but ends up fuckn up and burning it so they just order pizza


I cannot believe the sense of love and community. Bed bath and beyond donated canopies for people to stand under since Florida is hot, and then Pizza Hut donated boxes and boxes of pizza. That doesn’t even touch what people have donated with water and snacks. I’m Orlando Proud.