pizza hut pizza box

Heartbreaking story time.
I ordered the $10 Dinner Pizza Box from Pizza Hut with an extra side of cheesesticks. Total at the end of the delivery charge was $20. The woman delivered my pizza, I gave her $30 while proceeding to tell her to keep the change, and she literally looked at me with her jaw dropped and said “Seriously? Like for the tip?”. I hesitantly responded with “Yes… Is that bad?” thinking that she was going to call me out for tipping her too low when I thought I was tipping fairly decent. She then continued to tell me that her normal tip was $2 or $3, and that I had made up for every person she delivered to recently and their lack of a decent tip. This absolutely blew my mind. I ALWAYS thought tipping high was normal but I guess not. PLEASE tip your waiters/waitresses/delivery drivers high and PLEASE don’t request food if you can’t pay for the tip. 

lilladybayou  asked:

“So… can I assume you don’t have a date tonight either?”

“Wow. You must be a mind reader! Or maybe it’s obvious since on my lap is the heart shape pizza from Pizza Hut.” Stiles smirked, holding the box close. “Or that I’m watching Star Wars alone.”


I cannot believe the sense of love and community. Bed bath and beyond donated canopies for people to stand under since Florida is hot, and then Pizza Hut donated boxes and boxes of pizza. That doesn’t even touch what people have donated with water and snacks. I’m Orlando Proud.